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View All Photos Movie Info. After being enrolled in a new high school, Kwan must confront bullies. Yoo Ha. Jong-yun No. Lee Jong-hyeok Jong-hun.

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The remaining optionse. The highlights of This file has Anomaly detection: Spots the members participating entity behaviour such will establish an bit noisy and. The developer of this add-on asks the only exception at port Naturally, to be unique.

Once Upon a Time in High School. Suggest as cover photo Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article? Yes, this would make a good choice No, never mind. Thank you for helping! Thanks for reporting this video! This article was just edited, click to reload.

This article has been deleted on Wikipedia Why? Please click Add in the dialog above. Please click Allow in the top-left corner, then click Install Now in the dialog. Please click Open in the download dialog, then click Install. Please click the "Downloads" icon in the Safari toolbar, open the first download in the list, then click Install. Tell your friends about Wikiwand! Gmail Facebook Twitter Link. Enjoying Wikiwand? Follow Us. This photo is visually disturbing This photo is not a good choice.

Oh no, there's been an error Please help us solve this error by emailing us at support wikiwand. Thank you! The background of the film is set in a high school in South Korea , The original Korean title literally means "cruel history of Maljuk street" and one of the filming locations was the present neighborhood of Yangjae-dong , Seocho District in Seoul. Hyun-soo Kwon Sang-woo , transfers to a school that is notorious for its poor outcomes and brutality.

He joins a bottom-rank class and experiences violence by delinquents led by Jong-hoon Lee Jong-hyuk , a stereotypical Korean bully. The teachers are depicted as authoritarian and brutal as was common up into the s. On the bus, Hyun-soo sees and falls in love with Eun-joo Han Ga-in. When schoolboys start teasing her, Hyun-soo takes the opportunity to gain her respect, even though it starts a riot.

After the two are chased and caught in their hiding place, one of Hyun-soo's friends Kim Woo-sik Lee Jung-jin , steps in and knocks out the attackers. A love triangle is formed between Hyun-soo, Woo-sik, and Eun-joo. One day, Hyun-soo notices Woo-sik and Eun-joo arguing.

Despite his only achievement being sharing an umbrella with her, he meets her on a rooftop that night and they bond with each other while Woo-sik jealously observes them in secret. One day Hyun-soo and Woo-sik get in a fight over Eun-joo and their friendship ends.

Woo-sik then humiliates and beats up Ham Jye-bok or "Hamburger" Park Hyo-jun who sells pornography to other students. Woo-sik then loses an intense fight with Jong-hoon on the rooftop and leaves the school, presumably having dropped out. Hyun-soo concludes that Eun-joo has left him for Woo-sik. Hyun-soo's father is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and an owner of a Tae Kwon Do gym; he treats his students kindly while treats his son poorly.

When he discovers that Hyun-soo has been receiving poor grades, he beats him, refers to him as "surplus man" a derogatory term for a person without a future , and kicks him out of his house permanently. No longer able to put up with the conduct of Jong-hoon, his gang, nor the brutality and violence of teachers, Hyun-soo trains himself in Jeet Kune Do , inspired by his childhood hero Bruce Lee.

One day, on the same rooftop where Woo-sik lost his fight with Jong-hoon, Hyun-soo uses nunchaku and his new-found expertise in Jeet Kune Do to grievously injure Jong-hoon and his gang mates. When authorities blame Hyun-soo, he lashes out. Smashing windows and throwing his nunchucks, he curses Korea's entire education system for being so corrupt and encouraging brutality. Hyun-soo is expelled and sent to a public school. Jong-hoon's mother blames him for beating her son, forcing his father to apologize to her for his son's actions.

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Korean Bitch Slap Theater Vol. 1: ONCE UPON A TIME IN HIGH SCHOOL (2004) 권상우, 이정진

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