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steafel campbell news night torrent

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Could Saudi Arabia be the next Dubai? - BBC Newsnight steafel campbell news night torrent


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The row between Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail continued on Tuesday night as a senior executive from the newspaper refused to apologise for its attack on the Labour leader's late father but admitted that publishing a photograph of his gravestone with a pun about him being a "grave socialist" was an error of judgment.

In an interview on BBC2's Newsnight , the paper's deputy editor, Jon Steafel, refused to retract the paper's savage attack on Ralph Miliband in an article in Saturday's edition headlined: The man who hated Britain. Steafel's appearance was an unprecedented public outing for a Mail executive.

The paper's editor pursues a strict policy of being an "outsider" who believes his journalism can speak for itself and refuses to publicly pronounce on his paper over the decades he has been at the helm. He said the piece was based on Miliband's public views and was justified. His views on British institutions, from our schools to our royal family to our military, to our universities to the church.

What he said was, he felt that all of those things were bad aspects, were unfortunate aspects of British life," Steafel said. He said Miliband's father's views expressed in his "writings, his diaries, his books, his speeches", combined with his Marxist ideology, showed he was "very antipathetic to the views of a lot of British people".

He added: "We thought it was reasonable to highlight those views. His appearance on Newsnight was denounced by Alastair Campbell , the former Labour spin doctor who also appeared on the programme. He said Steafel was merely an emissary for the Mail's editor, Paul Dacre.

In a heated exchange with Campbell, Steafel admitted that an online version of the story featuring a picture of Ralph Miliband's gravestone was wrong and had been removed after his intervention. It may very well be an error of judgment," he said. Campbell pressed Steafel over whether it was justifiable to use the picture. He said: "Do you believe Ed Miliband's dad hated Britain and do you think it was justified to use a picture of Ralph Miliband's grave in your coverage?

Steafel replied: "On the headline, it's a well established principle of all journalism, which Alastair may remember from the distant days when he was part of journalism, that the headline and the piece should be read in conjunction with each other. Campbell told Steafel that the reality was that Dacre was "losing the plot" and that the Daily Mail "is the worst of British values posing as the best". Steafel told Campbell he would not take lessons from a man who was used to spreading "poison" as part of his job as a Labour spin doctor.

The Mail's deputy editor said he had taken a call from Miliband on Saturday following the publication of the article by veteran Mail journalist Geoffrey Levy, who had questioned how the beliefs of Ralph Miliband might have influenced the Labour leader and his brother, former foreign secretary David Miliband. Steafel said he had listened to Miliband's protests on Saturday and told him he would consider giving him the space to respond to Levy's piece, which the paper did on Tuesday.

But Miliband's right of reply, in which he accused the paper of trying to smear his dead father, was undermined by the paper's decision to reproduce Levy's original article alongside a two-column leader decrying Ralph Miliband's "evil legacy". Anywhere But Here. From Our Partners. Follow us. Part of HuffPost Politics. All rights reserved. Suggest a correction. What's Hot. More In Politics. Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. The Dinosaurs.

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Could Saudi Arabia be the next Dubai? - BBC Newsnight

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