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ice pilots nwt s04e07 torrent

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And configure.

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Same functions on contacts in Zoom. Mark button in - enables or disables any part the Tag bar above the message list, the menu - recognizes over applications and determines the available tags. To it, however, or a custom.

Ice Jam. A Tale of Two Pilots. Shut Down. Dark Skies. Coming Home. Expect the Unexpected. Ice Strip. The Doghouse. Push Comes to Shove. Last Days. Top of the World. Power Struggle. Big Boost. Gear Up, Gear Down. Chuck Walks. Under New Management. Arnie Calls It. British Invasion. Special Delivery.

Buffalo Scores. Ski Plane. The Finish Line. Don't Muck with Chuck. The River Lift. The Right Stuff. Under Pressure. Fire and Ice. Frozen Four. Up in the Air. Change of Seasons. The Crash. Thin Ice. Transatlantic Crossing. Cause for Celebration. On the Move. A Big Deal. Birthday From Hell. I recall a new hire class that arrived on Sunday evening to begin class on Monday.

Two of the guys were from the Lower 48 and had no idea what Alaska much less rural Alaska was all about, they left the next morning without saying a word when they we suspect realized what they had gotten into. As far as what I am referring to is that the good cowboys don't need to tell you how good they are and they sure don't bend airplanes. Those are the guys you'll hardly hear about, but are the ones I'd trust any day of the week in any situation.

There's also a bit of "controversy" at the entire organization they are running in relation to how the mergers between the 4 comapnies went through, certain people thing other certain people got the better end of the deal, and vice versa. Let's just say that the airline which Mr. Tweto runs is one of the 2 "surviving" certificates of the 5 that went in. Again it's a demonstrated limit, I had the same attitude about that when I had still had wet ink on my commercial license, to the point of refusing to fly skydivers one day because the wind was calling 2 knots over the demonstrated limit.

Alaska fixed that attitude in me really fast. While some may call this "pilot pushing" or similar things I won't, flying in Alaska affords you the most freedom of any flying job I can think of, you're in one of the wildest and most beautiful places in the world flying how you want. You or your passengers want to go animal spotting on the way somewhere?

No problem. Want to take them the long way and go sight seeing? It's encouraged if you got the time. And finally, Captain's authority and decision making is only questioned in the most extreme cases, if you fly out somewhere, try an approach but decide it's too much wind for you, or your TLAR that looks about right system starts giving you a warning and you turn around for whatever reason at all it will not be a negative mark as it is in many other places.

Oh, and then there's the 2 week on 2 week of schedule or in my case 1 month on 1 month off starting on day 1, no need to climb the seniority ladder to have a good wage wage starts at about 70K and up, with senior pilots making upwards of 6 figures flying a 7 seat airplane.

I stand by the comment. Insurance companies dig very deep and long to find excuses not to pay up. Good luck :ok:. Hey aviatorhi, how hard is it for an Aussie to get immigration to go work in Alaska? This mindset was prevalent in Papua New Guinea when I was flying there.

In over 10 years of bush flying in some of the most remote parts of Australia and Papua New Guinea I can say with a hand on my heart I never lowered my standards to the point that people could call me a cowboy. I did but always kept commercial pressures where they rightly belonged, well down the list of priorities.

Okay, we're shutting down Alaska because somebody doesn't want to fly past the demonstrated limit. In the US demonstrated is just that, even the FAA regulator has no problem with it, and the insurance companies have rarely if ever questioned it. There's many a reason why airlines in the US use insurance markets instead of insurance brokers. This is likely one of them. Bottom line is this is something that appears to be a big deal in other parts of the world and isn't even worth mentioning in the US.

Some people might call it "dangerous", but, day in and day out, reality proves otherwise. The airline I work for now has one Aussie who's been here for quite a while, though I no longer work in Alaska. I do know there are many Scandinavians and a few Kiwis up there at the moment. Over on Saipan I've run into a few Kiwis and Aussies who fly the 7 minute shuttle to Tinian so I suppose it's a lot easier than going the other direction.

Av Just on the insurance issue raised by others, my mate that flys in the states tells me that Insurance Policies are custom built. In other words start from scratch and you shop the market for an insurer that will build a policy after risk assesment etc that is more suited to each individual operation. In other words rather than an off the shelf standard policy you purchase a policy negotiate with the insurer to cover the areas you have mentioned above. Is this what you mean by insurance markets.?

I expect the premium would be rather nasty. It is hard for us in Aust to comprehend that the regulator will understand the unique conditions in Alaska and deal with incidents accordingly. I take your point that air transport would shutdown for days on end if FAA enforced to the letter of the law.

I don;t think this would negate total negligence but some sway is granted. Am I on the right track.? Company SOPs no matter would dictate day to day operations and surely no matter what certain minimas can't be bust. Am I understanding, it is all about keeping those remote outposts alive.

I did a bit of reasearch on the tweetos and I can see clearly your point about this being a vehicle for Ariel in particular to further her career outside of aviation. I notice she lives in Hollywood CA. Alaska is so unique but I do notice on the programme they show plenty of wrecked aircraft. In your experience aircraft accidents in that neck of the woods could mainly attributable to what?

Still I would love to have a crack up there. Folks Aviatorhi is completely correct in this whether you want to believe it or not. The only reason this number is there is because when building an aircraft Cessna for example must be able to prove that the aircraft meets certain minimum criterea put forward by the FAA for certification. Once this is accomplished there is no requirement to prove the acutual limit of a small aircraft and as such "Max Demonstrated" is noted in the POH.

If you don't believe me call the FAA. Believe it or not there are other differences when flying in North America compared to Australia for example; no requirement for holding fuel when flying VFR while there is a Tempo that forecasts weather below alternate minima in the TAF.

In fact VFR there has no alternate minima, because an alternate is not required for VFR, and is solely based on actual weather and the TAF does not legally apply any restrictions to VFR flight, you would be an idiot not to look at it though. I could go on. The insurance companies, which I am sure very few of you here have actually dealt with especially American ones, are only concerned with legal liability.

As long as the actions of those in question follow the letter of the law, which landing beyond the "demonstrated crosswind" includes, your insurance will cover. In short before you slag someone for being wrong because it is different than what you do here, or Niugini, do some research. Australia is the one that is different.

Just remember though, once you do go over the max demonstrated crosswind, you are in test pilot territory. If you do have a stack, you need to justify your decision to land in it. It is surprising how many Pilots don't understand the difference. I used to fly a Metro. It has a max demonstrated crosswind component of 20 knots as per the AFM. In the company ops manual it stated it as a limit.

Therefore the ops manual was to be complied with. In a previous company it was listed as demonstrated and I regularly landed in 30 knot crosswinds. A high wing Cessna is a gem to land in big crosswinds. As long as it was a constant wind and not gusting, I'd have no problems attempting a 30 plus knot crosswind landing and have done many a times in various Cessnas and Airvans. Take it easy out there! Is this what you mean by insurance markets?

Yes, as an example, Lloyds of London is commonly referred to as an insurance company among other things , however they are in fact an insurance market. Agreed, no problems there, though to be able to fly in Alaska or anywhere in the arctic where it gets windy for weeks on end you need people who can work in those conditions.

Am I on the right track? As far as the winds are concerned it wouldn't apply there, reference the other statements about the subject. However, as with any airline you need to do a "weight and balance" prior to every flight So when a guy twice as wide as you shows up and tells you he weight you smile and nod and take a good estimate on your own.

Good luck if you want to do everything "by the book", you might succeed the first 2 times but you'll freeze to death by the 3rd. Knowing how to skirt around the gray areas is what it takes to keep yourself legal while doing the job as best as it can be done. The problem I have with SOPs at any airline is they are great on a perfect day in a perfect airplane with perfect performance from all sides, they are also written in a warm and cozy office by somebody who is trying their best to appease the regulator while maintaining some level of semblance to the operation at hand.

In most places and airports you will go to outside of bush flying there's no problem with that. However, the further you get from "civilization" the quicker everything starts to unravel. Then it's up to you, as the Captain, to get things done safely and efficiently. Primarily attitudes and lack of common sense. It has decreased from what it was in the past, but the common attitude between pilots was "anything you can do I can do better".

My philosophy has always been that if I'm assigned a flight there or anywhere I'll go try it, if I don't like what I see I'll turn right around and come on back. There are literally dozens of CFIT accidents that were entirely preventable. The recent midair collision which look place near Nelson island is an example of the attitudes and common sense issue.

PS: I thought this thread was about Ice Pilots. I did too, came here looking for the download links, sorry for hijacking. Should have their landings worked out by hours you'd hope. C requires hours of flight time to be PIC. FO on the requires To move into an IFR capable aircraft you are right though.

Those requirements go for any operator in the US under AV Thanks mate for taking the time to answer:ok: It's all about airmanship whether it is Alaska or Australia. Sorry to hijack the thread. On topic I'd love to have a crack at those Buffalo Electras. Interesting flying in Esp 2. Flying the C46 for three sectors with a big hole in the exhaust, and the fire warning going off.

One would have thought that an investigation into the fire alarm by checking inside the cowl would have been prudent. It was only at night, when the crew saw flames inside the cowl that they finally decided to shut down the engine! Aviatri, i doubt your comments are a thread hijack. More a positive side input that is experience based by someone whom has been there. Love your responses to comments about the 2 shows. Like this one Jas? There's nothing wrong with flying an airplane near, at or when you know what you're doing past the official limit.

Out over the tundra 50 miles from anywhere in a at feet, wx is low, suddenly goes to zero and you're in icing, you're past the official limit What you gonna do now? Land where you're at?

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