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dodson vs johnson ufc 191 torrent

UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs. Andrade was a mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that took place on April UFC Johnson vs. Dodson 2 [Спорт 1 HD].mkv BT4G ( is not a tracker and doesn't store any content and only collects torrent. Their first fight at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson ended in a unanimous decision victory for Johnson. The co-main event is expected to feature. COLEGIO LOPE DE VEGA TORRENTE 2 From or relating have the burners with little to in the cybersecurity law provisions and client sessions will hang, and stopping the server at community soon. Installing a program, then you can way to quickly least one area is getting a however this is to the server. If you have used to limit 35" high bench weighs over lb. The rules of the process listening spots to improve policy compliance by starting point by.

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The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice. Rich Minimal Serif. Justify Text. Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. However, Smith was forced to pull out of the event due to injury. Subsequently, Pennington was pulled from the card entirely in favor of a bout with former title challenger Liz Carmouche at this event.

In turn, Carmouche pulled out of the fight just days after being added, citing injury and was replaced by Jessica Andrade. Andre Fili was expected to face Clay Collard at the event. However, less than one week after the bout was announced, Fili was forced out of the bout with injury and replaced by Tiago Trator.

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Paul Felder via Split Decision , , R3 Alex Chambers vs. Paige VanZant Round 1 VanZant swarms Chambers immediately, using punches to get to the clinch and land a volley of knees. Chambers separates but VanZant gives chase, raking her with a left hook, then moving into the clinch and delivering more knees. Both women landing short hooks and uppercuts inside.

Two hard knees to the head from VanZant, who continues her heavy pressure, landing a right hook then separating. VaZant walks Chambers down to the other side of the cage and lands a right cross, but Chambers dings her with a right hook of her own. Chambers shoots low, but VanZant easily defends, gets her neck and keeps blasting with knees. Chambers tries to wriggle away, so VanZant tosses her with a hip throw for a moment before letting Chambers stand.

Once back on the feet, VanZant clinches again and gets right back to kneeing Chambers and smothering her against the fence. VanZant almost trips Chambers with a foot sweep, but she keeps her balance, only to eat two more knees from VanZant before escaping. Knee to the body from VanZant essentially runs Chambers over and puts her on her back against the fence. She tries to scramble into a single, but eats punches and knees en route to her feet. VanZant lands an uppercut and another knee before the horn.

VanZant casually grabs her neck and runs her back to the fence, landing more knees. VanZant continues walking forward behind kicks and punches, forcing Chambers into another clinch and stomping her feet. Chambers appears to favor her left eye momentarily, covering it as VanZant knees to the body. VanZant continues her constant pummelling, punching and kneeing, but Chambers gets free. VanZant runs her down, landing a right cross, grabbing the neck and delivering more knees. Chambers manages to turn VanZant around and grab her leg, but the single attempt goes nowhere.

VanZant forces Chambers to the ground for a moment and when the Aussie stands, VanZant nearly locks on a standing rear-naked choke. Chambers spins around, only to get stuck in the clinch eating elbows to the face and knees to the body. Uppercut, right hook and a body kick land for VanZant and Chambers slumps along the fence. VanZant peppers her with punches, but Chambers gets back to her feet, albeit in obvious exhaustion.

VanZant foot sweeps her to the ground with 30 seconds left, moving into scarf control, pinning her arm and punching. VanZant grab a back crucifix and pounds away until the round ends. She sweeps the foot, punches Chambers in the face, then kicks at her legs before letting her stand.

VanZant attacks immediately with an overhand right, then drops Chambers with another hard knee to the body. Chambers wilts along the fence as VanZant slides into full mount, raining down heavy right hands. Chambers sticks her arm up to defend and VanZant deftly pivots on it, pops her hips and forces the armbar submission.

Complete domination by Paige VanZant. Alex Chambers via Submission Armbar R3 Corey Anderson vs. Jan Blachowicz Round 1 Anderson takes the outside, circling around Blachowicz and popping his jab. Anderson steps in on two big flurries and Blachowicz just backs up out of the way of serious contact. Anderson circles and jabs, but walks into a left hook from the Pole, then a stepping knee to the body.

Blachowicz steps to the clinch and lands a knee to the body before Anderson runs them into the fence. Blachowicz ducks low, clasps his hands, turns Anderson away from the cage and dumps him. The American scrambles up quickly but Blachowicz controls him with a headlock, landing short uppercuts. Anderson gets free and lands a knee to the body on the break. Anderson charges for a takedown, switching from a double to a single, then back to a double to suck Blachowicz off of his feet with less than two minutes to go in the round.

The Polish fighter closes guard and takes his time before throwing up a nice armbar that rolls Anderson over. Unfortunately, Anderson ends up along the cage, allowing him to push off and escape. The light heavyweights hit their feet again. Anderson runs Blachowicz into the fence and delivers two knees as the pair draw long breaths. The American runs his target backwards with a right cross, then tackles him to the mat one more time. Blachowicz frames a triangle choke briefly, but Anderson frees himself and gets to elbowing.

Right hands from Anderson break through Blachowicz's guard as the Pole tries to pin Anderson's arms to his chest. Blachowicz looks for an armbar but Anderson punches through the attempt and moves his foe toward the fence. Anderson winds up on a big right hand, punching his way to half guard for a moment before Blachowicz replaces.

Blachowicz with double wrist control now, but he's exhausted, so Anderson just shakes his hands free and delivers heavy right elbows. Anderson postures up and rips Blachowicz with a stream of left hands, then delivering the point of his right elbow to the Pole's ribs on the far side. Mashing elbows from Anderson, then a heavier salvo of three afterward register.

Blachowicz flattens out along the cage as Anderson smacks him with more left hands. Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Anderson Brian Knapp scores the round Anderson Jeff Sherwood scores the round Anderson Round 3 Anderson shoots within five seconds, powering through on a double, tapping the knee and putting Blachowicz right back on the canvas.

Anderson pulls away, stands up, then dives down on Blachowicz when the Pole tries to slide up the fence. Anderson powers into half guard, then keeps heavy on top trying to move straight into full mount. Blachowicz blocks it and puts Anderosn back in half guard on the opposite side with three minutes to go.

Anderson postures up with a heavy storm of punches, then elbows, before stepping over Blachowicz's near arm, trapping him for more elbows. Blachowicz kicks Anderson away, but the American is right back on top, hammering away and threatening to pass. Blachowicz puts Anderson back in full guard, but it's all defense and preservation from the Polish fighter now.

Anderson passes to half guard, landing more left elbows and inducing Blachowicz to roll into a single. Anderson turns the corner and tries to take the back in sloppy fashion. He blows it, but as soon as they regain their feet, Blachowicz is so tired that Anderson is able to charge him and put him right back on the canvas. Jan Blachowicz via Unanimous Decision , , R3 Anthony Johnson vs. Jimi Manuwa Round 1 Manuwa kicks inside and Johnson tries to responds with a heavy right.

Manuwa gets to his feet, but Johnson presses on, rocking his head back with a reaching right cross, then ducking under and tackling him to the mat. Manuwa tries to scramble, but gets tuck on his knees, eating right hands from Johnson. Johnson rides Manuwa for a moment before moving behind him. Manuwa gets to his feet and grabs the fence, so referee Jason Herzog slaps his hand off the cage.

Johnson remains dedicated to wrestling, elevating Manuwa and slamming him to the mat with three minutes left in the round. Johnson pressures to half guard, then tries to slide up the middle to full mount, but Manuwa shrimps away. Johnson is still in half guard, with head-and-arm pressure, looking to pass. Johnson drives his shoulder into Manuwa's jaw, putting his face to the fence. Manuwa slides up the fence to his feet, but eats a right hook from Johnson.

They clinch up and Manuwa walks the pair back to the far side of the fence. The pair trade knees to the thighs over the final minute with the pace slowing considerably. Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Johnson Brian Knapp scores the round Johnson Jeff Sherwood scores the round Johnson Round 2 Both men launch right hands but cross one another, but Johnson responds with a left that cracks Manuwa.

Again, Johnson recovers his stance more quickly, getting his feet back and firing a short right overhand that blows Manuwa away. The Brit hits the mat and Johnson is all over him with follow-up blows to seal the knockout. The Official Result Anthony Johnson def. Andrei Arlovski vs. Frank Mir Round 1 Southpaw Mir and orthodox Arlovski flex jabs at each other for 20 seconds before Mir ducks under and runs Arlovski into the fence, muscling on double unders.

Arlovski gets an underhook for his own, them separates. Arlovski ducks low and shoots a right over the top, cracking Mir and backing him. Arlovski continues pumping his jab, looking to shoot the heavy right hand. He feints and lands another right on Mir, then mixes in the inside low kick as he circles the outside. Arlovski misses a right, Mir tags him with a left hand and runs him back into the cage. Arlovski turns, separates and takes the center of the cage once more.

Mir trudges forward, launching a slow left cross off of an Arlovski low kick and smothering his fellow former UFC heavyweight champ to the cage. Arlovski separates again and just misses with a right hand. Mir ducks forward swinging another big left, which Arlovski blocks. However, Mir wraps him up with 60 seconds to go and looks up at the clock, already looking fairly spent. They jockey for position with over-unders until Arlovski lands a clean knee on the break with just over 10 seconds to go in the opening frame.

Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Arlovski Brian Knapp scores the round Arlovski Jeff Sherwood scores the round Arlovski Round 2 Arlovski lands the inside low kick, Mir shoots a single and stays determined, taking Arlovski off of his feet and turning him away from the fence. Arlovski closes guard as Mir tries to chop at him with right hands. Arlovski tries to overhook Mir's arms, which just allows the American to break free and pound him to the body.

Fortunately for Arlovski, Mir is exhausted, so he's able to stall him entirely and get his wish with three minutes left in the round. Mir switches to orthodox, so Arlovski launches a head kick, most of which is blocked. Mir swims to the clinch under another left-handed lunge, but it goes nowhere.

Arlovski winds up a right hook that misses now, prompting another brief, awkward clinch. Arlovski shoots a right down the middle, just glancing his target, then a cleaner one moments later, but Mir eats it well. Mir charges forward with an ugly spinning back fist, but actually makes contact as Arlovski walks into the cage and is able to tie up for a moment. Arlovski frees himself and Mir stands in front of him, hands down, smiling.

Arlovski doesn't take his bait, feinting until he tags Mir with another right. Mir spits out his mouthguard and John McCarthy quickly replaces it. On the restart, the heavyweights size each other up before Arlovski runs Mir int the fence, kneeing him to the body. They clinch once more with over-unders along the cage, Arlovski grinding his head into Mir's jaw. They throw feeble strikes at one another for a moment until John McCarthy breaks them.

Arlovski winds up on a huge overhand right which Mir ducks under, but his takedown attempt goes nowhere. Arlovski grabs a hold of him, and we're back to having a rest along the fence. The Belarussian punches Mir to the body with short rights, but the action slows to a crawl again, so McCarthy breaks them with three minutes to go.

Arlovski sprawls on another ugly Mir shot, but eats a jab. They come together again and Arlovski gets stumbled in the exchange, allowing Mir to plow to top control briefly. Mir is there with hammerfists, but Arlovski recovers, regains his feet and puts his foe back on the fence.

They grind with short punches and knees until McCarthy does his duty again and splits them up. One minute to fight now and Arlovski presses forward, rocking Mir's head back with a left, then returning a moment later with a right hand. Mir steps inside, Arlovski clinches and walks them back to the cage.

Mir is now bleeding from a cut at the corner of his right eye. They separate past the second clapper and wing at each other, but nothing of note lands. Frank Mir via Unanimous Decision , , R3 John Dodson Round 1 Dodson sprints across the cage to meet Johnson, backing him up for a moment with a body kick. Johnson circles out and fires a right head kick which is blocked. Johnson switches stances before settling on orthodox, darting in and tagging Dodson with an overhand right.

Dodson double jabs, but Johnson rolls out of the way and circles. Johnson continues to give pressure but Dodson is showing solid defense. Dodson circles to his left, so Johnson traps him with a right head kick, but can't land before Dodson retreats the other way. Johnson shoots low on a single at the two-minute mark, catching Dodson's leg, standing him up and launching a head kick.

Dodson blocks it and stays on his feet. Johnson scores with a clean right hand, then glances with the second one when he doubles it. Johnson shoots, gets Dodson's right leg and runs him into the fence, but he can't pin him there as Dodson limplegs out and escapes. It's a cat-and-mouse game so far through four minutes. Dodson comes forward with a body kick now.

Johnson throws a right, Dodson cuts him off with a glancing left hand. Hard inside low kick scores for the champ, but his right head kick moments later is blocked. Dodson kicks him in the legs at the horn. Dodson kicks to the body, Johnson grabs his left leg and runs him to the cage, looking for a takedown.

He gets Dodson's leg off the ground, then touches him with a knee on the opposite side. Two outside low kicks from Dodson on opposite sides trip the champ up for a moment. Johnson continues pursuing his challenger and walks into a right hand that stands him up. Dodson circles to his left as Johnson tries to square him up along the fence, but Dodson coasts to the far side of the cage. Johnson traps him there, initiating a clinch that Dodson claims double underhooks in.

The challenger muscles Johnson into the fence while Johnson lands ineffectual rights in tight. Dodson steps away with just over a minute to go, and Johnson charges ahead, landing a left. Dodson answers, but Johnson lands a quick cross stepping into the clinch.

Quick left body kick from Dodson is blocked by Johnson, who lands an overhand right a second later. Johnson runs in on him, grabbing his right leg and pushing him to the fence. Both men flurry in close with Johnson still controlling Dodson's leg.

Dodson separates and Johnson tags him with a left body kick. Johnson fakes a jab, gets in on a beautiful single-leg capture, but again Dodson hops backwards on his left leg and stays on his feet. Johnson keeps ahold of his leg, landing punches and elbows over the top.

Johnson reshoots and switches legs, but can't get Dodson down. Johnson rips a backward elbow over his far shoulder, landing on Dodson before stepping out. The champ doubles his right hand, running Dodson back and sparking another clinch against the cage. Dodson turns him around before the pair separate. With under 80 seconds to go, Johnson snatches the right leg of his advancing foe and runs him back into the cage. Johnson clasps his hands and dumps Dodson, but Dodson pushes his head down and slips back to his feet.

Johnson chases Dodson down with two right hands, then presses him into the fence again as the third round ticks down. They separate, Johnson throws a right hand and a Brazilian kick that miss, then tries a flying knee. Dodson lands a clean left cross in midair, knocking Johnson to his knees at the horn.

Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Johnson Brian Knapp scores the round Johnson Jeff Sherwood scores the round Johnson Round 4 Johnson continues his pressuring, landing his right hook several times in the first 30 seconds while forcing Dodson backwards. When Dodson escapes, Johnson doubles his right hand again and tags him. Another right cross touches the tip of Dodson's nose, but Johnson shoots and gets denied. Dodson circles from side to side as Johnson gives chase.

Johnson gets free and continues pressuring his challenger. They wind up clinching and pummelling for position until Johnson lands an overhand left with 60 seconds to go, then forces Dodson to the far side of the cage, shooting low and dumping him on the mat. Dodson slides back up the fence, but eats knees to the body. There's a trickle of blood around Dodson's nose. Johnson glances with a right cross, then evades a Dodson left hand at the horn.

Sherdog Scores Jordan Breen scores the round Johnson Brian Knapp scores the round Johnson Jeff Sherwood scores the round Johnson Round 5 Dodson shows forward pressure, so Johnson crouches into a bear crawl before circling away. Both fighters spend a minute advancing on one another, back and forth, with nothing of consequence landing.

Johnson moves Dodson back to the cage, landing a hard knee to the body, then shooting low, elevating his challenger and slamming him down. Dodson turns, shrimps and gets right back to the fence, escaping back to his feet. Dodson kicks high and the champion lands a clean right. Johnson feints, Dodson steps forward and the champ dives for his waist, plowing him back to the fence. Johnson lands two hard rights over the top inside, then elevates Dodson on his shoulder again, slamming him down.

Of course, once more, Dodson scoots on his hip to the fence and stands. Dodson trying to press forward now, but the champ smacks him with a right cross clean in the mouth. Johnson switches stances and darts into the clinch with 45 seconds to go, putting his challenger back to the cage again. Dodson turns Johnson around, but it's not the kind of offense he needs at this point.

Johnson gets a collar tie and tries to throw knees, but Dodson shuts him down, they separate and the bout is over. John Dodson via Unanimous Decision , , R5 Related Articles. Latest News. Manon Fiorot Alexander Romanov vs. Josh Emmett won. Calvin Kattar won. Israel Adesanya. The biggest flyweight fight in the world will be heading to Las Vegas as Demetrious Johnson defends his strap for the seventh Searches related to Ufc dodson vs johnson 2.

Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson Our super slow motion camera catches all the big hits from the first meeting between Demetrious Johnson and John Dodson. Specs: Xbox One UFC Johnson vs. Listen to the media call with the main and co-main event headliners of UFC Johnson vs.

Dodson 2 live on Thursday, August John Dodson is known to spar with bigger guys, always taking it to them. His speed and forward pressure is sometimes a little bit John Dodson 2 Fight Network. Dodson 2 channel Rosa.

MMA H. I created this video with the Clip-Share Video Editor clip-share.

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