Hiroshi tanahashi vs kazuchika okada wrestle kingdom 7 torrent

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hiroshi tanahashi vs kazuchika okada wrestle kingdom 7 torrent

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Yes, it signaled the end of the Rainmaker as a protected finisher but the visual of it and the drama of Okada clutching that wrist to hit the final killing blow really is some very iconic stuff. I honestly believe that a lot of this match wouldn't have worked quite as well without the incredibly affecting sight of Okada weeping after his loss last year. This match truly felt like it had the highest stakes of any of their encounters.

We always say how much WWE is great for all of those things, but New Japan also manage with those things. Okada's entry is tremendous; we hear his theme and then it suddenly stops and the lights are turned off, then the lights are turned on and the theme restarts and we see Okada on top of the stage. That's really impressive and cool.

I consider this match to be used to Tanahashi to pass the torch on Okada, it's always good to have a classy entry in a match like that. The main problem with this match is the lack of selling, of course. Okada doesn't sell the leg but we are used to the fact that he's a bad seller.

At the end of the match, he counters Tanahashi's high fly flow with a drop kick. It's ridiculous considering the efforts of Tanahashi to injure Okada's legs. It would have been much better if Okada had found another to counter it. Maybe with an uppercut, I don't know. But it still an amazing match.

We feel that it's an important match. It's in the Tokyo Dome, the two greatest wrestlers of the promotion at the time face each other in the main event, the match must lasts over 40 minutes. All of those components make that it remains a classic and a great match despite the faults.

Still, I prefer their match from Wrestle Kingdom 9. I'm not sure to know why, maybe because I prefer Tanahashi and he's the winner These two are just textbook to a tee and I love them for it. They are so good at pure pro wrestling. I read my review right before this match so I caught myself back up on all the things to watch for. When Okada goes to show Tanahashi in the opening rope break by patting him on the chest and then slapping him, Tanahashi first tries to take a swipe at him, Okada ducks and then slap.

Okada still got one up on Tanahashi. Someone should gif Okada's response to that he looks like such a cocky douche. Okada looks one step ahead of Tanahashi. Until they get it on the mat, Tanahashi is able to sit out of a couple holds and start to get a rhythm. It is pretty even on the mat. Okada was the first one to have a control segment in but here we go Tanahashi. Tanahashi is the best at working the leg. I could watch him work it all day long.

It is an abbreviated control. I really liked the spot that Okada couldnt follow up on an advantage because he gingerly tries to charge but Tanahashi was able to back elbow and hit a reverse crossbody. The Rainmaker knows thats the key to victory! Tanahashi escapes to the apron. He wants to drive Okada's head into the buckles but he lets go too early and Okada jumps onto the ropes and springboards into a dropkick sending Tanahashi somersualting off the apron.

Great transition! Great soaring crossbody over the railing by Tanahashi. I thought Okada's control segment was lacking some oomph but the Corkscrew elbows looked good. My favorite parts were the missed Tanahashi hope spots. Okada goes for his dropkick from the mat to the top rope but Tanahashi blocked. I cheered and it looked like Tanahashi was going to get his senton only to crash and burned and I booed sadly.

Tanahashi goes for the dropkick to the knee but Okada picks up his leg, but Okada misses the senton! Dropkick to the knee! Tanahashi presses! Dragon leg screw! High Fly Flow to the floor?!? Okada blocks. Okada sells it so well. Not as epic as the one, but I still love it.

Okada really does a great job milking the countout tease. So far pretty damn good. I am at about the 20 minute mark. Lets see what these guys got in store for us for the grand finale. He cant negotiate the Texas Cloverleaf and Okada struggles to the ropes.

There is a really great moment where Tanahashi ties Okada's leg in the ropes and kicks the knee. We have seen it in a million times BUT Okada has the presence of mind to yell "Ref" and he has the ref get his leg out of the ropes. It is that little touch that tells he couldnt do it himself, he was trapped. Great detail. The match loses a little bit for me.

Okada springs into action and hits that White Noise into his knee but it is his bad knee. He was sprinting! Great springboard dropkick to Tanahashi too. The dropkicks looked great and I know that is his thing but he really undercut the drama of the match.

He hits the top rope elbow drop which can only mean one thing Tanahashi naturally evades and goes back to work on the knee. This time he gets the Texas Cloverleaf. Now Tanahashi is feeling it. But he crashes and burns. Red Shoes is bumming. Now at some point in the last 5 minutes, Okada had gone for the Tombstone again, but was thwarted. The third time is the charm, Okada nails the Tombstone! In every previous match, the man who nailed the Tombstone won the match, will history repeat itself?

Okada steals the High Fly Flow for 2. He is not as good at it, obviously. Tanahashi steals the Rainmaker and we have time travelled back to WWE. This can perhaps be seen as a deflating piece of booking, as such matches arguably lack real tension when the briefcase never changes hands. That wasn't the case this year. If anybody could have realistically secured a Wrestle Kingdom title shot at the last moment, it would surely have been Okada.

Despite suffering a difficult few months after losing his title to Omega, The Rainmaker had slowly started to find his old confidence. Gone were the balloons and the rapid, staggering ring entrances. The old Okada may not have been completely back, but he was getting there. Could he snatch Tanahashi's briefcase in the process? NJPW The Match: Predictably, both men start the match cautiously - but it's not too long before the big strikes begin to fly.

Yes, the pair may have one another expertly scouted, but this is still a fiercely competitive rivalry that can bubble over into hatred at the drop of a hat. The pair work one another's legs, Tanahashi because its a tried and tested tactic of his, Okada in a far more sadistic and ruthless sense. The crowd are firmly behind the older man as Okada gains the upper hand over him, targeting the knee and refusing to give the G1 winner any breathing space.

Tanahashi goes for a couple of big moves but misses, clutching his knee in agony each time. A figure four leglock is clamped on, but Okada can't stop his foe from making the ropes. Tanahashi fires up, but Okada is totally unfazed, asking his opponent to throw more strikes. After shaking off a pair of trademark Tanahashi Dragon Screws, Okada cranks up the pressure further and becomes more heelish than we've seen him in a while.

He sets Tanahashi up top and tries to Dropkick him to the floor, but the more experienced man hangs on. This serves to only fuel Okada's aggression, as he goes after the leg with a renewed cruelty. He even smiles at one point, enjoying the pain he is inflicting. The pair battle to the outside, and suddenly we're reminded that despite taking a beating in this match so far, Tanahashi is the man in form, and the man with all of the momentum on his side.

He nails Okada with a dramatic Tombstone on the floor, a move The Rainmaker has given him several times in the past. Not content, he goes up top and crushes Okada with a High Fly Flow to the outside. It takes its toll on the knee, slowing Tanahashi somewhat, but the momentum of the bout seems to have been totally reversed with a few big moves.

Desperately or carelessly? Tanahashi goes for another High Fly Flow - this time inside the ring - only for Okada to get his knees up in time. It's a sequence that really demonstrates the desperation of Tanahashi to put The Rainmaker away quickly, given the fact that he hasn't beaten him for so long.

The pair drew in the G1 Climax, a result that was good enough for Tanahashi to progress to the final, but hardly a confidence-booster in the context of this bout. We approach the closing stages of the match as the High Fly Flow connects again - but Okada's earlier work pays off, as Tanahashi is too concerned with his knee to make the cover. He goes for a second, but Okada astonishingly Dropkicks him out of mid-air. He drags Tanahashi to his feet and hits the Tombstone, but the briefcase-holder does everything he can to evade several Rainmaker attempts.

Finally, Okada nails a spinning version of his finisher but doesn't go for the cover, instead, pulling up his opponent to deal more damage. Tanahashi takes full advantage, nailing a Dragon Suplex for a crazy near fall. The pair head up top for the grand finale and Okada teases something devilish a super Tombstone, maybe. Tanahashi fights him off with an old-fashioned slap to the face, before perfectly executing the most jaw-dropping move of the match.

He knocks Okada off the top rope, and as his opponent falls, dives after him with an incredible variation of the High Fly Flow.

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