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Click here to sign up. Expand PDF. Free PDF. Tourism in China. Download Free PDF. PDF Pack. People also downloaded these PDFs. People also downloaded these free PDFs. Development, economy and culture: cultural heritage tourism planning, liangzhu, china by Dianne Dredge. Coming of age of the Chinese tourists: The emergence of non-Western tourism and host-guest interactions in Vietnam's border tourism by Yuk Wah Chan.

Tourism in China Alan A. TR: 5. Includes bibliographical references p. ISBN hard : alk. Lew, Alan A. C55 T68 Two decades of devel- opment have yielded both positive experiences and hard lessons. The country is still probing better ways of developing a strong travel and tourism industry that can compete successfully in regional and global markets.

China faces many opportunities and challenges in develop- ing its tourism in this new century, although they may be quite differ- ent from those in the decade before. The compilation of chapters in this book presents the diverse oppor- tunities and challenges that China faces, as well as some of the strate- gies that help to bring about more successful future development.

An incredible diversity of land- scapes and cultures stretches across the vastness of the country. Most of the many cul- tures are old and very traditional. There is great potential in China for specialized tourism, focusing on ethnic groups and colorful cultures, as well as environmental adventure. The growing market in eco- tourism in the developed world will find considerable opportunities in China, as well.

Sound economic growth supports the tourism industry. It is expected to grow at 7 percent per year in the first five years of the new century. The stronger economy will afford further improvement in infrastructure for tourism development and, at the same time, will foster more Chinese tourists, both domestic and out- bound. Positive government policies advance tourism.

The Chinese gov- ernment first made clear that tourism was an important part of the ter- tiary service industry in the s. Tourism was further designated as a growth point of the national economy in the late s. So far, over two-thirds of the provincial governments have committed to making tourism one of their pillar industries. In the national cam- paign for the development of western China, tourism has also been made a priority among industrial sectors.

Therefore, more preferential gov- ernment policies have been, or will be, worked out to support tourism development at both central and local levels. For example, the central government has increased public holidays, and purposely made three weeklong holidays per year one each during the Spring Festival, May Day Festival, and the National Day holiday, which starts Octo- ber 1 to give residents more leisure time.

Indeed, this practice has proved that domestic tourism can be a driving force for increasing do- mestic consumption, and further stimulating production. China joined the World Trade Organization in November China will remain more open to the outside world, and more inter- national management practices will be introduced.

China is located in the rapidly growing Asia Pacific realm. According to the WTO, the worldwide average growth of interna- tional tourism during the s was less than 5 percent, while growth in the Asia Pacific region was over 8. In terms of in- ternational tourism, China enjoyed the fastest growth in arrivals in the region in the last decade, and such trends will develop in the years to come. In addition to Japan, which is expected to continue to be a major tourist market for China, other countries in the region, and the close neighboring countries in particular, are expected to bring even more leisure tourists and business travelers to China.

As a unique and interesting destination, China will be a major factor in the future development of regional tourism throughout Asia, as well as throughout the world. According to the forecast by WTO, China will be the top international destination country in the world with about million international arrivals by the year , and with over 1 million outbound visitors a year, China will rank fourth on the list of countries generating tourism Tables 1.

Not only are foreign investments flowing into the country, but they also are increasing the numbers of entrepreneurs, who typically com- bine pleasure with their business trips. This component of the visitor market will likely increase in the coming years.

There is little doubt that, barring any unpredictable upheavals, China will soon be as suc- cessful in the tourism business as any competitor in the international marketplace. Tourism Highlights Madrid: WTO. TABLE 1. Tourism: Vision. Over the next twenty years, according to this ambitious plan, China will move from being a big tourism coun- try to becoming a powerful tourism country. The sec- ond five years will be an upgrading stage, with international tourism revenue growing by 6 to 8 percent, and domestic tourism revenue growing by 10 to 12 percent.

The third five years, from to , will be a stage of consolidation. The last five years of the plan, from to , will be the stage of perfection. By , the total tourism output will be RMB to bn yuan, accounting for 7. The plan has been approved, and detailed implementation measures have been developed by the CNTA. In Chapter 2, Zhang Guangrui provides an overview of the key period of modern tourism development in China, which essentially began in I have Your location from and identity IP is exposed due to.

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