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Addresses an issue with library upgrades that could cause Aperture to incorrectly display a dialog stating "To open this iPhoto library in Aperture, it first needs to be upgraded. The eyedropper for the Color tool now works correctly when you select either the Crop or Straighten tool in the Toolbar. Thumbnails with version names longer than characters are now displayed correctly. This update also addresses stability issues that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly in the following cases:.

Moving photos from one project to another Uploading photos to Photo Stream Attempting to access a vault Connecting a second display to a computer while in Sleep mode, and then waking it from sleep. This update also addresses stability issues that could cause Aperture to become unresponsive in the following cases:.

After canceling a print job When adjusting white balance [26]. Includes stability improvements [27]. New integration with SmugMug, with support for publishing and syncing galleries directly to a SmugMug account. Support of MacBook Retina display [28]. When a metadata field is selected, the cursor now remains active in that field when using the Command and arrow keys to move between photos.

Includes stability improvements [29]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Image organizer for macOS. For other uses, see Aperture disambiguation. This article is in list format but may read better as prose. You can help by converting this article , if appropriate. Editing help is available. December Aperture 3 running on OS X Mavericks. Retrieved February 15, November 12, Retrieved June 12, Future US.

March 27, Ars Technica. March 18, February 13, Retrieved November 5, Apple Inc. April 24, April 30, Retrieved March 29, Retrieved April 16, PC Magazine. Ziff Davis. Retrieved April 22, January 23, Archived from the original on February 10, Apple, Inc. July 13, Retrieved October 1, October 12, Retrieved October 14, June 11, Retrieved June 11, June 28, Retrieved June 30, July 25, Retrieved July 26, September 19, Retrieved September 19, September 28, Retrieved September 28, November 1, Retrieved November 1, November 15, Retrieved November 15, June 13, Retrieved June 13, October 22, Retrieved October 22, November 14, Retrieved November 16, History Outline Timeline of products.

Classic Mini Nano Shuffle Touch. Mini Air Pro Accessories. Card Pay Wallet. Arthur D. Sugar Susan L. Woolard Jr. Jerry York. Italics indicate discontinued products, services , or defunct companies. Software by Apple Inc. Photo software Image organizers software. Aperture is now set to import your images into a new project named Wyoming inside the Wildlife folder.

You can also set Aperture to import images into an existing project by selecting a project in the Library inspector. You can also choose to store files in a different location on your hard disk, or, if the files already reside on a hard disk, you can choose to leave the files in their current location. The File Info area of the Import browser displays information about your images.

Click different images to select them and see the information change. Double-click it again to return it to the standard size. The Rename Files options appear in the Import browser. You choose the type of naming convention you want from the Version Name pop-up menu. Aperture provides a variety of name formats and also allows you to create custom name formats. Aperture will name the imported images. The Metadata Presets options appear. Click the Split View button to see the images in the Browser,.

You can even import video and audio clips that you can play in the Viewer and use in slideshows. When you import a photo into Aperture, the original file is the master. You never work directly with or change the master. Instead, Aperture always displays a version of the master image onscreen for you to work with. Any changes or adjustments you make are applied to the version. So when you create multiple versions of an image, you are not filling up your hard disk with repeated copies of the larger master.

When you import images, you can choose whether to store the masters in the Aperture library or store them on a hard disk outside the library. Managed images are physically placed in the Aperture Library file on your hard disk, and the files and all information about them are managed and backed up by Aperture. Referenced images are images whose masters are not stored in the library. They are located elsewhere on a hard disk or other media, and Aperture merely refers to the masters in that location.

The advantage of using referenced images is that you can import your portfolio of existing images as they are currently stored on disk, without having to physically copy or move them into the Aperture library. You can also give. Aperture access to images on different hard disks. You can simply allow Aperture to refer to the files, using your current file organization and image filenames. The Aperture library can easily track any mix of managed and referenced images.

Because you may have thousands of images previously stored on disk, you can decide which images to import into the Aperture library and which to import as referenced images, leaving them in their current hard disk locations. You can also copy or move images into a different hard disk location when importing them.

After importing images as referenced images, you can work with versions of those images just as you can with the managed images in the Aperture library. The masters are never changed by Aperture, so that the original image is preserved and can be used again. Versions are based on the original master, and you can change, copy, and adjust them any way you want.

Aperture simply refers to the file in its current location, and the hard disk drive or media holding the file must be accessible for Aperture to make adjustments to the image. Aperture provides a number of preset name formats, and you can also create and save your own custom name formats. Aperture provides efficient ways of reviewing and working with images in your projects. You can quickly organize similar photos in stacks that make groups of images easy to work with.

You can compare similar images side by side to choose the best one. You can also assign keywords to images and use these keywords to easily gather and review specific images later. Aperture can automatically group related photos into stacks when you import them and as you work with them in the Browser. For example, if you shoot a series of images in quick succession such as at a sports event , you most likely will want to view those images together.

Aperture can automatically stack those images based on the time interval in which they were captured by the camera. Welcome to ManualMachine. We have sent a verification link to to complete your registration. Log In Sign Up. Forgot password? Enter your email address and check your inbox. Please check your email for further instructions. Enter a new password. Aperture 3. Apple Aperture 3 Exploring Download for 1.

KK Apple Inc. All rights reserved. MobileMe is a service mark of Apple Inc. The YouTube logo is a trademark of Google Inc. Contents 5. Before You Begin The Aperture installation disc contains a sample library designed to help you become familiar with Aperture. To copy the sample library to your computer mm Drag the Aperture 3 Sample Library file and the Wyoming folder from the Aperture installation disc into the Pictures folder on your hard disk.

To open Aperture 1 Double-click the Aperture icon in your Applications folder. Select Projects here. Try This Feel free to try out any of the following to see what happens. Review projects mm Select Projects at the top of the Library inspector. The main window switches to Projects view, showing the projects in the library.

Key photo representing the project mm Move the pointer left or right across a project to quickly skim its images. Review all your photos mm Select Photos in the Library inspector. Click here to see all your photos. Review photos of people in the library mm Select Faces in the Library inspector.

Review images by location mm Select Places in the Library inspector. Location of the selected image Selected image Aperture can automatically locate images on the map if the camera has recorded GPS information. View flagged images mm Select Flagged in the Library inspector.

Flagged images Click Flagged to display flagged images. View deleted items mm Click the Trash icon in the Library inspector. View images rated five stars mm Select the five-star Smart Album in the Library inspector. Select this album. Select a folder 1 Click the Wildlife folder in the Library inspector to select it. Split View button Browser Select this folder. Select a project 1 Select the Bears project in the Wildlife folder in the Library inspector.

Select this project. Select this Smart Album. Exploring the Toolbar The Aperture toolbar provides easy access to frequently used features. Toolbar Try This Show or hide the Inspector pane 1 Click the Inspector button in the toolbar to hide the Inspector pane, giving you more room to work on images.

Show or hide the Import pane and the Import browser 1 Click the Import button in the toolbar to open the Import pane and Import browser. Import button Import pane Import browser With the Import pane and Import browser open, you can select your camera or files on your computer and import images into Aperture. Create a new item in the Library inspector mm Click the New pop-up menu in the toolbar to open it. New pop-up menu With the New pop-up menu open, you can choose the new item that you want to create.

Change to the Browser layout mm Click the Browser button in the toolbar. Browser button Browser. The main window layout changes to show the Viewer with the Browser below it. Change to the Viewer layout mm Click the Viewer button in the toolbar. Viewer button Viewer. Examine images with the Loupe 1 Click the Loupe button in the toolbar. Loupe button Loupe 2 Drag the Loupe over the image in the Viewer to see how it works.

Zoom in to or out of an image 1 Click the Zoom Viewer button in the tool strip. Navigation box Zoom Viewer button. Drag the rectangle to reposition the view. Toolbar 3 Position the pointer at the bottom of the screen to display the filmstrip. Filmstrip 4 Position the pointer at the top of the screen to display the toolbar, then click the Exit Full Screen button to exit Full Screen view.

Exit Full Screen button. Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts provide an efficient way of choosing commands and working with features. Importing Images 2 Aperture provides a variety of easy-to-use import options designed to suit the needs of any photographer. Exploring Import Options Aperture provides easy ways of selecting images to import, naming files, assigning identifying information called metadata , and storing images.

You then select the images you want to import and specify import options. Use the file browser to navigate to the images you want to import. Project Name field Aperture is now set to import your images into a new project named Wyoming inside the Wildlife folder.

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