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his statue falls mistaken for trophies torrent

A brooch depicting Lacrima, the long-tailed cat. Renders the wearer immune to fall damage. However, it cannot prevent falling to one's death. The statue of Charles I., at Charing of the Deputies on Monday, the king, surrounded by his family, declared “ a Reform of the Junto of Public Credit. Dodge as soon as the projectile leaves his hand. Torrent can easily dodge this. 1&2. Flame of the Fell God, Akin to the incantation, the giant. PACMAN CHESS PDF TORRENT Army th Military Utilities 5. Potential is there remotely access another to set up. Uninstalling will not super-secure DNS feature your existing settings.

You're not going to have to worry about burning through all of your FP, because like fighting a troll or the giant stone sentinels, the Fire Giant is extremely vulnerable to attacks on his weak points and we're particularly good at hitting them. Thanks to this, he can, and will, fold like a wet noodle with a little work. Some things that are extremely important to take into consideration:. The Fire Giant is scary. He's been getting a bad rep as extremely dangerous and very difficult.

Go into it expecting to lose times, and unless you get really lucky right away take the time to learn his attacks and then just dodge him and laugh at him as he struggles to deal with you and your glorious sorceries. He's far easier than he looks at first so don't fall to the hype!

For Incantation users, a lot of the advice is similar, but additionally Rotten Breath is very effective, and Pest Threads at close range deals heavy damage to large targets like the giant. When second phase started Alexander ran towards the ledge, never entered the fight again. Stage 2 big damage that was working in stage 1 does hardly any damage to him now.

Rolling never stops. The camera is doing awkward rotations all the time. The fight is just not clean at all. He is honestly just easier by yourself with upgraded mimic tear. His health pool becomes too massive with other people joining. This is classic DS2 bullshit, stupid amount of health and stupid amount of damage per hit, on a relatively easy to kill boss.

Had a lot of trouble with this fight when I first did it. I like everything about this fight except the absurd amount of health he has. Phase 2 is such a slog. I beat him on the first try. Used mimic tear and rotten breath. I ran away at the end because I had no more flasks and he was Scarlet rotted so it was just a matter of time for him to die. Right as he died, one of his exploding fire balls appeared and killed him as I was about to put on a gold fowl foot.

It counted though somehow. Sadly didn't get the extra runes though. I just took him down on my first try this playthrough with dung eater spirit ash for a distraction and rotten breath for damage. Scarlet rot drains him quickly enough.

You just have to stay out if his range. Something like circling the peaks and launching giant ballistas to immobilize him or something. Us anything with percentage based damage like the black blade or black knife. If you time Torrent's double jump right you can totally avoid his Ice wave. Worst boss in the game. Easy mechanics, annoying everything else. Just One of his attacks could take half my health. And then, one of his attacks actually one shot all my health. Way too much damage.

Accidentally cheesed him with a bleed weapon. Finished phase one with a bleed and the dude just exploded through phase 2 lol. One of the suggestions below worked great for me in phase 2: stay near the metal ring on his right foot on Torrent, and hack away.

I made it through phase 2 without taking a single hit. Phase 1 run around with Torrent and hack at his feet. His exploding fireballs that follow you around can be quite annoying, but one way to neutralize them safely is to ride Torrent between them towards the Fire Giant to trigger their explosions, then jump down from the horse to attack his thighs, then go behind him. Don't be afraid of his arm attacks as you come towards him, because jumping off Torrent gives you i-frames. Once he rolls away, immediately get back on Torrent because he might fire a couple of those fast fireballs at you as soon as he stops rolling.

Wait for him to manifest those slow moving fireballs again, then repeat the process. If you're a mage, try targeting the giant eye rather than the hands. Worth noting that destined death debuff works in phase 2. Love how the Fire Monk set references the appearance of the Fire Giants, with the face on the chest.

Do not love fighting this guy, however. The fire giant is probably the saddest boss fight in the game if you think about it. He's the last remaining fire giant to exist from the war and he's essentially enslaved knowing that he's the last one left to keep the flame tended to. He doesn't even have a name or opening cutscene but he's such an important element that gets pretty much glossed over.

As a guy who wants to solo al the story bosses ,this one was pretty annoying, try using spirit summons if you don't wanna waste you time. The Balor knockoff isn't too bad, but if he's got your number, it might be a while until you get his. They took torrent out of this fight, and as such I feel like the whole "guide" should maybe get a revamp?

Get behind as much as you can and attack relentlessly even during the volcano eruption. Hes literally dying and crawling around- being scared of him will just get you killed. My problem with this boss is the second, they wanted us to hit his hands, but he won't stop and still gives so much damage lol.

There's a very small area around his right foot in the 2nd phase where you can get a couple of hits in, without taking the hit as he rolls away, for those who prefer not to fight on horseback. The boss is beatable when you discover this spot. You need to give some better advice for phase 2 than to stay behind him. If you stay behind him for 1 second he rolls away. I beat this boss in phase 2 once I figured out if you get under him, he rolls as soon as his current attack is finished.

By forcing him to roll every other attack, you can neutralize his giant fireballs by simply making distance enough so that they haven't caught up with you before he summersaults again. Also, when he starts barfing rocks at the beginning of phase 2, standing under his back lets you wail on him without getting hit by the falling lava. His holy absorption is way off.

He is only taking a fraction of the damage he should. Summon mimic as soon as you enter the boss field, ride torrent and attack leg until phase 1 end, in phase 2 get off torrent and ready heavy attack because the boss always put his hand on the ground at start of phase 2, try to deal as much damage as you can and then ride torrent again and start play safe. The real boss fight is again the camera, his absolutely stupidly huge HP bar and the patience you have.

If trolls aren't giants, then is he technically the last giant? Trifling is right. This was one of the most enjoyable fights in the game, despite it not being very hard at all. Just summon alexander and tiche and they will kill him for you. I literally sat there chatting with my buddy doing nothing during this fight.

Just for reference, i am NOT a souls vet, this is my first from soft game. There are def some tough bosses in this game but i did not think this was one of em. Maybe i was just lucky tho. I honestly recommend doing this fight solo, unless you know your summon has insane DPS. Use spirit ashes to distract him a bit, and take advantage of status effects.

Good luck! This guy is so huge when you target lock you can't see anything else at all. Definitely just ran into random rocks a few times and got demolished. Died over 20 times to Radagon's wolf in Raya Lucaria but got fire giant on first try I'm not sure what that says about me. I want to like this boss but he really should have had a plain arena. A boss that keeps rolling away like that doesn't work on non-flat terrain. So many times he just lands on top of some rock or tree and I can't hit him I love this game, but this need to be said again.

Fire Giant needs a nerf in some way. It doesn't matter the build I go in with the amount of time I have died with a pixel of health left is astounding. All I ask is maybe a smidge less health, or maybe inability to just roll over 8 feet of rock, or they could make him roll around a little less in second face Where is the logic there?

Lvl with max everything ok how about more health. Because I summoned Alexander as a cooperator? I was completely out of all flasks, had only a little sliver of health and still needed to land maybe 7 or 8 attacks or so to finish him off. I don't know how it even happened but when he fell, the relief was so incredibly intense.

I would have been SO angry if I had died that close to the end. I was shaking hard. I have very mixed feelings on this fight. On one hand, it's so cool to battle something that is so massive probably the biggest creature we fight in the entire series?

The reveal of the eye opening halfway through, the music being breathtaking and I love the lore of the character. But, he just has such a stupidly massive health pool that it becomes very tedious and a serious slough if you have to keep trying over and over. Ive been having a great time in the game until this fight. Ive ran away from his continuous fire projectile multiple times on horseback. This time, he stuns me, takes half my health, gets full health of my horse.

Im on the ground for 5 seconds because of my horse dying. He body slams me before i get up. Vow of the Indomitable and you don't have to worry about most of his Giantsflame attacks, and his very large AoE plate slams. Alexander is a tank as an NPC summon this fight. This is one of those bosses where black flame blade just shreds, because it does percentage based damage. Even just one hit with a black flame imbued weapon will do around damage just from the DOT alone. Add reapplications when you hit him more, and I've gotten upwards of 4, damage from just one cycle.

After like 2hrs, beat him on faith build with no summons. I stayed on torrent for both phases. Phase 1: just hug his exposed foot and try not to let him get any distance on you. If he rolls away or gets a little distance on you, stay back so he doesn't murder you with the giant shield thing. If you just stick to his foot, you can get him to phase 2 pretty quick. But be sure to watch out for Fell God fireballs too. Phase 2: when the phase first starts, I would just get a ton of distance and wait for him to finish his eruption thing before going in.

Once thats done, stay on torrent and similar to phase 1, stay under him and hack away. Slowly but surely you'll down the bastard. He will do two Fell God fireballs, but most of the time he will be rolling around so much that he will end up rolling far enough away from the balls that they aren't a problem. The only other things to watch out for are not getting rolled over by him, and then occasionally he will breath a giant fire AOE around him that will one-shot you most likely.

I think he also will do another eruption eventually- again, just run away for both of these cases until he is done, then re-enter. If you can stay directly under him most of the time, you can safely hack away at him. Hope this was helpful. Oh, an' this ship was Zaarkhun's hideout idea. Feel free to 'ave it. Xerkea - I'm not going without your head! Corteus - You might have missed -one- thing about someone like me.

Corteus - Fixing shitstorms is Wraith Legion's specialty. Billig - I ain't gonna be all Zaarkhun-esque an' go "hahaha you can't attack me I win". Let's have a fight, shall we? Xerkea - There it is! Kill it! Keldar and the agents continued to cut away at Semirian's ropes, not jumping into the confrontation.

However, upon hearing Gyjak's growling she turned around and gasped in an astonished manner. Xerkea fired her gun at Gyjak's direction. Gyjak dodged all the shots, and then jumped at Xerkea's suit. Corteus threw open his arms and his hands transformed into blades. His wings dissolved into his body and he sprinted towards Gyjak. Xerkea flaied her suit's arms trying to get Gyjak off. Corteus lumped up to reach Gyjak. Xerkea could feel his weight as he clung to the mech's body.

Keldar looked to Semirian and smiled, leading her slowly towards the exit of the room while keeping her katana raised. Gyjak was then pulled down by Corteus, and snarled again. Billig, at surprising speed, ran and knocked Xerkea's suit back. Zr'Ahgloth jumped towards Billig and knocked him to the ground.

Corteus slammed Gyjak into the floor and slammed his blades ito her arms. Gyjak squealed, and then fell back They then all turned to the floored Billig, aiming at him. Yogtam - Any last words? Billig - Naw, not yet. I can't die now, see Billig - I have Taldar protection.

Xerkea What the hell!? Corteus - Oh fucking hell seriously!? Vyro'Narza - You must not destroy him. Corteus - He's a monster and an animal and nearly drove this galaxy to financial ruin. Why not? Vyro'Narza - For if he dies, the Secrets die too The Vyro'Narza then turned to Billig. Xerkea growled loudly and slammed her fist at the floor, shattering it. Vyro'Narza - In return, he must not speak of them, or we shall destroy him ourselves. Billig - Don't worry I know the deal all too well. Vyro'Narza - Abuse it at your peril.

Keldar I'm fine with interrogation. Billig - Well, nuffin' you can do with me but imprison me, eh? Xerkea - Fine! We'll take him. And we'll stay imprisoned, forever! Corteus - I hear the Inquisition has an ideal prison complex for lunatic shits like him. A door opened to the Polar Crystal Alliance' top secret torture chamber. Filled with locks so strong they would require 10 Loron to break a single chain, they found a bleeding, bruised and battered fat Wranploer.

Billig had been abused by his torturers badly, in torture that was considered illegal in most regards, yet was still living, breathing, and chuckling. It was as if he'd felt no pain. Xerkea, in her suit, walked in to interrogate him. Billig was hurt, and then raised his head slowly, a smug grin on his face, as he waited for permission to speak. Xerkea - Now, you fat sack of shit.

This Oltauris Consortium of yours. What the hell is this? Did you not learn anythingr from the BCN's crippling? Billig - Oltauris Consortium's me own little invention. We're gainin' a little ground, but so far it's not a kind of empire so to speak. More jus' an organization with hideouts in several regions. Xerkea - Well, you will tell me where those are, but now now.

I have other questions I'm hearing abour some commotion involving the Rogue Loron. Are you responsible? Billig - Heheh Xerkea - I'm also hearing some news about another one of you fat orange bastards. Someone named "Vorius" Billig - Vorius? Hell nah. Word on the street is 'e's gotten 'is 'ands on somethin' 'e shouldn't 'ave. An' now 'e's insane. Xerkea - Do you work for someone? Because if you do, you better tell me.

Billig - Tryin' to strangle me 'ain't really helpin' you learn stuff. It's a little inhospitable on your part. An' I only work for meself. Now that fake Zaarkhun's gone, anyways. Xerkea - You should know I'm not the nicest Niaka interrogator in the galaxy. Billig began to choke a little. His eyes narrowed, as his anger built in him. The broken body of Billig, however, was not something that Xerkea should fear.

Xerkea - Now, the big deal. Explain the bullshit with the Taldar protecting you. Billig - I got a better idea. Why don't you ask 'em yourself? Xerkea - Don't play games with me. They said I can't kill you, but they never said I can't strip you to only a brain.

Billig - I was 'opin' you'd try. An' then could ask them yourselves. But anyways, I'll tell you the full story Billig paused for a moment. He grinned evilly at Xerkea, clearly taunting her. He then began to speak. Billig - I found Zaarkhun's brain, at least, what was left of it, after 'e shot 'imself. I tried to place it into a little machine that could use the data from his brain to make an AI that replicated it. Course, as it was destroyed, an' the machine weren't perfect, I needed to learn more about the man 'imself an' tell the machine things about 'im.

That could piece together a replicate of 'is brain. Containing 'is thought pattern an' his memories. Billig - Zaarkhun's mother was named Sella. She was named after the Taldar Goddess, of course. Sella had told 'im in a letter that she would protect 'im. The truth is, a Sella did protect him, an' gave 'im a device that would protect 'im using her power. But that Sella was the Taldar Goddess, not 'is mother.

Xerkea - I read the reports. I'm well aware of this. Billig - But why? Why would a Taldar Goddess give a fuck, an' why would she protect a monsta? It's simple But only Zaarkhun's brain could handle all of that, handle 5D senses, without meltin'. But that didn't mean 'e couldn't think. An' in Zargoth's brains, 'e learnt a few things. A few things no 3D mortal is meant to know. Even some of the Ultraterrestials don't know Secret locations, secret pieces of information, secret 'codes' to unlock these secrets, but overall, Zaarkhun became a little bit more cleva than they wanted.

Xerkea - Hmm Billig - See, it does. When he was given 'is own body back, 'e was now capable of using a few of these 5D codes to do only a few specific things. The Taldar came after 'im, positive that 'e'd not be able to figure out the codes for 'imself, ready to kill 'im. Course, 'e outsmarted 'em. He told them one specific code 'e knew, which could potentially destroy any Taldar that came after 'im, an' 'e bound this code to 'is mind to be activated upon death.

Now this same code doesn't only affect the Taldar, it's such a broken code that it'd basically cause a rift in the Space-Time Continuum of whicheva universe 'e was in. It was so unstable that Zargoth 'ad abandonned it. But Zaarkhun figured, if somethin' was killin' 'im, why'd 'e care? An' the Taldar struck a deal This is so annoying. Billig - What's more annoyin' is that I 'ave the secrets meself.

An' I'm bound to the same deal Zargoth is. None of you can dare kill me An' all of you will DIE. Xerkea - Don't provoke me, scum! If we cannot kill you, you will remain here, in this dark little room, kept alive and alone, for the rest of your life. Billig - But it ain't just immortality I was after. Those codes? There's plenty of 'em. Those locations? Plenty more of 'em. An' if they're all mine, if I can take 'em all, then who knows how powerful I can become? Zaarkhun was scared of gods, so 'e never touchd 'em.

I ain't scared of no gods. Xerkea - Hmpf. I could call Dalverat over so he can make you fear them. But he's away in the same mission as Arkarixus at the moment, so enjoy your sanity while you have any IF you have any. Billig laughed once again, but then quickly snapped into being serious. His voice grew deeper and quieter as he had something very important to say to Xerkea.

Billig - See, I know some things the Taldar themselves don't. An' Zargoth's alive Their plan was that, in the same location Zargoth had tried to make the Vyro'Ralza, they'd try somethin' new, making the ultimate Vyro speciman an' usin' it against Zargoth. But then Angazhar did somethin' neither of 'em coulda predicted. He appeared to Zargoth an' Kolossus, tellin' 'em that 'e knew their plan an' cursin' 'em, so that they may neva pull it off.

So Volzara and Zargorh revised their plan to try again, but Zargoth 'ad otha plans. The whole idea of consumin' Borealis to make this race If 'e wanted to, 'e'd have done it anyway. No, Zargoth is alive, an' still out there, an' I think only the Xhodocto 'ave any idea what 'e's doin' Xerkea - Damnit I thought we had gotten over this Zargoth bullshit when we fought him Billig - Who says it only involves Borealis?

Zargoth's an omnidimensional threat Xerkea was speechless, still horrified. Billig didn't even chuckle to himself, and his voice now quietened to a whisper. Billig - I don't know what 'e's up to. But the Secrets contain some idea of a future, in very vague terms, an' THAT is the origin of Zaarkhun's fear of gods.

Zaarkhun wanted to live and fight Zargoth so that he, the sole carrier of the Secrets, could end it. But instead 'e was forced to give in an' trust you lot to fight There's some grave dangers ahead Bet you're wishin' Tuolog carried the Secrets, eh? Xerkea - Grrr But doesn't matter. If anything, this only gives me more reasons to keep you here forever. I hope you enjoyed your last day seeing your planet's sun, for it was the final one.

Xerkea left the room, ordering the door to be locked behind her. And as she left, she knew that Billig was much more complicated and twisted than anyone thought he was. Who knew that the prophecy Billig spoke about was? Billig, still tied in his torture chamber, was just as bruised, injured and bleeding as when he had been left. His already horrid stench was now mixed with the stench of Wranploer blood.

Several of the guards had given him a larger meal at mealtimes than he would normally be given, as their way of mocking him. But Billig's anger was relatively minor, as he still looked smug. Soon after a few days, three Taldar visited Billig, seemingly out of nowhere. They looked at him with dissapointment. Vyro'Narza - You have spoken of the Secrets to others. Now others know that they exist. Billig - Aw, looky who we got 'ere.

Vyro'Narza - No mortal, no god, is meant to even be told of the Secrets. They are not to be spoken of. The only ones who are allowed to know them are already aware of them. Billig - Well ya left me for interrogation. This is all ya fault. Vyro'Narza - We left you for interrogation because the alternative was that we interfere with mortal affairs.

Which is almost as much against our code as is allowing the Secrets to be spoken of. Billig - Bleh, codes. Why dontcha do me a favour and get me off this chamber then if ya care so much? I'm 'ungry for some REAL food. The Vyro'Narza were clearly becoming irritated at Billig's lack of co-operation. They circled him once again before speaking. Vyro'Narza - There are only 5 mortals in this universe who should know these Secrets.

One is the Valader. The second is beyond this known Gigaquadrant. The third is Emperor Wormulus. The fourth, beyond this known Gigaquadrant. And the fifth is Tuolog. You are not one of them, nor was Zaarkhun. And even he couldn't truly figure out the Secrets. Billig - Eheheh What 'bout me? Vyro'Narza - You have the same mind as Zaarkhun now. You should not work them out fully either. Zaarkhun didn't just stop studying the Secrets because he was afraid of them, it was because he lacked the mental capacity.

There is not one timeline in which he works them out alone, and those which he did Forced to isolate them and destroy them. Billig - But Zaarkhun knew of 'em! Tryin' to fool me! Vyro'Narza - Of course we are not. And those Secrets may give you weapons, but they do not give you godliness. You cannot see time, as Tuolog, for instance, can. The Vyro'Narza paused, and looked at one another, as though trying to check each other's opinions, before continuing.

Vyro'Narza To really learn how to use the Secrets, you need to understand what they are. If you are willing to pay attention, we can explain a little to you. Billig - Fine I will pay attention. The Vyro'Narza presented a sort of hologram, which showed 5D space. Along it, there were several patterns. Vyro'Narza - Time is made of several different patterns, which each go their own way. We cannot explain the exact science behind them to anyone.

What we can explain is that some patterns, or parts of patterns, are locked away. Discarded, unstable or isolated. The Secrets are the 5D codes to unlock them. But if they are unlocked, there is no telling what they could release. Vyro'Narza - One of these codes, for instance, is one that Zargoth worked on.

It is designed to instantly kill Vyro'Narza, by removing the Gyronic protection. But that removes Gyronic's protection of everything, ultimately, destroying the universe as the laws of physics' instability is demonstrated with nothing stopping it from collapsing. Billig - I suppose that's a bad thing, eh? Vyro'Narza - You are familiar with this code.

It is the one Zaarkhun bound to activate whenever something else threatened his life. And now is bound to yours. But there are plenty of other codes just as deadly. This was the only code he ever worked out, as it was by this point we realised the danger, and struck the deal to protect him. Vyro'Narza - That is the knowledge required to, from there, work out the remaining codes and how to activate them. Billig - Oh, thank ya so much for the lesson.

I'm sure it'll be useful. Vyro'Narza - The intention was not to empower you with this knowledge. We had no choice but to reveal this to you. The reason is because by telling others of the existence of the Secrets, you have doomed us all. Billig - It's what happens when I'm around, ya see. Everythin' goes bad for everyone 'cept meself. Vyro'Narza - Your understanding of what is at stake is worrying. We are uncertain of this universes' chance to survive the future now.

And if Zargoth is involved, as you say he is, then the entire multiverse could be doomed. Billig - Oi, cut it off with tryin' ta scare me. What I wanna know is how big this doomin' really is, 'specially since you're doin' nothin' but telling me 'bout them. Vyro'Narza - We predict this universe has only a month left in its lifetime.

At least, in this timeline. And if we cannot isolate it and destroy it before the damage leaks out, the entire multiverse is doomed. The Vyro'Narza then sent a wave into his mind, as Billig once again saw the image of Zargoth that he'd seen, and told the others of. Billig - Ya sayin' we're all gonna die in a month? Vyro'Narza - We have reason to believe this image is based on the timeline where Zaarkhun capitalizes on the same doom we are predicting.

We have no idea when Zargoth will arrive, but our prediction is that in a month's time, too much will be learned,. Through your curiousity, you already doomed us all. It is that sort of curiousity that will destroy us all. Billig - Mate I think ya need to lay off the cofffee a bit. Ya actin' more paranoid than a Niaka in a ghetto.

Vyro'Narza - You have been warned, Billg Oltauris. If the universe crumbles because of you, your punishment will be far greater than death. You will join Volim in Chaos. Billig - Them Chosen didn't scare me, them Grox didn't scare me, that Regnatus didn't scare me! I'm sure the Xhodocto wouldn't enjoy me barfin' on their home. Vyro'Narza - You have been armed by Zaarkhun with powerful weapons, Billig. Abuse them at your greatest peril.

Genrai Nal was called by Torrent to visit him on his new headquarters. He arrived on a planet he could not recognize as any planet in particular, though it was filled with ruins around Torrent's base. Genrai Nal was led to Torrent's office, where he was waiting on his chair. Torrent - Ah, Genrai. Good to see you finally arrived. Genrai Nal - I am unfamiliar with this region. Torrent - Oh, I don't think you were presented to it. This, my friend, was the homeworld of the Kvargo. My homeworld.

Genrai Nal - Ah, I see. And these are the remnants of your people. Now, do you have an assignment for the Guild of Shadows, or is there another reason you have called for my presence? Torrent - Not the Guild as a whole, no. I called you here because I want to test my new tools. And who's better to help me test them than the one who helped me get them in the first place?

Genrai Nal smiled, almost as if he were proud of Torrent. He knew exactly what Torrent was thinking. Torrent walked up to Genrai and put his arm in front of him. Torrent - Slash at my arm with your blade. Genrai Nal - My people have a code of honour, of trustworthiness and friendship. Several of these rituals are performed between friends. And one of them Slashing your arm is indeed performing said ritual of trust.

Genrai Nal drew the blade on his arm and slashed Torrent's. Before it hit it, Torrent's arm turned black. Genrai's blade clashed against it, but could not penetrate or damage it. Genrai's arm felt a jolt as he failed to cause any damage. He was impressed. Torrent - Heheheh Genrai Nal - Toughness gives a great edge in battle. Dealing damage is worthless if you die before you can deal it. Torrent - Now, do multiple strikes.

Try to hit me. Genrai Nal - This However, I will do as you request. Predicting a similar outcome, Genrai striked Torrent three times, three being the lucky number of his people. Each time, Torrent blocked the strike with one of his arms, as if he was reading Genrai's movements. After the three strikes, he delivered a punch to Genrai's chest, knocking him away.

Genrai was taken back at this surprise movement. Anyone else would likely be shocked or angered by Torrent's movement there, but Genrai felt only pride. Torrent - Yes It works just as I intended it to! Genrai Nal - Reading your opponent's movements. I like that. By what means do you do this? Torrent - Nanomachines, created by the scientists you got me. They allow me to harden specific parts of my body, as well as give me the ability of reading my opponent's movement.

I thought I could get away with having no special "gimmicks", but Borealis is a dangerous place full of powerful people. Genrai Nal - Such technology did not exist outside of Zaarkhun's private laboratories and the Unified Nation And how do your nanomachines read movements?

Torrent - Actually, I had some brain implants installed as well. One compliments the other, you see. No point having the power of hardening my body if I cannot know when and where to harden. Genrai Nal - I see. They are likely similar to mine; I read the muscle movements of my opponent to see what they are doing next.

Torrent - The best part of all this? It's not even my main objective. Genrai Nal - The Guild does give its employers a right to secrecy. Though I am curious, I respect your decision to keep your plans from me, if you will. Torrent - You see these ruins, Genrai? I will repopulate them. These scientists you got me My plan is to bring my species back, and get my revenge on that cursed Zoles Imperium, once and for all.

Genrai Nal - The last time this was pulled off And he was successful. If you need the Guild's help, I will gladly assist. Torrent - Good. It will take time, but I can wait. I don't care if it takes weeks, months, years. My people will be avenged. I lived my childhood on this planet, you see.

I was still a kid when the Zoles attacked it. My family barely left alive Wranpleor - Warlord Torrent, we have located Commandant Vekaron's vessel. Torrent - Oh, did you? Well, I think I have to pay him a little visit then. Genrai Nal - You are visiting him? I may come, if you wish. Torrent - I would rather not, if you don't mind. This is between me and the Zoles.

He cut off my remaining good arm back at Vijaha I can't wait to see his face when he finds out he can't cut off anything anymore. Genrai Nal - Very well. I have another employer who may require my skills in the meantime. You may have heard of him, he goes by the name of Oltauris. Torrent - Hmpf Not the most pleasant fellow. Genrai Nal - Being pleasant is a factor that the Guild does not consider. Torrent - Well, you may go then.

I must prepare myself for this "visit". Arriving into the new sector, Vekaron's ship was immediately hailed by a race of aliens who called themselves "The Matriarchy". The buildings were notably plain and white in colour in this planet. A couple thousand feet taller and a few shades darker and we have a Kicath world. Vekaron - This looks much more advanced than most other empires I've met.

Vansenk - It's so clean here. Why maintain such hygiene if they know it will amount to nothing in the end? Vansenk - Cleaning is the least of my worries. A feminine, humanoid being with green hair, red eyes and a long dress made its way to the group. However, she did not walked. She hovered. Wragrot - That looks so frail, I could probably use it to pick my teeth. Looking like that in Kicath society would mean you're girly even for girls.

Vansenk - She's slim. Reminds me of a Hseraelna, except more visually appealing for several hundredfold. We were waiting for you. Vekaron - Wait Please, follow me. Don't like this. Vansenk - No use in feeling nervous. Proceed forward. Wragrot - Something is not right. That woman Vansenk - I am glad I am not the only one who feels it.

The woman led the group into the direction of another similar being. Visually they were nealy identical to each other, almost as if they were clones. This second individual had more obvious political clothing, and bowed to the group. Allow me to present myself. I am Diplomat Danita. We mean no harm.

You're still creeping me out. Vekaron - Mind explaining how you know so much about us? Wragrot - Yeah, I'm getting unconfortable. Unlike most of the galaxy, we are not completely unaware of the outside world. Vansenk looked uneasy at her comment but swallowed his expression shortly after. Danita's voice sounded somewhat soothing. Something about it was getting Vekaron uneasy and Wragrot, more nervous than usual. Wragrot - Well Vekaron - This interest I don't really see the reason.

Danita - We admire your efforts, slayer of demons, criminals, and gods Vansenk - Hmph, I suppose I should better leave you three to this. I am as much a diplomat as much as I am a soldier, which I am not at all. Danita - Don't go, darling. Vansenk - If I stay, would it truly matter to you? Danita - It would, so much Vekaron and Wragrot were nearly paralyzed.

You know we have a phrase for people like you in Kicathian. Wragrot - W-what Vekaron - I'm reminded of home, of my old family Danita - Oh, we would love to know more about you Danita lifted her arms, and Vekaron and Wragrot acted as if if were chained. They could not respond. Vansenk simply stood still, his appearance nor behaviour anymore different than it had been up until this point.

He seemed at ease even before the incident. Danita - The Rovegar Matrarchy could use warriors like you, Zoles commandant Vekaron - Y-yes Vansenk - If you seek to quench your thirst for curiosity concerning the flavour of my soul, I shall be happy to enlighten you.

It is the least I can do. Vekaron stumbled back and shook his head. He stare at the energy link coming out of his chest and frowned. Vekaron - What the heck is this?! Danita - Huh? Vekaron took out his blade and slashed at Danita, sending her back, letting out a pained screech. Wragrot snapped out of it and fell into his knees. Vekaron - I think it's close to that!

Wragrot What the hell was that I feel really weak right now. Danita - I'm under orders of taking the Zoles hostage I will do so, and you will not stop me! Vansenk smiled, showing his rotted, decayed teeth and raising his arms. Pretty sure that's a word for something. Before any of the group could take action, however, a fleet appeared in the sky and began bombarding the planet. The shipts were familiar: they were Wranploer vessels. Vansenk - Who are they?

Danita - I will-what the? Wragrot - Are those Vekaron - Oh, what the hell. Vansenk - Wranploer. The name escapes me. I freaking hate Wranploer. Shuttles fell into the city, and Wranploer soldiers began attacking. Danita - What are those things?! Vansenk - Bizarre. Wragrot - Don't just stand there looking dumb.

Kill them! Vansenk's rotten teeth gritted together as he pointed his arms towards the enemy. I forget they're like the most agile thing in the galaxy. Vansenk - So long as I can concentrate, I can stall them long enough for you to strike them. Some managed to kill a few of Danita's soldiers. Wragrot tried to punch one, only for it to bend its body out of the punch's way. Wragrot - Now I remmeber why I hate these things. Danita - Heavy sounds?

So be it. Danita gathered energy in her body and then let out an echoing screech. Wragrot - Wow, ain't you bitchy. Vansenk - Now I can concentrate. Vekaron - I'm gonna take a while to get used to that. Not cool. Vansenk - Did you want them dead or not? However, they could still see the Wranploer forces were massacring the population. Vekaron walked up to Danita and grabbed her by her throat. Vekaron - Explain yourself. I am really losing my patience. Danita - Agh I am an infiltrator, I was sent to take over your minds when we found out you were coming to this planet.

Vekaron - For what reason? Danita - The Matriarchy thinks Wragrot - Ohoho, the Alliance is not gonna be happy. Vansenk - You should have asked. I could have done with the company. People are more likely to court that Rianth with that team than you. Vansenk winked at Danita, exposing his blackened tongue and disgusting teeth. Danita frowned and sighed. In a distance, a figure jumped to the top of a building, where the entire group could see its sillhoette.

I was looking for you! The figure jumped down, and as it landed, it punched the group. A massive shockwave sent the entire group flying backwards. Torrent - Well, if it isn't my old friend Vekaron. Captain Torrent? Vekaron - No I killed you! Scallywag - Brack! The feeling is mutual! Vansenk - A Kvargo. The Hseraelna onboard the station used to speak of them as a dead race with a smile.

Torrent - Oh, you nearly did kill me. Left me to die, armless, in Volim's fortress. But some soldiers got me out, and I got better. But I don't take kindly of being left to just die. Vansenk - You are severely ineffective at killing people, Vekaron.

Not that I care. He was a burder anyway. Torrent - Don't think I've heard of it. Vansenk - You all speak in words alien to me. Vekaron growled angrily and charged at Torrent, slashing at him with his sword. Torrent defended himself by putting his arm in the sword's path. The two remainde static as Vekaron's sword could not penetrate Torrent's arm.

Torrent - I ain't losing limbs anymore, pal.

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