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His father was Gabriele Rossetti, born in at Vasto, in the Abruzzi, Adriatic coast, in the then kingdom of Naples. Gabriele Rossetti died was a man of letters, a custodian of ancient bronzes in the Museo Borbonico of Naples, and a poet; he distinguished himself by patriotic lays which fostered the popular movement resulting in the grant of a constitution by Ferdinand I.

The King, after the fashion of Bourbons and tyrants, revoked the constitution in , and persecuted the abettors of it, and Rossetti had to escape for his freedom, or perhaps even for his life. He settled in London in , married, and page: viii. In , during his married life, he published his volume of translations The Early Italian Poets , now entitled Dante and his Circle. By the time therefore of the death of his wife he had a certain restricted yet far from inconsiderable reputation as a poet, along with his recognized position as a painter—a non- exhibiting painter, for, after the first two or three years of his professional course, he adhered with practical uniformity to the plan of abstaining from exhibition altogether.

He had contemplated bringing out in or about a volume of original poems; but, in the grief and dismay which over- whelmed him in losing his wife, he determined to sacrifice to her memory this long-cherished project, and he buried in her coffin the manuscripts which would have furnished forth the volume. With the lapse of years he came to see that, as a final settlement of the matter, this was neither obligatory nor desirable; so in the manuscripts were disinterred, and in his volume named Poems was issued.

For some considerable while it was hailed with general and lofty praise, chequered by only moderate stricture or demur; but late page: x. Few brothers were more constantly together, or shared one another's feelings and thoughts more intimately, in child- hood, boyhood, and well on into mature manhood, than Dante Gabriel and myself. I have no idea of limning his character here at any length, but will define a few of its leading traits. He was always and essentially of a dominant turn, in intellect and in temperament a leader.

He was im- petuous and vehement, and necessarily therefore impatient; easily angered, easily appeased, although the embittered feelings of his later years obscured this amiable quality to some extent; constant and helpful as a friend where he per- ceived constancy to be reciprocated; free-handed and heed- less of expenditure, whether for himself or for others; in family affection warm and equable, and except in relation to our mother, for whom he had a fondling love not demon- strative.

Never on stilts in matters of the intellect or of aspiration, but steeped in the sense of beauty, and loving, if not always practising, the good; keenly alive also to the laughable as well as the grave or solemn side of things; superstitious in grain, and anti-scientific to the marrow. Throughout his youth and early manhood I considered him to be markedly free from vanity, though certainly well equipped in pride; the distinction between these two ten- dencies was less definite in his closing years.

Extremely natural and therefore totally unaffected in tone and manner, with the naturalism characteristic of Italian blood; good- natured and hearty, without being complaisant or accommo- dating; reserved at times, yet not haughty; desultory enough in youth, diligent and persistent in maturity; self-centred always, and brushing aside whatever traversed his purpose or his bent. He was very generally and very greatly liked by persons of extremely diverse character; indeed, I think it can be no exaggeration to say that no one ever disliked him.

Of course I do not here confound the question of liking a man's personality with that of approving his conduct out- and-out. Of his manner I can perhaps convey but a vague impression. The appearance of my brother was to my eye rather Italian than English, though I have more than once heard it said that there was nothing observable to bespeak foreign blood. He was of rather low middle stature, say five feet seven and a half, like our father; and, as the years advanced, he re- sembled our father not a little in a characteristic way, yet with highly obvious divergences.

Meagre in youth, he was at times decidedly fat in mature age. The complexion, clear and warm, was also dark, but not dusky or sombre. The hair was dark and somewhat silky; the brow grandly spacious and solid; the full-sized eyes blueish-grey; the nose shapely, decided, and rather projecting, with an aquiline tendency and large nostrils, and perhaps no detail in the face was more noticeable at a first glance than the very strong indentation at the spring of the nose below the forehead; the mouth moderately well-shaped, but with a rather thick and un- moulded under-lip; the chin unremarkable; the line of the jaw, after youth was passed, full, rounded, and sweeping; the ears well-formed and rather small than large.

His lips were wide, his hands and feet small; the hands very much those of the artist or author type, white, delicate, plump, and soft as a woman's. His gait was resolute and rapid, his general aspect compact and determined, the prevailing expression of the face that of a fiery and dictatorial mind concentrated page: xiii.

My brother was very little of a traveller; he disliked the interruption of his ordinary habits of life, and the flurry or discomfort, involved in locomotion; moreover, he was a bad sailor. In boyhood he knew Boulogne: he was in Paris three or four times, and twice visited some principal cities of Belgium. This was the whole extent of his foreign travel- ling. From or there- abouts he became, until he went to the neighbourhood of Keswick, an absolute home-keeping recluse, never even straying outside the large garden of his own house, except to visit from time to time our mother in the central part of London.

From an early period of life he had a large circle of friends, and could always have commanded any amount of inter- course with any number of ardent or kindly well-wishers, had he but felt elasticity or cheerfulness of mind enough for the purpose. I should do injustice to my own feelings if I were not to mention here some of his leading friends.

First and foremost I name Mr. Madox Brown, his chief intimate through- out life, on the unexhausted resources of whose affection and converse he drew incessantly for long years; they were at last separated by the removal of Mr. Brown to Manchester, for the purpose of painting the Town Hall frescoes.

Before proceeding to some brief account of the sequence etc. The first poet with whom he became partially familiar was Shakespear. Then followed the usual boyish fancies for Walter Scott and Byron. The Bible was deeply impressive to him, perhaps above all Job, Ecclesiastes, and the Apocalypse.

Byron gave place to Shelley when my brother was about sixteen years of age; and Mrs. Browning and the old English or Scottish ballads rapidly ensued. It may have been towards this page: xv. The reader may perhaps be surprised to find some names unmentioned in this list: I have stated the facts as I re- member and know them.

It should not be supposed that he read them not at all, or cared not for any of them; but, if we except Chaucer in a rather loose way and at a late period of life Marlowe in some of his non-dramatic poems, they were comparatively neglected. Thomas Hood he valued highly; also very highly Burns in mature years, but he was not a constant reader of the Scottish lyrist.

Of Italian poets he earnestly loved none save Dante: Cavalcanti in his degree, and also Poliziano and Michelangelo—not Petrarca, Boccaccio, Ariosto, Tasso, or Leopardi, though in boyhood he delighted well enough in Ariosto. Of French poets, none beyond Hugo and Alfred de Musset; except Villon, and partially Dumas, whose novels ranked among his favourite reading. In German poetry he read nothing currently in the original, although as our pages bear witness he had in earliest youth so far mastered the language as to make some translations.

Calderon, in Fitzgerald's version, he admired deeply; but this was only at a late date. He had no liking for the specialities of Scandinavian, nor indeed of Teutonic, thought and work, and little or no curiosity about Oriental—such as Indian, Persian, or Arabic—poetry.

Any writing about devils, spectres, or the supernatural generally, whether in poetry or in prose, had always a fascination for him; at one time, say , his supreme delight was the blood-curdling romance of Maturin, Melmoth the Wanderer. I now pass to a specification of my brother's own writings. Of his merely childish or boyish performances I need have said nothing, were it not that they have been mentioned in other books regarding Rossetti. It is of course simple nonsense.

Other original verse, not in any large quantity, succeeded, along with the version of Der Arme Heinrich , and the begin- ning of his translations from the early Italians. These must, I think, have been in full career in the first half of , and may even have begun in They show a keen sensitive- ness to whatsoever is poetic in the originals, and a sinuous strength and ease in providing English equivalents, with the command of a rich and romantic vocabulary. In his nine- teenth year, or before 12th May , he wrote The Blessed Damozel.

As that is universally recognized as one of his typical or consummate productions, marking the high level of his faculty whether inventive or executive, I may here close this record of preliminaries; the poems, with such slight elucidations as my notes supply, being left to speak for themselves. He and I would sit together in our bare little room at the top of No. Dante Rossetti's published works were as follows: three volumes, chiefly of poetry. I shall transcribe the title-pages verbatim.

Together with Dante's Vita Nuova. Translated by D. Part I. Poets chiefly before Dante. Part II. Dante and his Circle. London: Smith, Elder and Co. The rights of translation and reproduc- tion, as regards all editorial parts of this work, are reserved. Revised and rearranged edition. Poets of Dante's Circle. London: F. Ellis, 33, King Street, Covent Garden. A bend in the road. A boldog ember. A bolsa amarela. A book of common prayer. A box of nothing. A breath of French air.

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