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jia peng fang light dance mp3 torrent

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In addition, Alan Tam has set a record for the number of concert venues, and has continuously held 38 full-filled solo shows in the Red Hall. The City of Forgetfulness is still an album worth looking forward to. You know I know how to send Taiwanese songs to new music styles, and it became a big hit song when it was released.

Lin Zhenqiang's lyrics also contributed a lot, and it became one of the fast song classics. Drunk Street is an easy-to-speak K song style, which is widely accepted by music fans and easily made it to the popular charts. According to reports, the sales volume of Wangqing City reached , This song is also a song of many singing friendships. Tan's singing is sincere. But without losing stability, it makes people feel trustworthy and dependable, and there is always a heavy feeling in the accompaniment, which sounds sad.

It is a very sad slow song, but it is too inferior to the previous song. There is also an original work "Avoid Your Heart" in the album. The other seven songs are all adaptations, and there is little innovation in singing, so the level is at most the same as the original, so I won't repeat them. At the end of , the principal released a collection called "Thunder Selection".

They are all fast-paced songs that have been well received by Alan over the years. After listening to the whole album, I really feel a kind of joyful feeling. Unfortunately, after that, Alan Tam can surpass the level of songs included in this special. The charm and light of the emperor superstar shines in the music world. The quality of the album is average compared to the heyday, but it is still generally suffered. From cover design to song selection, this record is more desirable than "The City of Forgetful Love".

Unfortunately, this song has no deep meaning. The cover of. Like the previous Mandarin albums, most of the songs are adapted from the existing Cantonese version, and there are only two original works. Like the previous Mandarin albums, these two original works have become the biggest highlights of the album. They are both excellent creators. As for other lyrics writers such as Ding Xiaowen, Liu Yurui and others, they just did not violate the melody. Only dolls can fit the melody well.

However, Yin Wenqi did not have many works. The prelude is a bit like "Yihai Floating Terrace", but the latter is still different. There is no Cantonese version of this song. In this Mandarin song by Alan Tan before Here is the only one. Most of the other songs are not as good as the Cantonese version, especially those quick songs adapted from Roxette. It is probably because Alan Tam's Mandarin is not very standard and has difficulty in biting words, so singing the quick songs gives people a vague feeling.

The album cover of "Xanadu" is very dazzling, with a bright red background, but the content of the album is not as dazzling as the cover. It still continues the old road of Alan Tan's past albums, and is not like "Forgetful City" and "Dream Stage" These two albums have a lot of breakthroughs in their singing and style, and this continuation is a continuation of the decline in level.

This song is not as soothing as "Yihai Floating Terrace", but a jazz-like song. And there is a "wine red heart" that uses wine to dissipate sorrow. Although the overall level of the. It is a quiet song full of paradise. The whole song sounds like there is no climax, but in fact there are many high notes in the melody, but they were all understated by Alan Tam.

It sounds pleasant to the ear, and the harmony "La This song is also excellent in Alan Tam's creative works. It is a cover of "You are my only" by singer Wu Qixian from Malaysia, but I feel much better than the original. Like "Xanadu", the whole song was spent in peace, but the peace contained endless regrets. Alan Tam has adapted the theme songs of two major world sports games. The last time was the theme song "Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand", which was the theme song of the Seoul Olympic Games, which was translated into the Mandarin version called "Heart and Hand to Connect".

The composition of these two theme songs is Giorgio Moroder. And I remember that there were comments in the selection of the best theme songs for the previous Olympic Games and the World Cup. These two awards were given to Giorgio Moroder's two works, so it is indeed an honor for Alan Tam to cover these two songs.

But having said that, it is not easy to cover these two songs well. It seemed lack of energy and sounded uncomfortable. However, this song "Ideal and Peace" is very well done. It can be said to be almost perfect. The audience shouts from the background, the harmony when singing the main melody, and the well-prepared singing in the previous paragraph, and the theme is even more in the lyrics.

Sublimated to the relationship between peace and sports. Among them, "There is Love" My friend is "a bit like a friend like me", especially the first part is a bit like, but not as good as the latter. Not long ago, he also collaborated with Tsai Chin on a cover of Taiwanese classic old songs "Encounter", which was praised by music critics. At the end of the year, Tan also released a collection called "The Best of Thunder", which contains fast-paced songs that Alan Tan has enjoyed a good reputation over the years.

The whole album is indeed a joyful feeling. It's a pity that since then, Alan Tam has very few works that can exceed the level of songs included in this album in terms of fast songs. Before "Infatuation", Alan Tan released a Mandarin album as usual. And this "Indestructible Love" still maintains the decline of the first two Cantonese records. There is no original song, and the original song of some songs is not a good one, so the quality of this album is not high.

But for listeners of Mandarin songs, this record is still very audible. Alan Tam has two series of romantic classics, this is the second series. Although some of the songs in this disc appear in other albums, as a beautiful disc produced by President Tan, it is definitely worth collecting.

Will you still love me tomorrow? There is a very interesting aspect of the cover of. This effect is probably due to the production of the record. The person never expected it. The songs included in the album have a variety of genres, without loss of audibility, and are still very innovative and satisfying. As mentioned earlier, Cai Guoquan and Alan Tam did not cooperate much, and did not sing many masterpieces for him in the early stage estimated to leave them to myself , but their cooperation time span is very long, from the s At the beginning of the year, the two sang together "Strong Grass in the Wind".

Of course, after that, Cai Guoquan himself basically stopped singing, so the song written for Alan Tan was still Own painstaking work, such as this song "Help me deceive me". It's the piano opening again, the soothing melody, the affectionate singing, everything is the same as the old, like mellow wine. Following "Preferences", "Xanadu" and "Dream is Still the Same", he wrote this song that at least personally thinks is the most classic of his works. The first three capitals of the.

It uses a very straightforward way. The melody is as straightforward as the lyrics. There are no complicated passages. It has always been a fast-paced past. It was done in one go. Alan Tan almost Without falsetto singing, it is still very suitable to sing public welfare songs, because it sounds natural and does not have a sense of preaching. And the two slow songs "Knowing I don't know" and "Elaine" are different from the slow rhythm of "Help me deceive me", but the climax is repeated, and there are many characteristics in style.

Even the first chorus part was more than affectionate. It wasn't rushed at all, but the more you get to the back, the faster the rhythm, and even the accompaniment is added to the bass, and Alan Tam's singing continues to accelerate until the last long note "HEA" ends, which sounds very happy. Every time the work of this genius, Zhou Qisheng can really give people a new feeling, whether it is his own or written to others.

I feel that this album Alan Tan also uses the works of many outstanding musicians who have not been in contact with several albums, such as Cai Guoquan, Zhao Rongbi, and Zhou Qisheng, so that the quality of natural albums can be well guaranteed, and better Yes, the works of these three people in this album are better than before, especially the song "Elaine" by Zhou Qisheng.

Until the shout of "Elaine! Very good, I admire Zhou Qisheng's arrangement and the handling of the jump in rhythm. In fact, you don't have to wait until that time to know, because you can hear it from this song "I Can Do It".

There are also two songs with English titles, "Hello, Goodbye" and "Miss Mona", and the two songs feel very similar, the melody is still very good, and very catchy. I can do it-Alan Tan 2zzlain 2zzlain Choral z.

The theme song of the TV series "Fiction Family". At the beginning of , Alan Tam released a new album "Mythology ", but this album did not create any myths. In fact, Alan at that time no longer needed any myths. Achieved, this is already the second consecutive failure after "Dream Stage", and it indeed disappointed Lun fans for a while, but fortunately, the next "Fantasy" has restored this decline.

First of all, the cover of "Mythology " is the most earthy one, full of screens, and some dolls flying around, which feels very naive, and the clothes that Alan Tan wore also looked very awkward. However, there are still many good songs on the album that should not be buried. In fact, this song is well-known. It is a very typical Lun-style love song. The duet partner is Guan Shuyi, who has collaborated with Alan Tan several times later, and is as deep as the Mandarin version, and It feels more artistic in words.

The last song in the album, "Silent Letterhead" is a song that is easy to be ignored but should not be ignored. The song is not. Alan Tam uses the hard rock singing method he rarely used before of course only the singing method , and it seems that there was only "Fake Stimulus" before this. There is a bit of this shadow in it. Especially the chorus part, it does give people the feeling of "lifetime vitality", this song is the only part of this album that brings surprises to people.

It has such an excellent song composed by Yin Wenqi. Of course, this song is not bad, but it has made a lot of changes in the arrangement and lyrics. The writing is also very general, it sounds really difficult to compare with the Mandarin version. There is nothing to mention about the remaining few songs. In , Alan Tam once again held a personal large-scale concert, and once again referred to the model of the last romantic concert, divided into two parts to perform, and finally ended with a comprehensive dream and tenderness concert, which was opened in total.

This concert is very innovative in stage design, and there is a section in the middle that can be said to be a musical. Alan's new meaning is not only reflected in the album, but also wherever there is music. Zhang Cantonese album. In the heyday of the four kings, love stories can also sell nearly , copies. These six songs fully tell a poignant love story, from knowing each other, acquaintance, falling in love to helpless difference. It is a song with a style similar to his guitar rhythm.

It describes the upset mood of the male protagonist's crush on the female protagonist. However, this song is still more than lively and expresses emotions. Not rich enough. When it comes to "Lovers under the Moon", the affectionate duet with Guan Shuyi, the romantic mood created by the song is very good, and it is worth mentioning Guan Shuyi's excellent performance, and the same magnetic voice as Alan Tan.

The cooperation between the two is really feeling Perfectly clothed. This is a record that did not qualify for the "Chinese Records Collection" because it is not only An introduction edition is still a selection. In addition, the title song "Lover" is a catchy K song. Sold , copies three platinum. The more consistent songs in the album "Lover" are basically original.

Even the title song "Lover" written by Zhou Qisheng, who can be regarded as very alternative in Hong Kong, seems very ordinary in front of some adapted songs. In fact, the advantage of this song lies in the melody itself. The arrangement and programming are not as full of weird style as Zhou Qisheng's other songs, but the bass playing in the prelude is a bit interesting.

I have only seen this song by Zhu Yongcheng for lyrics and music. As far as this song is concerned, it can only be said to be quite satisfactory, but it is very patience, just at the end. That section was too long, which made a song that was originally slow in rhythm seem a bit procrastinated. On the contrary, I feel that he pays more attention to his emotional investment, but to be honest, it is not as good as his false voice.

It can be felt by comparing it with the "lover" in the same album. And the most touching part of this album is "Love, Extreme Love" written by Alan Tan himself, a song that is the closest to his style in his heyday. Psychologically well portrayed. In , Alan Tam still released a Mandarin album in accordance with the habit of the past three or four years. However, the production of this "Let Love Continue" album is still very sophisticated, and he has found good lyrics writers such as He Houhua and Yao Ruolong to ensure the adaptation.

The vicissitudes and timelessness in the tune are expressed more fully. The Cantonese version of this song "Wait for a few days" is a love song, while the Mandarin song expresses memories of past friends. When Alan Tam sang "Back then", he might also be thinking of Winner's That period of time, and the highest point of emotional surging is in the period of passing the door: "Is the crazy infatuated GUITAR still in hand? The time of each future, what makes you and me the most unforgettable?!

Alan Tan launched an English album for the Korean market at the end of Contains 6 new English songs and 2 old English songs that have been included in the "Heart Hand Connected" album. In the album, the two of them also sang the English version together. Whether it is the completeness of the plot, the fullness of the content, and the appropriateness of the song, it is also very good in the subject matter.

The characteristic is no longer a simple and popular love story. The background of the story is clearly set in the s, and the identity of the characters has also been clearly explained. A person from ordinary origin but wants to be in chaos A figure that stands out in the metropolis. In order to match the plot and show the social environment of the time, the songs in the album were all adapted from the songs of the 30s and 40s in Europe and America.

At that time, jazz-based music was more popular, with freedom and pride. The protagonist sits on the train and looks at the scenery moving outside the window. He leaves his hometown and comes to a strange place, dreaming about his future. The song repeats "Cheers" many times.

It is a good expression of the mood of bidding farewell to the past and working hard for the future. But the most concerned is the lover in my hometown. The affectionate song "You Are My Woman" sang this kind of sentiment. This song has the style of jazz dance music at the time, and requires many clever use of drag in singing. However, this kind of worry is not superfluous. After all, strong love has not overcome the test of distance and time. Alan Tam's singing sounds very relaxed, but it obviously has a strong smile.

The struggle in the city is basically paved by the monologues between songs. In the later songs, there is less love talked about, and they are all about the career. The course of struggle. Alan Tam also performed very vividly in singing, showing the selflessness and determination of law enforcement officers. The protagonist in this song has become a policeman. He is proud of it, and this pride is also well expressed in the song. But soon he was disappointed by the darkness of officialdom. It is not possible to achieve justice alone.

He angrily resigned from this position and embarked on the underworld. But there are many tears hidden behind the smile. After achieving success in his career, he wants to return to the incontrovertible days of the past, but sometimes although he wants to stick to his willfulness, the environment But it is not always possible for him to fulfill this promise. This warm and attached song sounds like a long aftertaste.

What was the ending? A sad violin sounded in my ears. A sad song "Red Dust Years" ended the story very well. The accompaniment of the violin also adds a lot to the song. Except for the last one of these ten songs of. The transformation of the plot described in the song, Alan Tam's recitation is also very contagious. In short, this album is a novel and complete concept, a unique and excellent selection of songs, but it has changed so much that even some fans who have always loved Alan Tan could not accept it, so this album sold at the time.

This was a fiasco, even for the imported version from the mainland, which later became a discounted item in audio-visual stores, but this kind of album is very well able to withstand the test of time and is very listenable.

I will always love you. Both the selection of the concert and the strong atmosphere of the scene were impeccable at the time. Just look at the repertoire arrangement of the concert and you will know it, which is very close to the theme of LIVE "Pure Golden Concert". In addition, the principal's voice and singing skills were perfect at that time.

At that time, it was difficult for ALAN's songs to become classics. A selection of commemorative releases. It is made by Japanese Denon Company and has outstanding quality, which is now a hot treasure. In order to cooperate with the concert, Alan Tam released a new album "Fantasy Smile" before this.

Due to the rush of preparation time, this album did not make a big breakthrough, but was built in accordance with the style of Alan Tan's heyday in the s. This guarantees the audibility of the album, although many fans are a little disappointed. The title song "Fantasy Smile" follows the fast-paced and playful line of lyrics, which is not quite satisfactory. In , between two Cantonese albums, Alan Tam returned to the Mandarin music scene after two years of absence and released a high-level Mandarin album "Youth Dream".

At that time, Hong Kong singers, especially big-name singers, made Mandarin albums. Except for the title song and a few songs, most of them covered songs from the Cantonese album released at the same time, giving people a perfunctory feeling. Alan Tan's first few Mandarin albums are also similar. However, this album has six original songs, accounting for more than half, and the level of original songs is quite high. How does the song "Youth Dream" look like it was written specifically for Alan Tan.

The vicissitudes of life, the tactful melody, plus the helpless sigh of "Youth Dream is Old", a feeling of looking back suddenly Among the notes. Ding Xiaowen's poetry has always been quite satisfactory, but this time, she has broken through herself and moved others. Alan Tam did not live up to these good songs and performed very well.

However, based on this, they lack the potential for popularity, so not many people know it, but this is the slightest. It does not affect the affection of people who know it. The melody is poignant, and the two people cooperate very well. The only shortcoming is that the Mandarin of the two people is not very standard. There are two other Mandarin versions of this song. Both Zhang Haozhe and Jiang Yuheng have re-entered the lyrics to reinterpret the melody.

This shows the popularity of this song. The lyrics are OK, and the original appearance is basically guaranteed. However, "Urban Romance" original "Beauty and the Beast" and "I Am I" original "I can't help" is because the standard of the original song is not high, naturally it is difficult to reach the next level. The "Favorite" album released in the second half of can be said to be another downturn in Alan Tam's album level. The only consolation is that Alan Tam has composed four songs in this album, and two of them are still very good.

The title song "Favourite" is a song composed by Alan Tam, which only Alan Tam can interpret the deep affection after the vicissitudes of life. The tune of "If Love Is Fate" is brisk, and the accompaniment of the violin adds a lot to the song. The melody of the first part of the song "Fate Limited Time" is still very beautiful, but the whole song is still slightly mediocre.

Another piece of his work "The Basic Law of Life" is a relatively plain inspirational song. There is also a good song in the album which is a cover of "Still in the Dream" from the title song of the Mandarin album that he released this year. The other songs are really unsatisfactory. Even the chorus songs of his golden partner like Guan Shuyi on this album are very unsatisfactory. Of course, the style of their collaboration song "Single Noble" is not suitable for them.

At the beginning of , Alan Tam mainly relied on the creation of himself and a few friends in the circle, and released an excellent album "Flying with Me". In the last Cantonese album "Favorite", Alan Tam contributed two good works. But in this new album, his own creation has improved to a certain extent, especially in the first place on the record "Heaven and Earth Begins Love Is Already", the theme of the lyrics is somewhat similar to "The Root of Love", but the tune The above highlights a feeling of emptiness, especially the lyrics that repeat the beginning at the end, and then end in a long tone, leaving enough room for the listener to remember.

This song is a full-fledged slow song, and his other song "One Month, Some Day" is relaxed and free and easy, and "Chasing" is an obvious strong rhythm. From the creation of this song, it can be seen that this combination should be strong, and the appearance is also not bad. All are good, but it can only be said that the luck is bad. Furthermore, Liu Nuosheng, who often composes and plays for Alan Tan and acts as a musical instrument, also helped this time.

The title song "Fly with Me" is from his handwriting. The highlight of this song is the guitar solo at the beginning of the song. It is estimated that Liu Nuosheng himself was playing. The most well-known song on the album should be regarded as the song "Love at the Bus Stop", which tells a secret love story that happened on the bus.

The melody is very lingering and catchy, and Xiang Xuehuai's words are also very narrative, especially for those who often take the bus. The other two songs have a strong sense of rhythm, and they describe the distress and eagerness to find relief after falling out of love.

They are very similar, and they are both audible, but lack the potential for popularity. In general, in terms of song quality, this album is the highest level of Alan Tam in the past few years. Even in the future, Alan Tam rarely has an album that can surpass it. Alan Tam's singing performance is still consistently excellent. However, this album did not cause much repercussions, and I am afraid that only the song "Love Bus Stop" can be remembered now.

In the music scene where the king of the king was fighting, not only were many outstanding newcomers buried, but there were also many good works by old singers who were already famous but did not become popular or rarely showed up and only silently made music. At the same time, they did not attract too many people. After this album, the overall level of Alan Tam's album has gradually declined, and fewer and fewer people are remembered or even known.

However, Alan Tam has put down the last burden and dared to make more attempts, although there are many It was a failure, but at least for the Hong Kong music scene, it has benefited a lot. With such a result, Alan Tam is determined to try some new things, instead of spending too much effort to please the ever-changing market. This will inevitably lead to a decline in album sales, and for Alan Tam. For a person in the music scene who has always appeared as a pop singer, the consequence is that he is gradually forgotten by most fans.

Maha, the Roman character Maha, the original meaning of Sanskrit is "big, great". Boundlessly big and mindful. Prajna, the Roman word Praj? Therefore, this book is about how to reach the other shore through great wisdom. The whole sutra has only one volume, words, and it belongs to one of the volumes in the "Dapin Prajna Sutra". I believe that older friends would like these songs They are all very familiar. Although ALAN's pronunciation is slightly inaccurate when performing Mandarin songs, when you listen to these songs carefully, what might you recall?

Time flies, things change, but classic songs never change. One song one story! The affectionate, romantic, desolate, and dynamic style of music is endless. I hope that Allen will continue to be a year-old legend Friends who like this album can buy the original collection.

By the way, the album has only been introduced so far. At the end of , "Real Men" was released. When I look at the cover, I can clearly feel the change, the grayish-yellow tones, and the vicissitudes of life, instead of the always "forever 25 years old" look. Although overall, the quality of this album is not high, there are still a few songs that are commendable.

In the album, two versions of this song are included, the love version and the dynamic version. Such affectionate songs are obviously more suitable for suffering alone in the midnight. Those struggling with this kind of occasion, at the concert, Alan Tam performed very well with this song as the finale, especially the last sentence "Testify with sincerity" is even more impressive.

The composer Wang Wenguang should be a newcomer, but his other work "True Lies" on the album is really not flattering. The whole song seems flat and has no obvious ups and downs, but the processing of some turning points is still very powerful, and this can make the whole The song was finished in one go, and it sounded very comfortable.

Similar to Wang Wenguang, the composer of this song, Wu Jingwen, has not heard much before. The real highlight of the album is the song "Mixiang". The psychedelic melody is accompanied by a dynamic electronic soundtrack. Alan Tam also sings with sharp false notes that he rarely used before, and uses some processing effects to make it more prominent. The taste of "mysterious".

There is also a song "Born Free" which is a collaboration with the famous Japanese composer Shinji Tanimura, which doesn't sound much meaning. Alan Tam's "Real Men" was published in , and Leslie Cheung released a very good album "Beloved" in the same period. The suggestion is to fight against Leslie Cheung, and to make a fuss about the hegemony of Tan Zhang in the s, attracting attention. In fact, the two of them had no intention of vying for strength at this moment, and both were doing their favorite music, treating themselves and the music very detached.

The thirty-first album of Hong Kong singer Alan Tan was released. The quality of the album "Unique" in has improved somewhat. The quality of the two love songs "Love in the Snow" and "Know How" are very close to those of Alan Tam's heyday, which makes people feel a little surprised. It is the adagio blues that Alan Tam rarely sang before.

And the attempt of "Internet Fan" is undoubtedly the biggest success of this album. It is not only the novelty of the tune by Pan Xieqing, but also the lyrics that closely follow the times. The skills are good. The other songs in the album are relatively worse. Even the theme song "Live Smart" in Lu Songxian's version of "Swordsman" in collaboration with Priscilla Chan is not as good as it is in many excellent martial arts film and television dramas.

It's hard to have a place in China. It is the first time that. I think this album is the worst of Alan Tan's albums. From the performance of this song, Alan Tan's singing skills can be seen. In the album, the chorus of Alan Tan and Chen Baixiang is worth listening to, but unlike in the same year, they co-produced a single "Different Sweets and Same Taste".

The two capitals sing songs of friendship. The low tide of. On the other hand, Alan Tam's commercial success progressed rapidly, which alleviated his pressure on singing. This is the first series. This album is half Mandarin and half Cantonese!

The selected celebrities and famous songs were screened and carefully produced. It took more than three years and finally completed the long time span, complete singing styles, the most repertoire, and the number of actors. Numerous series of projects. This series systematically introduces the famous songs of famous Chinese singers in the 20th century, and includes the repertoire of more than singers. Each singer selects his representative works. It is carefully arranged according to different styles of ethnic, bel canto, and popular, and the songs are moving.

It can be said to be the epitome of the development of Chinese vocal music in this century. You will never be disappointed whether you appreciate it or collect it! All episodes. The composer Zheng Zhiming has been well-known for many years, "Don't Lie to Me", but it quickly faded out of the music scene.

This work is indeed impressive. It has the same witty style as the original song by Sam Hui. This album is called [Polygold 88 Ultimate Tone Series], which is the classic songs and albums of singers under Polaroid Gold and was sent to Denon, Japan The company re-encoded the recording to get a beautiful sound effect. Zhuhai Huasheng is an earlier audio-visual distribution company in China.

It has strong strength and technical guarantee, and its products have excellent sound quality. It has excellent beer in the domestic audio-visual industry. This is a test of its sound quality. Love songs like "caress your face" and "who is your favorite" would never lose to the original singer if he performed them in a proper manner, but he handled these two songs very "hard", and the sound seemed to pass. The later processing is very metallic. Especially for "Who is the favorite", the whole song started with the metal trembling sound that wafted out from the left and right channels separately, which can be described as ingenious.

The arrangement of "Thousand Thousand Ques" is even more incredible. From beginning to end, life is on the right channel and the music is on the left channel. It is somewhat similar to today's karaoke VCD, which is very interesting. The arranger Da Xiong adapted this originally very Chinese minor work.

The sound seems to have undergone post-processing and has a metallic feel. Especially in the opening scene of "My Favorite Is You", Alan Tan's trembling voice slowly drifts from the left and right channels to his ears, which can be described as originality. In "Song of Thousand Thousand Que" the original sung by Priscilla Chan , the whole song puts the human voice on the right channel and the music on the left channel, which sounds more like karaoke. Especially in "The Days We Walked Together", but the main melody has always been performed under electronic music, the combination of the two is not reluctant, especially the ancient poem recitation of Alan Tan in the middle, more revealing the original singing.

There is no sense of vicissitudes. To show a sense of hierarchy, without making much change in singing. For the other songs, the changes are relatively small, including "A bit sad and a bit crazy" Original sung by Wang Jie and "I'm not sorry" Original sung by Wang Jingwen.

As he grows older, his voice has become a bit thicker than before. That is why he sang a lot of quite atmospheric works on this album. There is no doubt about Alan Tam's singing skills, he knows how to best use his voice to express the artistic conception of songs. To be fair, people who have no feelings for Alan Tam or who have listened to this album less than 5 times may not like this album much.

But if you listen carefully to this album, you will find that his attitude of playing music at will, whether it is a cover of "Old Enemy" Leslie Cheung's famous work, or a cover of "Singers" Faye Wong, Andy Lau, Zheng Xiuwen, he can let go. I believe that many big names do not have the courage to surrender their status. In any case, this attitude is worthy of respect. The first 5 songs and "Internet Fans Skynet Version " are new songs. The whole concert rarely stopped, and the music and singing continued.

In a monologue at the end of the concert, he said: In fact, every musician has different feelings at different times, so he will have different expressions to interpret this feeling. Before the concert, Alan Tam used ballots to collect the songs that fans most want to hear at this concert, and then determine the concert's repertoire according to the number of votes received and the needs of the actual progress of the concert.

In concerts, most of these songs are accompanied by a more atmospheric symphony, which sounds more heavy. At the concert, Alan Tam also sang a more unique song. The lyrics are "Heart Sutra" from "Diamond Sutra". This song is included in a collection of Buddhist sutra songs composed by various stars, composed by Lin Minyi, because of the lyrics It's not as popular and regular as most popular songs.

The tunes have many ups and downs to match the lyrics, so it is still very difficult to sing, but Alan Tam's live interpretation is still very good. He also sang the latest single "Lonely Lonely" at the concert. The concert ended with "Returning My True Feelings", and the climax of the concert appeared at the last moment.

In the last sentence "Testify with the sincerity", he ended with a very long trailing sound, with a deep voice without any vibration. It seems to be telling fans: What is a treasured sword is not old. In the second half of the year, Tan also held three concerts of the same name in Guangzhou. Like "Care", there are no outstanding songs in the album, except for the"There are some chewing heads in ", which are basically orthodox love songs or inspirational songs.

Something similar to previous years is that the album still pays more attention to the use of newcomers' works. The songs composed by Liu Chongyan and Zhong Shiying account for more than half of the repertoire. The launch of a series of such songs at this time indeed reflected the social responsibility of a middle-aged singer. Alan Tam has not performed this type of song for a while, and the past such as "The Goddess of Love" and "Ran Douxing" are all young people. Lively feeling, it is obviously inappropriate to sing such a song now.

And this song provided him with a good space to play. Alan Tam's interpretation of the song is also very good, coupled with some processing of the arrangement, make this song look a little different in this album. There is also a good song in the album, thanking Sally who has been silently supporting him behind his back.

He sang the same song "Lucky Star" more than ten years ago, but "Lucky Star" "Star" is very affectionate and tactful, while this song "Applause from Behind" is agitated and high-pitched. And the other love song "Love is Out of Boundary" is even less worth mentioning. The release of. With one disc in hand, you can collect all the good songs. AVCD is a new type of optical disc that has emerged in recent years.

It mainly focuses on digital music, with VCD content added, and the image part is often MTV related to the theme of music. Its advantage is that images can be played on CD records. In , Alan Tam released a brand new Cantonese album "Care". The album cover Alan Tan appeared in a long hair style that had never appeared since Wen Na was disbanded, and abandoned the old state of the previous albums and returned to the spirit of "forever 25 years old".

Although many English names appear in the composition column of the album, these songs are not cover works, and all of them are original works. Many of the songs in the album were composed by creators there.

The quality of most of the songs in the album is basically the same. There are no outstanding or general songs. It is also possible to use this format to make songs. It's very innovative, and it really needs the ability of a singer, plus this song does require a certain degree of difficulty in singing. It has always been accompanied by a piano with a small background sound.

At first it is soothing, and then gradually gets faster, especially the climax of a few long sentences, which almost need to be done in one go, and finally ends with a low sobbing piano. The rhythm is very much Grasp by the singing itself. All songs are re-compiled with dCS system! When I feel that I am breathing inadvertently, I begin to understand what life and music are like, but who can change the relationship between life and music.

Friendship competition, joy and sorrow Plagiarism, everything happens every day in the music scene in Hong Kong and continues. I want the music scene in Hong Kong to flourish. I must inject new energy. Persevere in creating good music. Putting into life and singing a good song is my perseverance. It is our blessing to be able to gather 18 singers and the elites behind the music scene to participate together. It is too intoxicated. The music that breathes in the process.

Who can change this feeling in Datong? Chen Shaobao. Do something so that it can continue to circulate. For various reasons, this idea can only remain hidden in my heart. Until three years ago, I learned that a foreign country has a classic album RUMOURS released since , and it was re-interpreted by a foreign emperor singer.

After another climax in the music scene, my idea emerged again after being sought after by young people. Fortunately, I also had new developments in my career. So I started this project soon after taking up my new position. On the other hand, I was also talking to Alan Tam. He thought about the future development of the song, thinking about it, and then connecting the two things together.

Sure enough, he realized that Alan's past song is a treasure house of classic golden songs, so he discussed this concept with Alan and came up with a classic golden song re-sing plan Alan learned After being very excited, everyone started to select the golden songs and finally chose Alan's "The Root of Love" album, which was also his own preference.

The golden tunes on the disc were finally selected for sixteen songs. Next, I would invite the singers to re-perform the results. The invited singers were also very excited. They can choose and re-sing songs by themselves, so they have more freedom. Even the record companies put aside commercial competition. The element allows the subordinate singers to participate in it, especially Zhengdong Records Co. The participation and cooperation of the company in the whole process can be regarded as the chorus song between Leslie Cheung and Alan.

It turned out that Alan wanted to have a choral work. It happened that Lesile signed with Universal Records Co. It is a finishing touch. This shows that as long as there is good music, there is indeed no border. As unforgettable, the birth of this work represents the tribute of all our musicians to the classic golden tunes.

Hope that its appearance can make friends a little bit of memory. This is the most beautiful thing. The first two can be said to represent their respective eras, while Cheng Zhongji himself does not cherish his own development prospects in the music industry. The current situation is deteriorating, but it was indeed promising at the time. In the EP that included this song, Alan Tam also released a very good new song "It's Raining The Day You Go", the name is a bit like Jacky Cheung's masterpiece "It's always raining to break up", and at the same time a newcomer Ding Feifei, who is the composer of this song, is indeed not to be underestimated for a young female singer to write such sophisticated works.

In the next album of "Choose Angle", she made a few more chords for Alan Tam, and appeared as a guest at the Alan Tam concert in It can be seen that Alan Tam attaches great importance to her, but from these two From the perspective of her personal development in , she is not a big fan. It will take time for her to become popular. Although the concert scene is very hot, but Alan Tam can hardly hide his old attitude, singing and dancing fast is not as easy as the stadium concert.

The concert ended with a new song "About You" in response to the New Year's atmosphere. However, I never thought that after the adaptation, it would become the "optional angle" of the rhythm of the Rock board. The newcomer Ding Feifei is responsible for the harmony and erhu accompaniment in this title song, and his impressive performance adds a lot to the work. Ding Feifei is a musician from China. He started to learn Erhu at the age of 6 and won the national championship.

This time, the harmony and erhu arrangement in the "Optional Angle" are all improvised in the studio, which shows his talent. What's more special is that the performance is an electronic erhu. As the champion of the Hong Kong songwriting competition, she has a wish to cooperate with Vanessa Mac, because Chen Mei also plays the electronic violin, taking the same line of combining classical and popular, which can be described as like-minded.

The surging passion is most suitable for singing in a concert. It is one of the best songs on the whole album. The lyrics in the middle are very catchy. The lyrics are as fast as rap. I really want to listen to Alan's interpretation at the concert. The mid-board rhythm of "Ask You" is very pleasing. Although there is an electronic music pass, there is another flavor with the cooperation of wooden and electric guitars.

It may be that the original song is too deep into the hearts of the people and I think Allen's version is not as good as the original song. Will the record company consider launching a dance remix version of "mmmbop World Datong"? Allen hasn't released a mixed disc for many years, if any record company executives see it, consider it!

If I have nothing to say, I will receive it as a single photo! The song is closer to the original composition and is more pleasing than the "Optional Angle". It is a work given by Allen to fans who have supported him for many years. The title song "Sunset" has been praised as Allen's best song in recent years. If you love Alan Tam, you must not miss it. The difference from previous concerts is that this concert is not inThe Hongkan Stadium is not at the stadium, but the new wing of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

A good song that has never been sung! This "Flying Concert " contains the live performance of Alan Tam's entire concert. A total of 34 outstanding songs, everyone Friends who have not been there, how can you miss it! In August , Allen held a "flying general concert". Now there are not many new works by Alan Tan, who is the big boss, so you have to seize the opportunity! Alan Tam, a forever year-old musical evergreen tree, was so popular in the s that the total global sales of albums exceeded 10 million, and there were countless classic golden songs.

First Lin Chorus is an album released by singer Alan Tam in Due to the enthusiastic response, the concert will be held for two days, and there will be an unprecedented number of seats under the stage. It can be seen that President Tan is still young Amazing charm. As expected, Principal Tan is 25 years old, and he is still full of energy at these six concerts, and he can't see the slightest oldness. But listening to this concert at the scene may feel unsatisfactory, because in order to comply with the system of the trade union Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra , each singer has a minute break half an hour after the opening, which is less than the usual three hours of singing.

It's a huge difference. I only sang 26 songs this time. The better part of listening to this record than listening to the scene is that there is no intermission. And so on, and Chen Qiuxia's new song "I just want to be alone" for Alan. Alan works with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra to perform his own classic songs.

I believe you are all interested in knowing the ins and outs of the whole story and how Universal Records will respondShi. Wave Motion was originally an outsider, but during that time it became the SACD center designated by Philips head office, responsible for direct DSD recording and mastering and quality review in the Far East.

Now I have the agreement of Philips who is in charge of tuning, the SACD manufacturer who is in charge of receiving orders, and Universal who is in charge of production. I can tell you all about the whole thing. The original sound master of. The person in charge also understood the importance of this recording and deliberately found the most senior mixer to be responsible for the sound adjustment. Unfortunately, this step was wrong! European mixers are naturally not familiar with the singing of "Principal Tan".

They put the tuning standard on the fidelity of piano and strings, and the European aesthetics. It was a good intention, but there are only two masters. Channel stereo, music and vocals are also put together. The Equalization decision of tuning also obviously changes the sound quality of the "Principal" and the unique contrast and dynamics of popular music.

When emphasizing the soft beauty, it is extremely high. The high frequency range also appears weaker. They were able to adjust the special tones of popular songs to classical. Easy, this is a heartfelt sentence. Universal was also relieved after learning about the efforts of the Philips head office, so it released this batch of SACD to the market without warning, but received countless negative reactions a few days later.

This was unexpected, so immediately Start rescue operations. The first step of. In addition to the sound engineer who was in charge of that year, we also asked a number of "principal fans" and enthusiasts to provide advice, including Rebecca and Dacao. After all the opinions were gathered, it was decided to focus on the sound quality density and dynamics. The most important thing is to use the SACD's multiple transmission volume to improve the sound quality. After three days of work, we finally finished the new SACD master tape, and then delivered it to the manufacturer by express mail.

Universal also ran an advertisement to explain to friends who already own "Alan Tam's Best Choice" but are dissatisfied with the sound performance, that they can exchange for a remanufactured SACD within August this year.

Universal couldn't think of hitting the wall again at this moment! The original production space was completely occupied in an instant, so "Alan Tam's Best Choice" had to be scheduled for several months before production! All of a sudden, Hong Kong Global's plan was completely crossed, and the manufacturers were indeed in a dilemma and had to! The result is the same as the story of "Blessings of Love".

Three days later, she has become Ma Jianiang and cannot have a happy result. After the efforts of the Philips head office and the manufacturer, although the matter has not been resolved completely, it can finally be improved. If you don't plan to keep the "Bel can' version of "Alan Tam's Best Choice", you can go to various retail stores to exchange for the new version.

The story behind this SACD is also Thrilling, many people also get insomnia, maybe this new version can make up for it. Due to the overwhelming response, the concert will be held for two days, and there will be an unprecedented number of seats under the stage. Allen specially recruited mainland creator Yu Quan to compose the music, and the lyrics were written by Yin Kui, whom Rowan has always appreciated.

The lyrics of "Man under the Mountain" are very interesting. Tomorrow the flash will flash again, so how can you solve your debts when you step on the stage. From then on, there will be a few wind and rain, the wish is to send your wishes The cotton tree is in full bloom, the tomb blooms, and the flowers will always grow old, at least Can beautify, this life is not a close friend, but I will remember it for the rest of my life. A singer can be established in the music scene for about 30 years, I believe President Tan can do it!

The latest Mandarin song "Encounter" is the Mandarin song that Allen has sung for the first time since It is full of European and Western flavor. There is also a work on the disc "Different Goodbye", which is worth noting! Average level of. President Tam Alan Tam , who was semi-retired in recent years, has become active again in the Hong Kong music scene this year This time, Allen also recruited a number of musicians who grew up listening to his songs and wrote new songs for him, hoping to bring some breakthroughs and sparks to each other.

Compared with the "first song", the six new songs included this time are not too surprising. Short Story Ever Returning Yearning Yellow Flowers Festive Dancing Atoms Reminiscience of a Motion Picture Bright Light Grave and Lucid River Weeping Willow Rotation Mysterious Remembrance Good Times Picante Trip to Spain Hugo Auf Hawaii Landscape D-Soul Free Chicken Real Roads Sunshine Soft Soft Walking Walk in a Meadow Little Moritz Fragant Memory Sausalite Lonely Waltz Sometime Long Way Home Journey to the Heart Harlequin Green Island Touched by Love Childhood Hour Walking through Clouds Deep Green Summer Flight Being One Step at a Time Mysterious Way Bekoflow Following Stars Close Your Eyes The Silver Veil Gentle Touch Simply Great Evoking Wonder Sunday Sky Thank You For Your Love Montagnola Dream Little Ark Peace Will Come Norwegian Memory Playing Children Longing Waves of Time Maulbronn Dark Snow Is Coming Fountain Black and White The Treasure Immortal Thoughts Get Free Poignant Memory Fragrant Way Farewell, My Friend An Evening Walk Under Trees A Time Ago An Ancient Dance

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Light dance - Jia Peng Fang

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