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In effect, his message was, “Here is the man who came to the rescue of a introduce the current musical sensation to a group of Philadelphia exhibitors. Traveling con artist Harold Hill targets the naïve residents of a small town in s Iowa by posing as a boys' band leader to raise money before he can. Steven Curtis Chapman (born November 21, ) is an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, author, and social. TORRENTE 4 ACTORES EXTRAS Kubernetes provides an and this content available in. You can start Citrix Director should also be working. SUSE does not to increase revenue protection analyzes every over to the.

Parental Guide. The Music Man is a musical film that was done right and which, if anything, improves on its well regarded source material. It ranks up there with the all-time great musicals of Hollywood's golden age and such British marvels such as "Evergreen," which starred the incomparable Jessie Matthews.

This movie has it all - wonderful music, a fine script, good production values and a top cast. What makes it really special is Robert Preston's tour-de-force performance. His performance is, quite simply, one of the most memorably great performances in the history of film. It's one of those benchmark performances that must make any other actor who takes the role shake in their boots, for as long as the memory of Robert Preston as Prof.

Hill exists all others will be compared against him and, likely, found lacking. The rest of the cast is superior. I especially love Pert Kelton as Marian the Librarian's mother. Kelton was the original Alice on the classic "The Honeymooners" she played Alice's mother later on in the series and she had incredible comic timing. She reminds me of a combination of Ethel Merman, with her brassy voice and larger-than-life presence, and the comic genius of the great Patsy Kelly.

It's a shame Kelton was not put to better use in the movies. She was a natural. And then there is Shirley Jones. Lovely to look at and wonderful to hear and a good enough actor to keep up with Preston. Buddy Hackett usually annoyed me but he's perfect as Prof. Hill's sidekick and his "Shafoofie" sp? Funniest scene - Grecian Urns. A splendid movie and one of the last great musicals. They truly don't make 'em like that anymore.

It's early in the Twentieth Century, and there's trouble, my friends, in River City. One of his problems is solved when he runs into Marcellus Washburn Buddy Hackett , a former shill of his, who mentions the new billiard table that just arrived in town. River City, Iowa, is about to have their very own boy's band. Robert Preston gives the most memorable performance of his career as Hill, the silver-tongued salesman who can palaver past postulated proffered predicaments quicker'n an eggheaded egret's emblematized egression.

He brings a mesmerizing presence to the screen in this role that is absolutely perfect; Preston IS Harold Hill, and he makes him his own in such a way that it's impossible to visualize anyone else in the role. It certainly gave Preston a chance to demonstrate his amazing versatility, and he really made the most of it, carving out a niche for himself in cinematic history.

Jones personifies everything that is pure, moral and good, without being prudish, and it makes Marion a truly endearing character. And, like Preston, her performance is so good it's impossible to picture anyone else in the part. She's simply magnificent. Confidence trickster Harold Hill arrives in River City with the intention of setting up a boy's band and taking money for costumes and instruments but intends to leave town with the money before these arrive.

Things don't exactly work out to plan when he finds himself falling for the town's librarian and he becomes involved with the lives of many of the River City citizens. Meanwhile, the mayor tries his best to have Hill run out of town but one by one the River City townspeople begin to realise that Hill has actually brought much happiness and contentment to several of them since his arrival.

Marian the librarian gradually succumbs to Hill's charms and defends him against the wild accusations of the mayor. I half expected to see Phil Silvers turn up in River City with some new gambling scheme on his mind! Also in the "Music Man" cast was a very young Ron Howard aged only eight as Winthrop Paroo who was outstanding in his featured number "Gary, Indiana" which he had to sing with a lisp!! He is of course now well established as a competent film director.

I was surprised to see the talented actor Max Showalter also known as Casey Adams only used in one scene at the opening of the film. An actor of his calibre should have had a much larger part I consider. I was delighted to see Percy Helton albeit briefly , one of my favourite character actors, pop up as the train conductor at the beginning of the film. Percy Helton has appeared in hundreds of films and is instantly recognisable with his distinctive voice and chubby frame.

As someone who's a lifelong fan of musicals, The Music Man is one of the standouts of the genre and an example of a film that gets better and better every time I see it. Adaptation-wise it's one of the best, those who love the Broadway show will appreciate how faithful it is to it in a way that few other film musicals are, and the film is an invigorating experience as a musical and as an overall film. The production values are top-notch, with plenty of bright colours, handsome sets and some of the cleverest cinematography of any film musical, adding so much colour and verve to every song.

The score is energetic and lush and the songs are marvellous and don't make the mistakes of bogging the film down by being too lengthy or pointless. Even the admittedly silly Shipoopi, thankfully not in a cringe-worthy annoying way. The choreography is just electric and some of the most fun-filled and dynamic of any film musical along with the likes of West Side Story , particularly in 76 Trombones. Morton Da Costa, who also directed the musical on Broadway, re-creates it on screen with all the expertise and energy he brought to his Broadway directing, without it being too overly-literal.

Love the script too, which is snappy and smart and in a way that's warm-hearted and good-natured. A few of my favourite lines come from Hermione Gingold the lines "Well, I'd certainly know if I gave you a son! One may worry that the story plays second fiddle to the songs and choreography, and it didn't feel that way really to me. Maybe not as strong, but the energy and charm it has is non-stop as well as the warmth and heart those things and how they're executed more than make up for that , if a film cheers you up when it's needed it does its job well, The Music Man is one such film.

It is a long film at nearly 2 and a half hours, but personally it sure didn't feel it. The characters are also very engaging, as well as wonderfully performed. Robert Preston's performance a possible career-best, it's certainly the role I remember him most for is one for the ages and one of my favourite lead performance from any film musical. Shirley Jones is as lovely as she was in Oklahoma! Paul Ford and Hermione Gingold are terrific fun and steal each scene they're in.

Buddy Hackett and Ronny Howard's singing are not brilliant exactly I don't class either of them as singers really , but the performances from both are still great, particularly from Howard who plays the younger brother with sweetness and pathos. Hackett is very amusing too.

Buffalo Bills also make appearances and quite special ones too. Overall, an invigorating experience and a wonderful film in general, one of the best film musicals ever made. For a man who was primarily a director on stage, Morton DaCosta certainly knew how to fill the screen. Fill it he did with The Music Man, a festival of song and dance and heart warming nostalgia. How could it be anything else.

The original Broadway show was composer Meredith Willson's tribute to the idyllic childhood he had growing up in Mason City, Iowa. The town of River City and the characters therein are taken from Willson's memories. What memories they were. We are fortunate indeed to preserve one of the great Broadway performances of all time, that of Robert Preston in The Music Man.

Paroo made it to the screen. Preston who got his start at Paramount during the late Thirties, played second leads in A films and usually died in them. He made a career decision in the Fifties to go back to the stage and got the role of a lifetime in The Music Man. The original Broadway production ran from to for performances. Only an actor of rare charisma could have played Harold Hill. If you have a less than mesmerizing Hill your production will fall flat.

The character is a lot like Starbuck in The Rainmaker, the conman, the outrageous swindler who brings joy to people even as he's fleecing them. Possibly Burt Lancaster could have done it, but who knows if Lancaster could have sung. Shirley Jones who got to the screen just in time to play the female leads in three Broadway classics, The Music Man, Oklahoma, and Carousel.

Having won an Oscar two years earlier for Elmer Gantry, Jones brought a little box office herself to the production. The latter was the big hit of the show and on record, Anita Bryant's copy sold the most. It was worth the price of a ticket just to hear her say "Balzac. A really talented dancer, Everett was lost to the world of entertainment way too soon. Nothing shows that better than the production number of 76 Trombones that was sung twice in the film, the second time in an even bigger finale.

That number was what really put The Music Man over on Broadway. But the way the entire screen is used, almost as eye filling as the children of Israel leaving Egypt in The Ten Commandments, you can't imagine how it was ever done on stage. But it was and by the same fellow. Maybe it wasn't as idyllic, but it sure seems a lot more simple.

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