One direction louis tomlinson funny moments vostfr torrent

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one direction louis tomlinson funny moments vostfr torrent

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Twitter and Tumblr users teamed up in their droves to become a passionate fanbase, the Directioners. After a number of videos supposedly showing Louis and Harry getting closer were posted, a rumour began that the pair had a secret love affair behind closed doors.

This relationship was dubbed Larry Stylinson. And, although he took a lot of it in good fun, he did reveal that he wasn't too happy about the rumours. Louis went on to talk about his long-term girlfriend, Eleanor, with whom he now has a child, Freddie Reign Tomlinson. He revealed: "When it first came around I was with Eleanor, and it actually felt a little bit disrespectful to Eleanor, who is my girlfriend now.

Rumours of the pair's relationship have died down now, but certain parts of the Directioner fandom are convinced it did really happen. In the early s the mounting rumours got on top of Louis, prompting him to lash out at his fans on Twitter. In a radio interview with And I would lean towards no. Liam Payne reveals 'there's more to come from One Direction'.

Love Glastonbury? The year-old singer tweeted his condolences to his former bandmate early Friday. Felicite Tomlinson Larry Shipper. Louis Tomlinson: How tall are you? Archies Planet. Louis Tomlinson cute moments Always You. Hope you all are streaming walls. The clips used in the video are not mine. All credits to the respective owners. Subscribe to my RUclips channel right now, I will update my videos regularly every day.

Comic Relief pays tribute to Louis News E! The former One Direction star releases a statement regarding the devastating loss of his younger sister, Felicite Tomlinson.

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