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dark space 4 revenge torrent

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Your hero named Isaac has been quarantined. He is no longer in danger, but a terrible virus has penetrated the most distant planet in the galaxy. Now he needs to leave the space colony as soon as possible, the inhabitants of which are turning into new monsters. The virus simply absorbs all living things around and now the monsters want to turn you into similar creatures. You do not have much strength left, but now you need to look for all the loopholes in space in order to leave the new infected station.

Look for weapons to mercilessly destroy the enemy, but also develop new tactics and strategies for your character, because the enemy is very cunning, cunning and has incredible physical strength. Bright space locations, terrible monsters and the only person who so far has been lucky enough to survive and not lose his human appearance. In this game release from the Engineers, you can see a new arsenal of weapons for the hero.

Now you must save the space station from annoying monsters. Waking up after a long coma, you will again take up arms - this is your mission, the mission of an ordinary space engineer, who is pursued not only by monsters, but also by the government. Use skillfully new weapons in the game. You can simply tear apart your opponents using space mines.

Set traps throughout the station, and you will also have the opportunity to simply throw monsters into outer space by breaking through the space station's firmware. There is nowhere to wait for help, so you will have to act on your own. In the last version of the game, your hero's girlfriend died, so now get together and destroy the new and insidious aggressors in space. In the game Dead Space 2, which you can download a torrent for free by visiting our game portal, you can attack quickly using unusual game modes.

At each stage of the game you will be able to find useful information for yourself, so use the hints, as well as carefully inspect the territory of the entire station. A very colorful sight awaits you in this second part of the space shooter! Help Isaac destroy the station and throw all the creatures into outer space. Dead Space 2 Features. Explore the station. Long years ago, on the planet Tau Volantis, a secret base was located, on which, just like on Aegis 7 Aegis VII and Titan, the Obelisk was infected, but due to the harsh climate of the planet, the base was "mothballed" and the epidemic could not break out.

Ellie, having gone in search of answers, disappears without a trace in the orbit of the planet. The Earth government begins looking for Isaac and forces him to go on a mission to save Ellie and fight the epidemic. Also, Isaac is wanted by Jacob Danik, the head of unitologists, but despite the fact that everyone is looking for him, Isaac manages to leave the moon and go in search of Ellie. Dead Space 3 Game can be downloaded via torrent here. Compared to Dead Space 2, the game has undergone significant changes in terms of gameplay.

Now the player has access to rolls and squats, as well as the opportunity to hide behind covers. The composition of the enemies has also been updated. Now, in addition to the horde of Necromorphs, the player is also opposed by Unitologist soldiers. It will not be rare that the battle will take place between three sides: Necromorphs, Isaac and Unitologists. A crafting system has also been added.

Now not money is falling from enemies, but various resources with which you can create new things and weapons for Isaac. Download Dead Space 3 via torrent, you can on our website. Dead Space 3 continues the story of the cult series of Dead Space games and completes this wonderful trilogy by answering most of the questions and dotting the i's. A crafting system has been added that allows you to create new items and weapons that will help you through the game and make it even more interesting and exciting.

Completely updated composition of the enemies. New units have been added to the Necromorph army. To kill each of them according to the canons of the series , you will have to use certain tactics of warfare and specific weapons.

Also, the possibility of interacting with the surrounding world has not disappeared anywhere, in order to more easily destroy the hordes of Necromorphs. The main innovation of the third part of Dead Space is the possibility of joint passage.

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