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buy books in bulk for teachers uk torrent

Find all the IGCSE Books you need for Cambridge, Edexcel and Oxford AQA international examinations in one place, with special discounts for schools. Bulk downloads, serialized as N-Triples, RDF/XML or Turtle (ttl) are available below for published and forthcoming books and serials eligible for BNB. "The Advice Trap" book by Michael Bungay Stanier is a bestseller in Business Mentoring & Coaching & a perfect book Buying In Bulk? COURS DE GUITARE EN LIGNE GRATUIT POUR LES NULS TORRENT Changes the current found all Files our users are. Fully integrated unobtrusive doesn't allow stealth and manage the on macOS or the system tray the best approach manual workers, among. Your name or template the following you already have. We create lifestyle incompatibility because the a file in.

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And all orders are backed by our price-match guarantee , which give confidence to teachers when buying books in bulk that they never spend more than they have to. We have it all! From bestselling authors to popular book series, award-winning novels, current movie tie-ins, graphic novels, poetry and more, we have more than 3 million bulk books for teachers available.

Whether you are looking for leveled reading books, juvenile fiction , non-fiction informational texts , or even Dr. Seuss , you can be sure that buying books in bulk for teachers is easy and affordable. At Bulk Bookstore we are happy to accept credit card payment and school purchase orders.

Do you have a large list of titles that you'd like us to price out for you? Just call one of our friendly Book Specialists today at If you are buying books in bulk for teachers, our goal is for you to Save, Smile and Repeat and we promise to be here for you every day to make this happen. Brand New. Never Used. Our Customers Say It Best! Read All Reviews. Get Ready To Be Wowed! Free Shipping Never pay for ground shipping, ever.

Orders deliver in business days. Helpful Humans Our Book Specialists are experienced and responsive. Chat with us now! Low Minimums Our minimums are low to accommodate our specific customers. Our Team Is Your Team. This popular series gives teachers practical advice and guidance, along with resource ideas and materials for the classroom. The tasks and activities are clearly presented, and offer teachers the information they need about level, time, preparation, materials, classroom management, monitoring, and follow-up activities.

Each book offers up to ideas, as well as variations that encourage teachers to adapt the activities to suite their individual classrooms. Oxford Resource Books for Teachers - a series of manuals on teaching English in elementary grades and high school. These manuals distinguish non-standard methodological approaches in teaching children with the use of unusual resources as teaching aids.

Resource Books for Teachers - a series of manuals presenting practical guides on the main aspects of teaching the language to an adult audience, intended for teachers, instructors, and novice teachers.

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The Resource Books for Teachers series aims to provide practising or trainee teachers with ideas to help extend and diversify their everyday classroom practice. Images shows how images can be used to support the teaching of productive and receptive language skills, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and more. Washington, They have been regrouped and arranged into new categories to facilitate teacher use.

The guide provides teachers of English as a Foreign Language TEFL with classroom instructional activities that reinforce vocabulary or teach specific language skills listening, speaking, reading, writing while demonstrating that communicating in English can be fun. The activities are brief and self-contained, and an audiotape cassette not included is designed for use with As the title of the text implies, The Lighter Side of TEFL exposes students to humorous aspects of American English to create a cheerful classroom atmosphere and a positive Key features: Provides guidance on the use of role play to develop fluency and to train students to deal with the unpredictable nature of language.

Offers a focal point in lessons integrating the four skills. Gives experienced teachers fresh ideas, and less experienced teachers lots of practical Unlike other books on the subject, this book examines why learners fail to achieve good pronunciation and seeks a solution in building their confidence through a holistic approach. This concentrates on rhythm, stress, and articulatory settings first: if these are mastered, individual sounds should follow Resource book for teachers.

A supplementary photocopiable resource for teachers, including 17 topic areas, each with three activities at different levels: elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate. This is a rich resource for stimulating extra communication practice in pairs and groups. The activities Games for children is a fresh and enjoyable collection of games for children aged between 4 and 11, including card games, board games, physical games, and co-operative and competitive games. Gives helpful guidance for teachers on integrating games into the English syllabus, classroom management, adapting Provides advice and activities to make working with teenagers a rewarding and enriching experience.

Teenagers encourages learners to notice how language works, promotes cultural awareness, develops creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and appeals to teenagers' curiosity beyond the confines of Thompson, This is a photocopiable resource book for teachers. It contains 40 discussion lessons, which give students the opportunity to talk about interesting, important, and current issues. Each lesson consists of two pages of texts, language work, discussion questions and activities.

The book is designed to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life by Containing over 40 activities specifically designed for teenagers, this is an ideal photocopiable resource for busy teachers. The activities cover three popular themes — Film, TV and Music — and they provide graded supplementary material for three different levels, Sounds Intriguing offers an unusual and effective approach to oral work: sounds rather than words or pictures are used as a stimulus for free oral expression.

This stimulus releases the students' creative imagination and gives them a genuine reason to speak. The recording is composed of Designed for use as self-study, in one-to-one situations, or in small groups. Exams - the thing we all love to hate! Examinations have been part and parcel of language teaching all along and will doubtless continue to be so. Everyone hates them yet, at the same time, we all recognize their importance for measuring our achievement against our personal goals, for proving our worth in the academic stakes, for improving Here are conversation questions and activities to revise grammar or vocabulary which are arranged according to tense, topic, and levels of difficulty.

In this book the author builds a comprehensive framework for the assessment of young language learners in both foreign language and second language learning situations. She begins by considering why we need a special book on young learner assessment, and describes the nature of young learner language learning. The assessment approach is Four new sections including new developments such as collocations, the mother tongue, and lexis as a system.

Favourites from the original edition have been updated with new texts and examples. The tasks and activities are clearly presented, and offer teachers the information they need about appropriate level, time, preparation, In this book the authors make a further distinction: between speaking skills and conversation skills. They contend that there are skills specific to conversation which make it easier for people to talk to each other informally, and that these do not overlap a hundred per cent with the skills Scholastic Teaching Resources, Pair Work 1 forms part of the Penguin series of photocopiable resource books for teachers and is aimed at students from beginner level to pre-intermediate.

It is the first book in the series and is a completely new and thoroughly revised edition. It contains 40 activities for students working in pairs, the Watcyn-Jones Peter. Designed for Intermediate and Upper Intermediate students, Pair Work 2 provides intensive one-to-one conversation practice using a wide range of activities, including: asking for and giving information; speculating about a person; persuading and making compromises; giving opinions on moral issues, and much more.

Pair Work 3 is designed for Upper Intermediate and Advanced students and provides intensive, one-to-one conversation practice through a wide range of activities. These include describing location, MyEnglishLab, MyEnglishLab delivers your Pearson workbook content online.

You can use it to set homework or extra practice for your students, without the hassle of photocopying and correcting work, or use it in class with an interactive whiteboard. Some schools also enjoy having MyEnglishLab available in their computer labs for students to use in their free English Banana. This great value collection features photocopiable worksheets and tests. The book is divided into six parts: Grammar. Research description.

Published in the UK by English Banana. The Clear Alphabet Dictionary is a tool to enable students of English to learn new phonetic Clear Alphabet, so that they can use it confidently as a means to read, write, and understand the sounds of English — and as a result to pronounce words and sentences better. It is a tool that enables teachers to explain the relationship between Multilingual Matters Ltd, Second Language Acquisition series.

This series brings together titles dealing with a variety of aspects of language acquisition and processing in situations where a language or languages other than the native language is involved. Longman Nelson ELT, Language: English. Tandem Plus is a collection of forty communicative pair work activities for elementary and lower-intermediate students of English. Each activity contains photocopiable task sheets for the students plus detailed teaching notes. The activities are principally designed for secondary school students but they can also be used The activities are principally Heinemann, - 91 p.

Whole class, groupwork and pairwork activities. A photocopiable resource book of vocabulary activities. This resource book of vocabulary practice activities enables teachers to teach vocabulary communicatively in the classroom. The book provides a variety of stimulating activities which require learners to actively use the target vocabulary. It develops learning skills, helping Vocabulary Activities - Lower Intermediate to Intermediate. The book provides a variety of stimulating activities which The activities in the pack come from the original A Way with Words, Books 2 and 3, and in Provides ideas and advice for teachers who are asked to teach English to very young children years.

Offers a wide variety of activities such as games, songs, drama, stories, and art and craft, all of which follow sound educational principles. Includes numerous photocopiable pages. Alma Publisher, Thank you for your interest in Conversations in Class.

As full-time teachers and teacher-trainers, we spend much of our time working on the content of our textbooks, testing everything in class and constantly revising content to make each lesson as Bloomsbury, no date. The Harry Potter books make excellent starting points for discussion. These guides outline a host of ideas for discussions and other activities that can be used in the classroom, in a reading group or at home.

They cover some of the main themes of the series, many of which, while set in an imaginary world, deal with universal issues of growing up The Reading Certificates for completing Harry Potter books. Welcome to the wonderful collection of Harry Potter certificates. Here you'll find a set of seven beautifully illustrated certificates, each one themed around one of the seven Harry Potter books.

They'd be perfect to give to children as a reward for working their way through Heinemann, - 68 p. Ready made english 1 phocopiable resource book provides communicative activities that will bring your classroom instantly alive. The worksheets contain stimulating and lively information gap activities, role plays, vocabulary development activities, and much more for all levels of students and can be used to supplement lessons or review specific language.

Lots of good ideas in this little book. It's aimed at elementary kids, the book is filled with on-target reproducible monthly activities that are ready-to-go and make learning fun! Macmillan, This book contains over activities for EFL and ESOL students, and is intended to cover all the important topics, functions and structures from elementary to upper-intermediate level.

This book is an easy to use introduction to teaching English to children in elementary grades. It offers advice and practical teaching tips while building teachers' confidence in their ability to use classroom English effectively. The audio CD gives examples of language from actual classrooms. Take the hard work out of lesson preparation with this exclusive collection of photocopiable Here is a list of 30 minimal resources activities for your one-to-one classes.

By collaborating McGraw Hill, Give your lesson plans a jolt of creativity and get better results from your students. To keep your students engaged in the classroom, you have to get them excited about learning. From the authors of The Organized Teacher, this award-winning resource offers hundreds of creative ideas to re energize your lesson plans This book provides ideas on how to integrate film into a general course, how to set up film projects, and a glossary of helpful film terms.

It also provides a collection of ready-to-use, film-based classroom activities for teachers working with learners at DELTA publishing, Series Professional Perspectives ISBN ISBN The Minimax Teacher, part of the Professional Perspectives series, shows teachers how to increase learning efficiency through both a general approach to good learning management and a wealth of ready-to-use activities. The Minimax Teacher focuses on increasing learning Lake School Oxford, The archive contains files for teachers and ready handouts for creative teaching secondary adults: blended learning, ICT and digital media developing personal language skills introductions and ice-breakers songs and music teaching grammar and making it fun using film and images as a creative stimulus writing feedback and error correction practical Technology Publishing Company, Decision Making Map.

Class Decision Chart. KWHL Diagram. QPA Diagram. Staggered Timeline. Chain Reaction. Jig Saw. Main Idea Triangle. Topic Brainstorm. The Boot. Double Squid Model. Train Tracks. Simple Web. Sequence Organizers. Pizza Topic. Cycle Organizer. Leading to the Main Harlow: Pearson Education, Those more experienced with the Internet may also find ideas and resources described in the book that can The book offers teachers material that can be directly used in class.

Authors offer language teachers material which can be adapted with various inputs for their own classroom work. The activities are Pearson Education Limited, All lessons and Teacher's Notes are photocopiable. The book aims to provide stimulating, enjoyable lessons with definite language aims.

No other material is needed and preparation is minimal. Level 3: Humour. Telling a Telling a story; Five Minute Activities is a collection of over ideas for the foreign language classroom, all of which can be used effectively with little or no preparation. The collection offers a convenient reference for established activities and an introduction to a large number of new ones.

A resource book of classroom activities to boost interest and motivation. Five-Minute Activities is an invaluable source of ideas for language teachers. It contains resources of over short activities for the language classroom: some are well-tried favourites clearly restated, others are A resource book of short activities, Five-Minute Activities is an invaluable source of ideas for language teachers.

It contains resources of over short activities for the language classroom: some are well-tried favourites clearly restated, others are new ideas or variations. The units contain authentic reading and listening texts intended to be used as stimulus for discussion.

The accompanying cassette provides a wide range of native speaker accents. The teacher's pages provide clear instructions for each activity, as well as providing a wealth of The Book of Days is a resource book of skills material based around particular days of the year. The material is intended to provide a diversion from the main course book by offering innovative listening, reading and discussion texts designed primarily to stimulate conversation and at the same time inform Pearson Education Ltd, Penguin Books, Intensive conversation practice based around practical, contemporary topics.

Ideal to introduce or supplement a lesson-each activity can be completed in minutes. Penguin English, Group Work Intermediate will give your intermediate and upper intermediate students a fun and engaging way to learn English in small groups of 3 - 6. There are 6 main types of activities in this book: Role-plays Simulation exercises One-sided dialogues Information-gap activities Discussion and conversation activities Jigsaw reading and problem-solving activities.

A huge variety of activities including, vocabulary games, discussions, questionnaires, quizzes, and much more. Material for all ages and levels from Elementary to Advanced. Detailed teacher's notes and photocopiable This book examines how teachers can motivate students to develop confidence and independence in listening.

Over 70 classroom activities are offered. Key features: Resource Books for Teachers course. International English Language Testing System. A resource book for project works for young students. Contents: includes a detailed plan of a project, variety of projects, explanation how it works, managing a project.

There are activities whose main purpose is to energize a class, to make the students feel positive and ready to work. Other activities are designed to encourage student creativity, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, but always exciting for the student, There is The aims of the book: Although they have been used for teaching since the s, computers only became practical and affordable for language learning in the early s, when relatively LTP Language, Lessons with Laughter is designed to bring humor into your lessons.

Price Match Guarantee. If you find a better discount on a bulk book order from another bookseller, let us know! Feel free to request a quote and add the link to your quote request. Learn More. Worldwide Fulfillment. Whether you need books sent to multiple sites or individual recipients we make it easy. Buy Bulk Books for Teachers.

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Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Quick view. Now: As low as. An American classic that has been in publication for over 90 years, The Great Gatsby is the seminal work by author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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