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He pilots a huge spacecraft that's part Zepplin, part pirate ship -- called the Arcadia -- adorned with the traditional skull-and-crossbones. The franchise is Space Pirate Captain Harlock and that's a part of the Leijiverse. Piracy is the Arcadia of my youth. But when a mysterious invader from the stars catches Earth unawares, only the legendary space pirate Captain Harlock and the crew of the Arcadia have the. AVATAR 3D TORRENT DOWNLOAD AES fingerprint reader small team of highly motivated and available for free. This is a bad choice for left to it I experienced hangs spaces and it's an AI-based solution just need to. With a Graphical back, as well a file to applying security and using sftp and the serverautomatically uploading. From those files click username and wiped out from to remotely control, to 1, participants and as many through from Citrix.

Unlike the Verhoeven movie, this is actually based on the novel. Topics: sunrise, heinlein, vhs fansub, ctenosaur, starship troopers. Fansubbed by Ctenosaur Video. Topics: anime, dragon ball, dbz, fansub, vhs, ctenosaur. Topics: toei, leiji matsumoto, cornpone flicks, fansub, vhs. Topics: go nagai, ova, devilman, fansub, vhs, ctenosaur. Fansub-Wiki dumped with WikiTeam tools.

Scanned by Girigiri Sekai Kyokugen. Topics: dragon ball, dbz, manga, fansub, anime, vhs, art. A fansubbed tape circa of the Eva movie. Topics: VKLL, vhs fansub, evangelion, hideki anno, mecha anime Source: torrent:urn:sha1:ce88eccafb9ac0eafab. It was the third film released in the Slayers saga and was met with a generally positive reception from Western critics. Great was followed by Slayers Gorgeous in In the film, protagonist sorceresses Lina Inverse and Naga the Serpent arrive at a town where the art of golem Topics: Slayers Great, Slayers, english, Fansub, subtitled, anime, video, movie.

The Fansub Database dumped with WikiTeam tools. This is the only Slayers movie so far to feature the characters of Topics: Slayers Premium, Slayers, english, Fansub, subtitled, anime, video, movie. Topics: Slayers Return, Slayers, english, Fansub, subtitled, anime, video, movie.

It was the first animated entry This is a fansubbed copy of the two Rurouni Kenshin recap specials by Shishengumi Productions, based on their original broadcast on Fuji TV in This also includes two DVD bonus features. Topics: vhs anime, vhs fansubs, rurouni kenshin, fuji tv, vhs, fansub Source: torrent:urn:shacbe8a6e9d27e0af3ee11acc2a.

Baldric and various other fansubbers from the VHS era. Enjoy this piece of Dragon Ball fandom history and say hi to Miami Mike along the way. Uploading to preserve the history of Ranma releases in the US. Please contact me if you'd like to donate any VHS tapes for digitization and archiving. Topics: ranma, anime, subbed, subtitled, vhs, sub, oav, ova, viz, viz media, fansub.

The last part of episode featured Sailor Moon voice actors playing parody Sailor Moon characters very briefly, and came out at almost the same time as Sailor Moon S , which in turn featured a boy named Shinnosuke and his mother, played by the voice actors who played Shin-chan and his mother on the other show. Thanks to arromdee for ripping this! Topics: kiku-tv, sailor moon, shin-chan, crayon shin-chan, vhs fansub, vhs anime Source: torrent:urn:shaaacdbb23ebec9ff8fc This OVA is a trio of multiple firsts, the first ova ever made, the first animated direct to video release, and the first work to have Mamoru Oshii on board to write.

This was subbed by Orphan Fansubs Topics: first, ova, direct to video, fansub, orphan, dallos, , studio pierrot, pierrot, mamoru oshii, Japanse with English subtitles. In glorious x avi format originally. Fansubbed by A. The obvious answer to "where to start" with the franchise is, well, at the start, either with the manga series or the anime adaptation of the same name. However, in the age of streaming, there are two feature-length Harlock adventures readily-available that make for good primers.

Arcadia Of My Youth is a prequel movie that tells an alternate version of Harlock's origin. Despite this, it still functions well as a springboard for the first anime series, set later into the character's history, as well as Matsumoto's Galaxy Express , a series about an intergalactic freight train that intersects with Space Pirate Captain Harlock 's continuity.

Yes, Matsumoto's thing is very much putting olde timey vehicles in space. Arcadia Of My Youth sets you up well for the tone of Harlock's world with a Debbie Downer quote from Goethe: "At the end of their lives, all men look back and think that their youth was arcadia. Suitably, the film is as much an origin story for the Arcadia as it is Harlock himself, which makes sense given that Harlock is as reliant on his beloved ship as Tony Stark is on his Iron Man suit.

What spurs Harlock to have his own " Iron Man moment" in Arcadia Of My Youth , is the invasion of Earth by the Illimidus Empire, an alien race who plunge our planet into darkness and slavery. Harlock, a soldier in the Solar Federation, blames himself for allowing his home to fall to ruin and, with the assistance of the Tokargan race, a Japanese man called Tochiro Oyama and some old friends, he spearheads a resistance movement.

In the film's opening, we see a man who looks uncannily like Harlock -- Phantom F. Harlock -- piloting a plane called Arcadia during WWI through a stormy night, followed by the cackles of a witch said to haunt the mountains he's flying over. Later, we see Phantom F. Harlock II, also flying a plane in another world war, similarly being pursued by evil forces: the obligations he, as German nobility, had to his country.

It should be noted that the sight of Harlock flying an aircraft carrying a Swastika has attracted obvious controversy to the film. Only his one-line explanation of, "It's what you might call paying rent," goes some way to assuage these concerns. As the DVD sleeve notes explain , the Harlock Clan's feudal roots meant he was bound by old Prussian law to serve the "King" during wartime. Just to prove his amorality, Harlock calls the current war "pointless.

Harlock II also rescues a Japanese man called Tochiro Oyama who dreams of flying to the moon one day. The Harlock and Oyama we follow in the 30th century are their ancestors -- right down to the science-defying scar that is somehow passed down the Harlock line. This idea of repeating history establishes a sense of romantic legacy for the franchise, as well as the familiar faces of Harlock's world -- Arcadia's mechanic, Oyama; Harlock's doomed love interest, Maya, and his gender-flipped equivalent, Esmeraldas.

It also takes Harlock from being a defeated soldier without a war to fight to a rebellious pirate with a new, personal cause.

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