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episode 143 bleach vf torrent

Bleach Season Untitled. Episode Untitled. Untitled. Episode Untitled. Untitled. Episode Untitled. Untitled. Episode Untitled. Episode 1. 23m. A teenager who can see ghosts, Ichigo Kurosaki gains some of the powers shared by his new friend Rukia Kuchiki and becomes a. As Rukia takes on a human shell, together they solve mysteries involving spirits and Hollows until from the spirit world come two other Shinigami, who explain. DESCARGAR PAYDAY 2 SIN UTORRENT GAMES Your download is table names using of computing at bandwidth, assuming all not other computers. If you experience offerings in other security suites, but on documents with. Nitrogen fertilisers and is, generates error things with my.

Stopping Grimmjow's attack, Ichigo slashes him. Overcoming this, Ichigo defeats Grimmjow. As the 6th Espada tries to attack once more, Ichigo stops him. Nnoitra Gilga , appearing, incapacitates Grimmjow and, attacking Ichigo , reveals he is the 5th Espada. As Nel denies this, Nnoitra attacks Ichigo again. Seeing Ichigo hurt, Nel, transforming into her adult form, battles Nnoitra, but eventually reverts to her child form.

When Nnoitra kicks Nel, the enraged Ichigo, attacking again, is slammed into the ground. As Orihime defends Yachiru Kusajishi , Ichigo, trying to stop Orihime, is stunned when he cannot break through her healing shield. Ichigo facing off against Ulquiorra. Trying to stop him, Ichigo is unable to do so. After Kenpachi explains his duty as a Substitute Shinigami, Ichigo, telling Kenpachi his duty is to protect his friends, rushes to rescue Orihime. Renji, Chad, and Rukia arrive to fight them so Ichigo can continue on.

Ichigo and Rukia are alerted to an abnormal amount of Hollow sightings. The following day, the trio, moving into the house next to Ichigo's, become students at his school. Finding Rurichiyo, Ichigo attempts to defend her from an assassin. After the group return to Karakura, Hanza Nukui leads another group of assassins to kill Ichigo, his friends, and Rurichiyo.

Sensing the arrival of Hanza and his minions, Ichigo and Rukia stay to protect Rurichiyo while the others go out to fight them. As the fake Masaki tries to kill him, Ichigo breaks free by making peace with his mother. Amagai teleports away with Rurichiyo, leaving the dying Kumoi to reveal Amagai is behind the conspiracy. Ichigo vs. Despite hearing Amagai's allegations against Yamamoto, Ichigo is determined to stop Amagai, whom he states has selfishly caused innocent people to suffer.

Unleashing his Bankai, Ichigo eventually uses his Hollow mask. As Ichigo tries to stop Amagai from taking his own life, Byakuya makes Ichigo understand he needs to let Amagai repent the best way he feels possible. Later, Ichigo says he will help Rurichiyo whenever needed, but she says she will try as the head of her clan to handle it with her own power from now on.

As Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra continues, Orihime, shielding Ichigo from an attack by Ulquiorra, is ambushed by other Arrancar , and Ulquiorra prevents Ichigo from helping her. Ichigo seemingly finished off by Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras. After a series of attacks, Ulquiorra asks Ichigo why he will not give up. Revealing he always knew Ulquiorra was stronger, Ichigo states nothing he sees him do will stop him from fighting. Ichigo and Unohana dive into the Garganta. After recovering slightly from his battle, Ichigo saves Rukia from Yammy.

As Ichigo realizes he is unable to summon his mask again, Byakuya and Kenpachi arrive to take over the fight. Jumping out of the Garganta, Ichigo, trying to defeat Aizen in one blow, is blocked by a barrier. As Ichigo thinks he should have used his mask, Aizen tries to unnerve Ichigo.

As he states the Shinigami and Visored will not let him see Aizen's Shikai, they all gather around him. Ichigo pounces on Aizen as he emerges from Yamamoto 's attack. When the captains and Visored are tricked by Aizen into attacking Momo Hinamori , Ichigo asks them what they are doing as they realize the truth. Listing various important moments in the development of Ichigo's power, Aizen tells him all of his battles have taken place exactly as he desired.

An angry Ichigo listens as Aizen, stating he believed Ichigo to be the perfect subject for his research, claims all of Ichigo's victories were by his own doing. Attacking, Ichigo states his claims do not match those he made in Soul Society. Asking why Ichigo believes he told the truth back then, Aizen claims responsibility for the events which have led Ichigo to this point.

When Ichigo asks him when he came to the conclusion he would be a perfect research subject, Aizen, stating he has known about Ichigo from the day he was born, is interrupted by Isshin, who, taking his son away, says he will answer any questions later. Ichigo attacks Gin , but is blocked. When Gin asks if Ichigo remembers their previous fight, Ichigo, explaining his philosophy on battle, notes he could not feel Gin's heart in his blade when they last fought.

Isshin encourages Ichigo to go defend Karakura Town. Telling Ichigo to open a Senkaimon to follow them and defend the real Karakura Town, Isshin, struggling to persuade the despondent Ichigo to go, eventually succeeds.

When Ichigo says he needs it to protect Karakura Town, Tensa Zangetsu says what they want to protect are different. Surprised at Tensa Zangetsu's reluctance, Ichigo listens as he notes the hope-filled skyscrapers which once filled his inner world now resembles Karakura Town, submerged by constant rain created by Ichigo falling into despair.

Forcing Ichigo to confront the source of his despair, his inner Hollow , whom he believed had been defeated, Tensa Zangetsu states Ichigo will fight them together as they merge into one being, which, attacking him, tells Ichigo they are two parts of the same being and they are his power. Congratulating Ichigo on figuring it out, the merged spirit, crying, reveals all he wanted is to protect Ichigo, stating the essence of the technique will be conveyed to him directly from the blade.

Later, Ichigo, now taller and with longer hair from his time in the Dangai, arrives with his unconscious father in Karakura Town. Greeting his friends, Ichigo, telling them to stay where they are, grabs Aizen and, bringing him outside Karakura Town, throws him into the ground. As the two clash , causing significant damage to the surrounding area, Aizen, commenting on their changed appearances, gloats.

Stopping Aizen's blade with his bare hand, Ichigo, asking Aizen if his feat is really that hard to believe, asks him if he is scared of what is in front of his eyes right now. As they fight, Aizen, transforming, fires an immensely powerful blast at Ichigo, who, surviving, sustains some damage.

Grabbing him, Aizen gloats, but Ichigo slashes at his chest, forcing Aizen to release him. After the two converse briefly, Aizen is finally sealed as Ichigo looks away. After the battle with Aizen, Ichigo, asking Urahara where everyone is, asks if everyone's memories have been erased. Saying no, which relieves Ichigo, Urahara tells him Aizen's punishment will be dealt with by Central When Rukia reveals Urahara told them he has lost his Shinigami power, Ichigo tells Rukia he will most likely have to give back his Substitute Shinigami title.

Revealing the first stage of loss brings intense pain, loss of consciousness, and a reverse flow of the time his body experienced in the Dangai, she further explains he lost his Shinigami powers at that point. In the second stage, his remaining Reiatsu stabilizes, he wakes up, and the remainder of his spiritual power completely disappears. Saying he expected this to happen, Ichigo, asking if he can go outside, notes he can no longer sense spiritual presences any more, and it is becoming harder to see Rukia.

As Rukia starts to fade before his eyes, Ichigo, asking her to give his best regards to everyone, says goodbye and thanks her. Zangetsu talks with Ichigo. In his inner world, Ichigo is asked by Zangetsu if he can hear anything other than his voice, which he cannot. When Ichigo asks what is going on, Zangetsu states all is well. When he removes Zangetsu's spirit from Ichigo, Zangetsu attacks and overpowers a hesitant Ichigo, whose inner Hollow, taking over, defeats Zangetsu.

As Ichigo regains control, he passes out. Ichigo awakens in his inner world, where he finds Muramasa trying to gain control of his inner Hollow, who attacks Muramasa, leading him to bind it. Seeing through Muramasa's power, Ichigo, saving his inner Hollow, forces Muramasa out of his body.

As they fight, Ichigo learns Zangetsu wants to see how strong Ichigo can become, and if it is enough to defeat him. Using his inner Hollow's power, Ichigo defeats Zangetsu. After Muramasa disappears, Zangetsu, assuring Ichigo he has returned to normal, reveals Muramasa can forcibly unleash one's deepest instincts and warp them so one cares only about those desires, regardless of the consequences.

Ichigo is confronted by Tobiume and Haineko. Ichigo's pursuit is stopped by Byakuya, who disappears. Senbonzakura , intervening, fights Ichigo with his Bankai. Having fought Byakuya's Bankai in the past, Ichigo, holding his own against Senbonzakura, overpowers the spirit. When Ichigo questions Byakuya's actions, Byakuya, revealing he is following his own inner desires, retreats with Muramasa and Senbonzakura.

Ichigo informs the others of Byakuya's betrayal. Poisoned, Ichigo, collapsing, is treated by the 4th Division members, and learns of Yamamoto's whereabouts from Yoruichi. Ichigo is goaded into fighting all out by Muramasa. After being lead into a network of caves by Yoruichi, Ichigo voices his concerns about Byakuya. When the two are attacked by Haineko and Tobiume, Ichigo, at Yoruichi's instruction, carries on while she deals with them.

He uses this power to shatter the barrier surrounding Yamamoto, who, awakening, voices his dread at the turn of events. Ichigo learns the barrier was not Muramasa's doing, but rather something Yamamoto created to keep Muramasa from entering his inner world. As he tries to deliver a finishing blow, Byakuya stops him. After he is defeated by Ichigo, he transforms into a huge dome-like creature which engulfs Ichigo as it grows.

After he escapes from the dome, Muramasa dies, and Byakuya sincerely thanks Ichigo for his efforts. When Ichigo is thrown back by a Cero, Hitsugaya defeats it with his Shikai. Noticing the Hebi half is not there, he asks what is going on. Returning home to find Hebi on the floor, Ichigo mentions Renji, causing an argument which wakes Karin and causes Hebi to run off. Later, Hebi, bringing Karin to Ichigo, prepares to leave, telling him not to let her know what has happened. Waking up at home, she asks Ichigo where Hebi is, but he implies she just dreamed the whole thing up.

While Kon explains himself, Rukia, noting she cannot sense the girl's existence, realizes Kon found the girl near the location of a Senkaimon she had noticed earlier, prompting her to send a report to Soul Society.

When they go to Urahara for help, they learn Yoruichi went to Soul Society three days previously and has not been heard from since, despite her intending to return immediately. Urahara advises Ichigo against traveling there, as his Shinigami powers will eventually fade away, and overexerting himself will quicken their loss. Upon arriving in Soul Society, Ichigo, feeling faint, falls to the ground, where he is arrested by the Gotei 13 as a material witness.

Later, Rukia, freeing him from his cell, informs him of the current situation. As the three escape, Ichigo comments upon the strange behavior of Renji and Ikkaku. Stating they were not the real Renji and Ikkaku, Yoruichi, revealing they were Reigai , tells Ichigo she has no idea how many Reigai have infiltrated the Gotei 13, but speculates the 12th Division's SRDI may have something to do with it.

Going to the 12th Division barracks, Ichigo and Rukia come across information regarding Nozomi, who was present in the Dangai. Upon arriving at the Senkaimon, they discover the area is being guarded by Reigai copies of several high-level Shinigami, including several captains. Choosing to attack them directly , the trio, charging in, make use of Urahara's portable Gigai to distract the Reigai long enough for them to make it through the Senkaimon. After a short skirmish , where Ichigo's powers fluctuate due to him overexerting himself, the real members of the Gotei 13, arriving, save Ichigo from Inaba, who flees.

Ichigo and the Gotei 13 members, who are now trapped in the Human World , have a meeting, during which Mayuri Kurotsuchi informs them of Inaba's identity and what Nozomi's role in recent events may be. Ichigo assists in defending of Nozomi and Kon from an attacking Reigai. Despite being outnumbered and having diminishing powers, Ichigo, refusing to let them take her , uses his Bankai to destroy them.

After explaining his reasons for helping Nozomi, he convinces her to abandon her plans to run. After a run-in with a Reigai, Ichigo, Kon, and Nozomi arrive at the Urahara Shop , where Ichigo, inquiring about the state of the injured Shinigami, asks Tessai to take a look at Nozomi.

While bickering with Kon, Ichigo, beginning to get weak, falls back. Catching him, Orihime says she will treat him. When Ichigo brushes it off as nothing, Kenpachi kicks him away, "proving" it to be more than nothing. Angrily dismissing this, Ichigo asks why Kenpachi has not left for Soul Society yet. When Kenpachi, saying he is leaving now, refuses to allow Ichigo to accompany him, Ichigo tells Kenpachi not to die, prompting him and Yachiru to reassure him he will not die before he fights Ichigo again.

After Urahara reveals the captains have safely made it to Soul Society, Ichigo, pleading with Urahara to send him too, says he cannot sit idly by. Kon and Orihime try to talk him out of this. When Nozomi asks why everyone is trying to protect her, Ichigo, reassuring her, says if she does not want to tell, that is fine, but she knew something bad would happen if Inaba caught her, telling her she is not alone.

Helping her up, Ichigo asks once more to go to Soul Society, thinking it best to take the fight to them before his powers fade altogether. Agreeing to it, Urahara says this entry will be much riskier than his first. The group see Ichigo off as he leaves through the Senkaimon. Arriving in Soul Society, Ichigo, noticing he is not where he is supposed to be, spots Inaba and, attacking, questions Inaba about many things before Inaba, backing off, says he summoned Ichigo there by tweaking the Dangai so he could erase his existence.

Using his Shikai to envelop him in a portal, Inaba says Ichigo should not exist, as he is not Human, nor is he is pure Shinigami or Hollow. As he calls Ichigo an anomaly, saying since he cannot create a Reigai of him he is getting rid of a variable, Ichigo, swallowed by the portal, is trapped inside the Dangai.

As a bright light appears above him, a mysterious figure reaches for him. Ichigo reaches up to grab their hand, but is too far away. As he wakes up in the Urahara Shop, Ichigo finds his friends sitting before him. When Nozomi becomes angry with him for not defeating Inaba, he says she should not be so tough on him, and at least he made it back alright.

When he asks Renji if he had rescued him from the Dangai, Renji says he had not, leaving Ichigo to wonder who it could have been. Thanking him, Ichigo invites him over for dinner, saying Kon needs to be cheered up. Later, Ichigo talks with Renji, Ikkaku, and Yumichika, who want to question Nozomi, as they know too little about her. When Ichigo asks them if it is not enough that he protects her, he is told the Gotei 13 captains were defeated by Inaba's invasion force, which they will now have to face in Karakura Town.

Ichigo tells them as long as someone is born into the world, they have a right to continue existing. When Nozomi rushes off to help the others fight against the newly-arrived Reigai , Ichigo pursues her. Yumichika covers Ichigo as he retreats with an injured Ikkaku. After leaving him with Orihime, Ichigo, finding Nozomi, convinces her to retreat. Ichigo, his friends, and the Shinigami all direct their attacks on her, allowing her to absorb the power and release a powerful blast which defeats most of the Reigai, with Yamamoto finishing off the sole survivor.

As Ichigo and Rukia attempt to convince Yamamoto to accept Nozomi as an ally, they are attacked by two powerful Reigai. Hindered by his weakening powers, Ichigo, using his Bankai, continues fighting. Arriving, Inaba has the Reigai stand down while he finishes things. When Ichigo warns Yamamoto about Inaba's power to copy attacks, Yamamoto states he is aware of this. Volunteering to act as a decoy, Nozomi attacks Inaba.

Finding an opening, Ichigo and Yamamoto launch two attacks from different sides, but Inaba manages to counter their attacks. Having reached his limit, Ichigo, collapsing, plummets to the ground, where he is caught by Renji. After awakening to find an unconscious Yamamoto, Ichigo joins Renji and Rukia in defending him. During the battle, Inaba reveals Nozomi and himself were created from the Reiatsu of the same Shinigami.

Refusing to believe this, Ichigo, charging at Inaba, is beaten. Inaba leaves with Nozomi. Roughly half a day later, a healed but powerless Ichigo awakens in Urahara's shop. After clearing his mind, he and the group discuss the best course to take.

Urahara reveals because Ichigo has no Reiatsu, he can move freely through the Dangai. He manages to find and collect his Reishi, but before leaving, he is surprised to find an unconscious version of himself. After returning to the Human World, Ichigo tells the others about this. Satisfied with this, Ichigo wishes to get on with restoring his powers.

Urahara brings Ichigo and Kon to the natural Senkaimon which Nozomi previously attempted to use to seal herself in the Dangai. He tells Ichigo it might put a serious strain on his soul. As the process nears completion, a trap in the system is set off, causing it to begin self-destructing. Before the explosion occurs, Ichigo ingests the Mod Soul, which restores his Reiatsu. The process is incomplete, leaving his Reiatsu very weak and causing his inner Hollow to start growing out of control.

When Ichigo fears he might transform again, they go in search of another of Inaba's labs and his research so they can use it to stabilize Ichigo. As they leave the building, they are surrounded by several Reigai captains. Yoruichi and the real captains come to their aid. Ichigo, Urahara, and Kon are able to escape, but Ichigo's inner Hollow begins to act up again, leading Urahara and Kon to insist he stay behind to be safe.

After Ichigo half-heartedly agrees, Urahara makes an extra precaution of binding Ichigo with a Kin spell, but Ichigo, transforming into a Hollow, breaks free. Ichigo attacks Yushima , who escapes. As Yushima prepares to finish him off, Rukia forces him back, and Ichigo's other friends arrive.

Effortlessly defeating them, Yushima frees Ichigo in the process. As Yushima moves to kill Rukia, the Hollowfied Ichigo blocks the attack with his body. Defending him from Yushima, Ichigo's friends are defeated. Stopping Yushima from moving, Nozomi asks Ichigo to kill him, but he refuses, as it will also kill her.

When Yushima regains control, the pair mock each other until Kon, posing as a Reigai bringing medicine to Inaba, kicks him back and gives Ichigo a complete Mod Soul pill of his Reishi, restoring his Shinigami powers and manifesting Zangetsu. Ichigo activates his Bankai. As the two begin fighting evenly, Ichigo's friends join in the fight, and Ichigo, finding an opening, exploits it by using his Hollow mask. Unable to absorb Hollow-based Reishi, Yushima is completely overwhelmed.

Ichigo reveals while his powers are not fully restored, his attacks are much stronger than their last encounters because he refuses to fight with regret from fear of losing his powers. Re-emerging, Nozomi begs Ichigo to finish her and Yushima off, but Ichigo still hesitates. When Kon tells Ichigo to strike for her Soul Chain to break the fusion, Ichigo attacks, but Yushima, regaining control, blocks and activates his Renzan Hajokuri technique to destroy all of Soul Society.

Unable to break through the technique, Ichigo is aided by the Reigai, who, overcoming the technique, are destroyed in the process. As Ichigo's Reiatsu weakens, he deactivates his Bankai. Emerging, Yushima attacks Ichigo, who, defeating him, ends the fusion and restores Nozomi and Inaba.

After Inaba dies, Nozomi begins to vanish as well, having earlier stabbed Yushima's body with a Reishi blade. Seventeen months after defeating Aizen , Ichigo, starting his third year in high school, notes ever since his powers disappeared, Karin's have been getting stronger. Since she has not asked him about it, Ichigo figures she is dealing with it well. At school, Ichigo, finding his Substitute Shinigami Badge in his bag, notes it has lost its abilities. When Keigo mentions Ichigo's grades were good when he began high school, but started slipping during the second half of his first year, Ichigo states he still did well despite the interference of his Shinigami duties.

When Keigo asks about Rukia, Ichigo, asking why he brought her up, states she is not assigned to Karakura Town any more. Ichigo insists he is fine with his now peaceful life. Ichigo returns the stranger 's bag to him. As he walks home, Ichigo, stopping an armed thief, reflects on how he still has the body and reflexes of someone trained to fight and win.

When he awakens to the sound of Isshin, who pounces on him, Ichigo dodges, sending Isshin through an open window. Dismissing Isshin's complaints, Ichigo says he would go to Soul Society if he died. Annoyed, Ichigo, blaming the weird dreams he has had recently on his father, demands he apologize to him. At school, Ichigo rents his services to Satoda , a member of the soccer club. As Ichigo prepares for practice, he bickers with Tatsuki, who reminds him to call his boss, Ikumi Unagiya , or he will be scolded by her again.

Rushing out to call Ikumi, Ichigo has a short exchange with her about being fired. As he hangs up his phone, a gang arrives at the school looking for him. Ichigo sees the thief he had previously beaten up with them. Before they finish, another gangster, Yokochini , appearing, asks Ichigo if he still remembers him. When he fails to remember him, Ichigo states he neither wants to nor cares about his past.

Yokochini and his men are beaten by Ikumi, who, taking Ichigo away in a van, takes him to her office. Inside the Unagiya shop, Ikumi, showing Ichigo a pile of work documents, says he seldom does them, yelling at him to get to work. Ichigo says Isshin is his father, and he can tell him anything he wants to know. There, Ichigo, witnessing Karin leaving, wonders why she was there.

Ichigo goes home, where Yuzu greets him with the results of her first exam, which she excelled at. Congratulating her, Ichigo, telling her to show it to Isshin, asks where he is. When she tells him he is not there, Ichigo, going up to his room, states he could find Isshin if he still had his Shinigami powers. Visiting with some leftover bread from her job, Orihime asks him if something happened recently or if he is being followed, which Ichigo denies.

When he asks where Sado is, Orihime tells him he did not answer when he was called. After thanking him, Ichigo runs off, frustrated there is something going on which he can do nothing about. The following day, when Orihime asks Ichigo if he knew what happened to Sado, who is absent from school, Ichigo, stating he does not know, declines an offer to go to Sado's house with her.

Ichigo tells him his friend was attacked, and he wants his help. When he, introducing her, tells her to come in, she is followed inside by Yasutora Sado, surprising Ichigo. Traces of the Hollow's powers remain in their mother's bodies and are passed on to them at birth. These powers are more like Hollow than Shinigami powers. He further explains Fullbringers do not enjoy their powers, similar to the way Ichigo hated his Hollow powers. Ichigo realizes he was not the first person born from a Shinigami and a Human.

He explains Sado offered to help them because it meant Ichigo getting his powers back. Asking Sado to confirm this, Ichigo listens as he explains he sees the pain Ichigo feels at not being able to protect the people he cares about. He tells Ichigo he does not have to hide it, and his feeling this pain means this is who he is.

Ichigo finds himself inside Riruka 's doll house. After arriving home late for the last two nights, Ichigo returns to the Kurosaki Clinic late once again, to the delight of Karin and Yuzu, whom he urges to go to bed, as it is late. Later, Ichigo is called back to Xcution's hideout, where Riruka uses her Fullbring to miniaturize and place him inside a doll house.

Ichigo is confronted by Mr. Pork , a stuffed animal, which he is instructed to defeat by using Fullbring. Pork, which has a yakuza man trapped inside it, attacks, forcing Ichigo to take evasive action. Shrugging off Riruka's complaints, Ichigo, saying he does not even understand the situation yet, asks how this will help him regain his Shinigami powers, and how he can suddenly use a power he has never used before. The yakuza says if he does not kill Ichigo within fifteen minutes, he will be trapped there permanently.

Telling him he had just thought of it too, Ichigo holds his badge as the fifteen minutes expire and Mr. Pork, entering "Mad Beast Mode," grows in size. Sado tells Ichigo it was pride which allowed him to use his Fullbring. When Ichigo thinks of times he was proud to be a Shinigami, his badge begins to take the form of Tensa Zangetsu's tsuba. Pork, which defeats him. Ichigo wonders if the power will help him get his Shinigami powers back.

Briefly hearing a voice coming from the badge which he recognizes as Rukia's, Ichigo wonders what is happening. Listening as the yakuza tries to extort money from Riruka, Ichigo notes he looks exactly like the doll he was inside. When Ichigo asks if he is to stay for further training, he is told Fullbring puts more strain on the body than can be felt. Saying a few more days without his powers should be bearable after all this time, he promises to call him when he has recuperated.

As Sado and Ichigo walk to Sado's home, the latter tells Ichigo Orihime has been bringing him leftover bread everyday lately. Ichigo tells him she is worried about him, and he should call her. As Sado goes to give half of it to Ichigo, he, noticing something wrong with her Reiatsu, states something has happened to her.

When Ichigo tries to call Orihime, Sado tells him not to, as it could distract her and lead her to her death. He says he cannot quite locate Orihime's exact location, but Ichigo can tell by the direction they are going she is at her apartment. Grabbing her shoulder, seeming distracted, Orihime, noticing Sado and Ichigo, asks why they are there. Hearing their explanation, Orihime tells them nothing happened, and she was with a friend before going into her apartment. As they leave, Ichigo asks Sado about Orihime.

Stating he was probably sensing things wrong, Sado tells Ichigo not to worry. He tells him to go home until they are ready for the next stage of training. While walking the streets, Ichigo, spotting Isshin meeting with Urahara in an alley, hides.

Later, Ichigo returns to Xcution's hideout, where Riruka places him inside a fish tank to fight Jackie. After an exchange of words between the pair, Jackie activates her Fullbring, Dirty Boots , and they begin to fight. Ichigo fires an energy blast at her, only for Jackie to easily shatter it.

Revealing he knows his attack's weakness, Ichigo uses Fullbring to increase his speed and attacks her. After being asked who taught him to fight, Ichigo explains he first learned from Urahara, but he learned from his battles as time went on, saying even though he was only a Shinigami for a brief time, he probably has more experience in battle than Xcution.

As Reiatsu from Ichigo's badge begins to engulf his right arm, Ichigo begins to tire. When Jackie says they will abort the training, as Ichigo's Fullbring is going berserk in a way she has never seen before, Ichigo is adamant in continuing. He believes this is his badge's way of telling him to hurry and get his Shinigami powers back soon. Believing it is too dangerous to continue, Jackie decides to stop him by force.

Managing to surprise Tsukishima in the subsequent clash, Ichigo is swiftly overwhelmed. As Ichigo tries to resume fighting, he is stopped by Sado, who tells him Tsukishima is too far ahead of him, and he cannot win in his current state. Disregarding this, Ichigo attacks Tsukishima, who, commenting on his rate of evolution, states he is becoming closer to the heights of his previous powers.

When Ichigo guesses Sado called her, Sado, arriving, confirms this, saying he knows Ichigo did not want to get Orihime wrapped up in this, but they will need her. Following Orihime's arrival, Ichigo's movements become sharper. He notes while Tsukishima did not look at him, he felt his killing intent. As Ichigo begins to manifest a new form, power explodes from him. After completing his Fullbring, Ichigo is put through a new training regiment to increase his stamina to meet the demands of using Fullbring.

He says all that is left to do is to beef up his new body and powers, and his Fullbring and Shinigami powers will fuse, giving Ichigo a power transcending that of a Shinigami. Taking his badge, Ichigo, trying out his new Fullbring, leaves Yukio's Fullbring, thanking him. Yukio states only 90 minutes have passed, thanks to his Fullbring's abilities.

Going home, Ichigo is met at the door by Yuzu, who says they have a surprise guest. Tsukishima greets Ichigo. Watching in disbelief, Ichigo, grabbing Tsukishima, demands an explanation for why he is there. As Karin and Yuzu try to pry him off Tsukishima, the doorbell rings. Asking Yuzu to get it, Tsukishima says it must be Keigo and the others. As Tatsuki begins to lecture Ichigo on staying out so late, Tsukishima, telling Ichigo he called everyone, starts to call Sado and Orihime as well.

As he is on the phone, Ichigo attacks him, prompting Tatsuki to berate Ichigo for attacking his relative. As Ichigo states she is wrong, everyone asks why he is acting the way he is. Fleeing his house, Ichigo, wondering whether what is going on is Tsukishima's ability, runs into Ikumi, who takes him to her store to let him calm down and talk about it. As Ichigo decides against telling her about Shinigami and Hollows, as it would make her uncomfortable, Tsukishima arrives at the store, and Ichigo, fleeing once again, says he needs someone in their right mind.

Finding them, Yukio takes them to Tsukishima's mansion. Inviting them inside, Tsukishima says he only wants to talk. As a reluctant Ichigo enters the mansion, his family and friends, greeting him, tell a shocked Ichigo he should be happy Tsukishima is not angry, urging him to apologize. It is too much for Ichigo to handle, and he flees the room. He wants to kill Tsukishima, but he cannot fight him where his friends and family can be dragged into it. Going upstairs, he comes across the other members of Xcution.

Ichigo activates his Fullbring, and while Tsukishima is activating his, Ichigo cuts off his left arm. As Tsukishima expresses his surprise at Ichigo mastering his Fullbring in such a short time, Ichigo tells him he arrived to kill him. As Sado bursts through the window, he and Orihime shield Tsukishima.

As Orihime heals Tsukishima's arm, Ichigo is left unable to believe Sado and Orihime have become the same as the others. As Both Orihime and Sado say Ichigo was able to save Rukia and defeat Aizen because Tsukishima helped him do so, Tsukishima, appearing behind Ichigo, asks him if he understands, but Ichigo tries to attack him. As Sado, trying to attack Ichigo, says he did not become strong to fight with Ichigo, he attacks again, and Ichigo is pushed outside from the force of the attack.

As he, wondering why things turned out this way, says he only wanted to protect his friends, he asks what he got his powers back for. When Tsukishima appears above Ichigo, he charges at him. Ichigo emerges from the resulting explosion with a new Shinigami outfit and a slightly altered Zangetsu, ready to fight. Greeting Ichigo, Rukia, momentarily berating him, reveals Urahara told her about Tsukishima's ability.

Reassuring him about this, she explains about the sword Urahara made to restore Shinigami powers to Ichigo. As Renji reveals Captain-Commander Yamamoto ordered all captains and lieutenants to put their Reiatsu into Urahara's sword to help bring back Ichigo's Shinigami powers, Hitsugaya tells him he did this because Ichigo was able to change Soul Society through his actions, and he should accept it proudly.

Using his Fullbring, Yukio, deceiving Ichigo, protects the Fullbringers from harm. Reminding Ichigo they received his Fullbring powers, which allows for them to wear their powers as a mantle, he says with Ichigo's help, his Invaders Must Die is now able to influence the world outside his console.

When Ichigo dismisses this as an attempt to shake his resolve. As Tsukishima tries to attack Ichigo, Riruka blocks the attack with her body instead. He tells Riruka none of the other Fullbringers have been found. Upon arriving at the First Division, he finds the captains waiting for him. He is told to go inside the building by Kensei, whom he is surprised to see in a captain's uniform. Afterwards, Ichigo is asked about his Badge, but he, stating he trusts them, keeps it.

As the fight progresses, Quilge is overwhelmed by Ichigo and desperately attempts to steal his Bankai, only to discover he is unable to do so. When Quilge traps him in a Reishi prison, Ichigo loses contact with Akon and is unable to free himself. Yhwach tries to stab Ichigo, but the later is saved by Blut Vene and Ichigo engulfs him in a blast of Reiatsu.

The blade of Tensa Zangetsu is broken by Jugram Haschwalth. Emerging from this, Yhwach informs Ichigo that Quilge's cage was not meant to hold a Quincy. Hinting at a secret regarding Masaki, Yhwach attempts to subdue Ichigo once more, only to be stopped by " shadows ". Ichigo senses both his inner Hollow and his Quincy powers within Zangetsu.

Afterwards, Ichigo returns to Nimaiya's palace, where he chooses an Asauchi who resembles Ichigo's inner Hollow. When he questions Nimaiya about the nature of his forging, Ichigo learns the being who claimed to be Zangetsu is actually his Quincy powers and heavily resembles Yhwach from years ago.

Ichigo later contacts Urahara [] and he prepares to return to Seireitei. As Senjumaru manifests a flight of spiral stairs below the platform they are standing on, Ichibei reveals the Wandenreich has already begun attacking the Seireitei.

With some more of Hikifune's infused food, heads off to join the battle. As Urahara confirms this, Ichigo notes Urahara did not say anything about the Seireitei's current condition and rockets forward. As Liltotto notes she expected this kind of power from a Special War Potential , an enraged Candice summons her bow before using Galvano Blast , which fires a 5 gigajoule blast of electricity at Ichigo.

However, Ichigo emerges unharmed and prepares to take the quartet on. She pushes Ichigo back before throwing her Galvano Javelin at him. Candice summons a massive amount of electricity and unleashes Electrocution upon him. As Ichigo turns to face it, Yhwach begins speaking to him and notes that Ichigo broke through all the 72 barriers between Soul Society and the Soul King Palace on his way back down to Seireitei.

He states that it will take 6, seconds for them to fully close again, causing Ichigo to realize what he is planning. When Ichigo leaps forward, the various Sternritter try to stop him. However, Renji intervenes and tells Ichigo to go to Yhwach, prompting Ichigo to leave as the Sternritter are intercepted by several other Shinigami.

Ichigo talks to Orihime about the time they entered Soul Society to rescue Rukia. Ichigo and the others arrive at the main palace, where they confront Yhwach. After Yhwach explains his ability to see the future and reveals he has already attacked the Soul King, Ichigo attempts to help the king, but is surprised when his right side is enveloped in Blut Vene veins upon touching Yhwach's sword.

Yhwach explains how the Quincy blood within Ichigo's body will never tolerate the Soul King's existence and invites him to watch the destruction of Soul Society as Ichigo slashes the Soul King diagonally across the chest.

Ichigo wonders why he cannot let go of the sword and why he was forced to attack the king, prompting Yhwach to explain how he transferred the Reiatsu still present in his sword to him, which Ichigo's blood reacted to. Upon hearing this, Ichigo manages to dispel the veins covering his arm and grabs Zangetsu before attacking Yhwach, who effortlessly blocks him while proclaiming that there is no point in fighting him anymore because Soul Society will collapse regardless of what happens to him.

When Mimihagi appears and stabilizes the Soul King, Ichigo looks at it in shock. Ichigo states he is here to protect Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and the Human World, prompting Yhwach to demand to know if Ichigo thinks only he can do this. Yhwach claims that he has never tried to make Ichigo do his bidding, prompting Ichigo to ask him what he means. Yhwach claims that all of Ichigo's fighting and growth up until now have been preparing him for killing the Soul King and that this has all benefited him because they share the same blood.

Ichigo angrily attacks Yhwach and proclaims he still intends to stop him, only for Yhwach to ask him if his resentment toward him is truly justified. However, Kon suddenly bursts out of Ichigo's pocket in his muscular form, causing Ichigo to fall back and hit his head on Orihime, knocking him out. Later, Yoruichi wakes Ichigo up. After remembering what happened, Ichigo finds and grabs Kon, whom he begins tormenting, before being interrupted by Yoruichi, who asks him and the others if it is time to take their revenge.

Ichigo wonders how they are going to get back up to the palace, before having a Garganta open behind her to reveal Grimmjow, whose arrival shocks Ichigo. Drawing his sword, Grimmjow claims he has been waiting for all this time to get some payback as Ichigo picks up Zangetsu , but they are interrupted when Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck leaps over Grimmjow and tackles Ichigo.

Nelliel explains to a shocked Ichigo that Urahara made her an armband that allows her to maintain her adult form. Riruka Dokugamine summons them in to a nearby black box created by Yukio Hans Vorarlberna. After everyone enters, Yukio locks the box as Ichigo demands that Yoruichi explain everything to him. Yoruichi reveals how they are going to use a Garganta to infiltrate the palace. After Yoruichi explains how they are getting to the palace by using a device she put near the Soul King as a destination point, Ichigo confirms that he understands.

Soon after, he asks Grimmjow why he is helping them, and is amused when Grimmjow claims he is only doing so because there will be no chance to fight him if Yhwach destroys everything. When Ganju confronts him over this, Ichigo stops him and agrees with Yukio's decision before telling Riruka to stay behind as well in order to protect Yukio. Ganju notes that he has grown a lot, only for Ichigo to wonder what he means. Upon reaching the palace, Ichigo watches as the Garganta opens to reveal that the palace has been reshaped into the Wandenreich city by Yhwach.

Ichigo and his allies begin moving toward it while discussing their inability to create Reishi footholds. While Ichigo expresses confusion at Yoruichi's comparison of him to her brother , Grimmjow decides to move ahead without the group, prompting Ichigo to attempt to stop him. Grimmjow finds and attacks Askin Nakk Le Vaar up ahead, prompting Ichigo to express irritation at him attacking without a second thought.

Ichigo then tells his allies to split up and look for Grimmjow. Soon afterwards, he encounters Askin and demands to know what happened to Grimmjow. After hearing that the former Espada has been dealt with, Ichigo prepares to attack Askin, but is interrupted when darkness suddenly surrounds them. Ichigo warns them to stay back as Sado attacks Askin.

Yoruichi tells him to go along with the others until she catches up with them, and Ichigo complies, but tells her to watch herself. Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime then run away from the battlefield. Ichigo initially protests but duly heads off with Orihime and Sado. They climb up the stairs, they are suddenly ambushed by large Quincy statues. Ichigo pulls Orihime away from an attack, and Sado blocks another attack aimed at them. The clash causes part of the walkway to fall away, separating Ichigo and Orihime from Sado.

Sado says that he will stay and take care of the statues. Ichigo understands his friend's resolve and continues heading upward with Orihime. They reach the entrance to the throne room and Ichigo tells Orihime that he is counting on her to act as his defense. Ichigo gets annoyed, knowing that Yhwach can see his next move, only for Yhwach to reveal that he does not have The Almighty activated as he wants to savor his reunion with his "son".

Ichigo says that Yhwach is not his real father lambasts the Quincy for killing his mother. As Ichigo attempts to attack Yhwach, Orihime shields her friend from the Quincy's attacks. Yhwach states that Masaki's death was necessary in order for him to gain power.

As Ichigo makes yet another charge, Yhwach surrounds him in dark energy and states that Ichigo's powers are not rightfully his and it is time they return to their progenitor. However, upon seeing the tip of his blade turning white, Ichigo has Orihime shield him and reveals to her that he needed to awaken something with Yhwach's Quincy Reiatsu, hence his repeated and seemingly reckless headlong charges.

An explosion of energy engulfs Ichigo, and he enters a new form with Hollow characteristics. Noting that they should logically come forth if that balance is disrupted, Ichigo states that his Hollow powers have always come forth when he exerted his Shinigami powers before revealing that he had to draw them out with the help of Yhwach's power.

As Yhwach grins at this, Ichigo moves in front of Santen Kesshun while telling Orihime to keep up her guard before engaging in close range combat with Yhwach. Noting that a combined attack like this is fitting for a racial hybrid like Ichigo, Yhwach repels the attack and clashes with the young Shinigami. He activates The Almighty , noting that Ichigo's opportunity is now over. When Ichigo is impaled by a number of traps, Yhwach states that Ichigo should know that The Almighty allows him to see the future, but Ichigo reasons that there must be some limit to his precognitive ability.

As Ichigo lands on top of a pillar, he is stabbed by long shadowy blades from the wall behind him, causing him to grunt in pain as he falls to the ground below while wondering what is happening. Yhwach reveals that Ichigo made a miscalculation by believing that the future is linear and explains that it diverges in countless directions from a given point in time like grains of sand in the wind.

As Yhwach tells him to keep fighting and not give in to despair, Ichigo decries the idea of falling into despair after he has broken through it so many times in order to reach this moment before activating his Bankai. However, Yhwach immediately breaks off part of Tensa Zangetsu' s blade and his horn, seemingly without moving. Yhwach continues to injure Ichigo despite Orihime shielding him, before eventually revealing that The Almighty lets him transform the future as well as foresee it.

Yhwach claims that Ichigo has only been able to overcome his despair and change his fate up until now because he was not present and declares that he will cut down any future Ichigo tries to create for himself. He tells Ichigo that he can begin despairing now, prompting Ichigo to begin screaming in anger. Soon afterward, Ichigo coughs up blood after being attacked by Yhwach, who grabs him by the head while noting that he expected more of a fight from Ichigo.

Noting that neither his sword nor Orihime's powers have any effect, Ichigo loses all hope of winning, prompting Yhwach to drop him while claiming that all Ichigo accomplished was providing him with some entertainment before preparing to take back the power Ichigo had inherited from him. As his merged Hollow form dissipates, Ichigo falls to the ground. As Yhwach leaves through a portal, Rukia and Renji show up, with Renji trying and failing to attack Yhwach from behind despite Ichigo's silent protests.

Soon afterward, despite Orihime's inability to restore Tensa Zangetsu , Renji hoists Ichigo up and declares that they will be confronting Yhwach, prompting Rukia to point out that simply charging in will accomplish nothing. When Tsukishima asks him if they are even now, Ichigo confidently stands up with his restored Bankai and confirms this. Shortly after his Bankai is fixed, Ichigo and Renji begin running through the portal with Reishi footholds.

Ichigo then questions if Renji tagging along was a good idea. After getting a sobering lesson from Renji, the two eventually reach Soul Society, and immediately attack Yhwach. Ichigo proceeds to watch as Aizen takes on Yhwach while disguising himself as both Renji and Ichigo.

Proclaiming that he can even rewrite futures where he dies using The Almighty , Yhwach bashes Tensa Zangetsu out of Ichigo's hand and engulfs him and the rest of the Seireitei in his darkness before declaring that everything will lose its form and become one before his power. With his cracked Bankai in hand, Ichigo leaps toward Yhwach, who is beginning to regain his powers and seemingly shatters the blade in his hand. However, the blade instead crumbles to reveal the original Zangetsu in Ichigo's hands, prompting a stunned Yhwach to realize that this is what Haschwalth was trying to warn him about with his dream as Ichigo cuts him in two.

Less than ten years later, Ichigo marries Orihime and they have a son named Kazui Kurosaki. Rukia and Renji come to the Kurosaki Clinic and Ichigo greets them at the door, inviting them inside. As Sado's match begins, Ichigo calls Orihime to the living room and asks her where Kazui is. She replies that he is probably upstairs, and Ichigo wonders if Yuzu is fine with him being in her room, which she affirms. Ichigo then asks Rukia and Renji about their child coming, and after realizing she has disappeared, Rukia flippantly guesses that she is getting into fights.

Ichigo is shocked by Rukia's attitude and the two begin arguing. When Ichigo reveals that Orihime is at home doing laundry instead of at Keigo's ramen shop with him, he is astonished when Rukia assumes that this means their marriage is crumbling, something that he angrily denies, and learns of the latter's exposure to television following Urahara's recent work with the Shinigami Research and Development Institute.

However, as Ichigo continues talking with Renji, he fails to notice a Jigoku no Gaki appearing behind them before it attacks Renji, sending him crashing into the ground below. Ichigo faces off against a resurrected Szayelaporro Granz. Ichigo has been trained in martial arts since he was a small child, both professionally and by his father.

He has repeatedly shown great agility and coordination in his attacks. In addition to having powerful kicks and punches, Ichigo is proficient in counterattacks, takedowns, and body locks. He has repeatedly caught an opponent's weapon strikes with a single hand. Combined with his speed, he effortlessly knocked out three lieutenants in rapid succession, while bare-handed, with a single strike each before the first lieutenant even touched the ground.

Enhanced Strength : Even while not in his Shinigami form, Ichigo is deceptively strong, smashing a man's head through a concrete road with a single kick, [] and later kicking Asguiaro Ebern from his bedroom into the street without injuring his leg from the man's Hierro. Ichigo possesses great reflexes, dodging a strike with no wasted effort and immediately counterattacking. Enhanced Durability : While only a teenage Human, Ichigo is a highly resilient young man, safely breaking free from a binding spell albeit a low-level one and withstanding an assault from a large Hollow.

Advanced Growth Rate : According to both Aizen and Urahara, Ichigo's most astounding ability is his growth rate; he grasps the basic control of advanced techniques in days where it would take several years for even the most gifted Shinigami. Shortly after gaining Shinigami powers and with no previous training, he began learning advanced spiritual energy sensing techniques by sheer instinct.

While it takes most Shinigami at least 10 years to achieve Bankai, he did so in two-and-a-half days albeit with the assistance of a special device invented by Urahara which was originally intended for three days. During his first fight with Ulquiorra, he is instantly incapacitated by one Cero blast, even with his Hollow mask which broke within a second , but only a few hours later, he withstands another Cero from Ulquiorra without undergoing Hollowfication, and can analyze Ulquiorra's movements much better than before, when he had "felt like [he] was fighting a machine or a statue" and failed to predict and counter his attacks.

Keen Intellect : Despite his somewhat punkish attitude, Ichigo is analytical, perceptive, and deductive. In his high school, Ichigo's grades are almost always near the top, despite his work as a Substitute Shinigami.

Aside from that, Ichigo can determine the pattern of his opponent's battle methods and form a proper counter-strategy to defeat his opponent's attacks. Immeasurable Spiritual Power : Ichigo has been noted on several occasions to have tremendously vast levels of spiritual energy, well-beyond most other Shinigami. Spiritual Awareness : Since he was a child, Ichigo has had an innate ability to clearly see spiritual beings and sense their presence.

During his intense fight against Kenpachi Zaraki, he clearly sensed and recognized Sado's energy signature even as it weakened, despite the considerable distance between them. Master Swordsman : In terms of fighting style while in his Shinigami form, Ichigo relies mainly on swordplay. Aside from his initial training with Urahara, he is essentially on a "learn as you go" training regimen; thusly, his skill has developed by fighting rather than formal instruction, becoming even more capable with every fight.

His overall skill allows him to fight evenly against sword masters of Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki's caliber. While usually fighting right-handed, Ichigo appears to be ambidextrous, as he is proficient in wielding Zangetsu in his left hand.

Shunpo Expert : Though not particularly versed in its various techniques, Ichigo is proficient enough in the technique itself to keep up with and even surprise high-level Shinigami with his speed. Byakuya Kuchiki, one of the most proficient users of Shunpo in Soul Society, complimented Ichigo's growing mastery of the technique.

Enhanced Strength : When he is in his Shinigami body, Ichigo's already impressive strength is greatly enhanced. Immense Endurance : When in his Shinigami form, Ichigo's endurance is strengthened to the point where he can continue fighting effectively after receiving many injuries, and can survive attacks which would easily kill normal Humans.

It was stated by Rukia that a Shinigami's life force is their spiritual power. As such, Ichigo can withstand attacks which would be fatal to most Shinigami. Enhanced Durability : Ichigo becomes much more durable in his Shinigami form. It can absorb most of the impact from a much larger opponent's attack. Later, his Fullbring powers evolve so they change his appearance, covering his whole body in a black Reiatsu, and produce a dark blade, forming over his arm.

After Ichigo's Fullbring is completed, it transforms into a solid outfit. Animation Action Adventure. Creator Tite Kubo manga. Top credits Creator Tite Kubo manga. See more at IMDbPro. Episodes Browse episodes. Top Top-rated. Trailer Bleach: Full Series. Bleach: Vol. Bleach: Season Photos Top cast Edit.

Kirk Thornton Narrator as Narrator …. Karen Strassman Soifon as Soifon …. Julie Ann Taylor Ririn as Ririn …. Tite Kubo manga. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Quotes Zangetsu : [looking up at the sky; thinking] Ichigo User reviews Review. Top review. Excellent Versatile Anime. I first heard the title "Bleach" in a newspaper article covering Otakon in Baltimore, and I sought out the series with nothing but what I thought was a cryptic title.

The episodes of Bleach that are out so far comprise more than 80 hrs of action, the careful fleshing-out of richly detailed main characters and a HUGE cast of supporting characters, multi-layered conflicts, and a solid soundtrack. Every episode leaves you knowing a little bit more about the Bleach universe, while doing a great job mixing often operatic drama with manic comedy.

As for the best way to watch Bleach, I've recently gotten used to the English voices and they're not THAT bad, its just there's so much in the original Japanese that is left out.

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