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For the sake of continuous progress. Let's eliminate the reinvention of the square wheel from the world. Ich bin ein vertreter der Meinung das die Freiheit im Internet nicht eingeschrengt oder zensiert werden darf! If patents used shall not be enforced. If not to be released due military secrets, need procedure for obtaining congressional approval. Open source software is underlaying foundations for most of modern busineses, when it comes down to libraries, tools used for software dev.

This discussion is a problem that should be considered all over the world that manufactures software. I support the activity as an engineer. If we were to buy all the software around us, the human race would die out. Modernity is such an economy. Reality should not be ignored. The public will directly benefit from free access to financed code, other institutions will be able to reuse existing projects, and the orig. This would've helped in regards to COVID and the speed at which the software needed to change as the pandemic started!

I'm the founder of black life's matter and my dad and brother Used a outsider to hack and steal black lives matter accounts in the That should be a logical, straightforward, economical and political decision for any sane government. As a software developer I believe that sharing the code that is build with public money would highly benefit society. I fully support that initiative. It would be also nice to encourage and promote the use of existing FOSS tools in public institutions.

I am a strong supporter of FOSS and I also believe that all government websites must be completely open-source. As a software engineer, I am baffled by some practice of artificial limit set in software. Open source would allow this to be fixed. I am a forigner specialist working in Germany, tax and tax returns are extremely hard for me. I rely on these. We should get to see and judge the quality of work payed for by our taxes. And we should be allowed to contribute. I have certainly found that the "special" market of government software forces citizens causes problems.

Thank you for initiating a campaign. With Open source software everyone can contribute to audits and improvements. Imagine what we can achieve for the money we already pay. Open source doesn't mean that companies creating it won't make money. They can still charge for support and maintenance. Open Source is always the solution, "enterprise" products are not really that enterprise as they publicise, not to mention, maintenance cost.

We are paying for it, so we should have the FULL benefits. Only one exception: national security. Open Source software powers the majority of deployed applications in nearly every sector. We need to protect and fund this infrastructure. Don't do it if it doesn't make sense, or it would simply take too many resources to implement, but please do consider it.

Public money should yield future returns for the people. Can't do that if it's sent to California. Iniziativa degna di nota. Aggiungerei anche che insieme al codice siano disponibili API per dati pubblici. As a computer science researcher, my work would be inconceivable without access to troves of open data. If your counter-argument is that free software isn't good enough, then fund open-source developers rather than GAMMA, they have enough money.

Public money is spend creating code and data. The result of public money should also be public like archaeological studies, vaccines, Open source community has shown time and time again that this is the way to go building modern, secure and fast applications. Open Source allows for individual citizens to easily contribute to the digital infrastructure of the general public.

This builds trust! FSFE continues to strongly bolster intellectual curioisity directly through their innovative, free-software exercises. I think it's a very reasonable demand for the taxpayers to have access to the source code for govt funded software.

I am a professional software developer and I feel like this will not only contribute to transparency for everyone but also tech literacy. People are tired of having their data being sold and exploited. By using Free Software we can move towards a more free society. Public code is a prerequisite to a functioning, digital society. It will help the economy and give more transparency to our states.

Competitors get money from the EU and have no risk or investments while we must finance all on our own. There is no balance in the market. Dengan hormat : Pengajuan ini saya lampirkan bagi pihak terkait Pemerintah agar kiranya segera menanggapi nya dengan seksama.

Open source is the way forward for public infrastructure and code that we all interact daily with. I've been a supporter of Open Source since I understood what it was. Code that is paid for by the public should be available to them too. Please make the source code available for public. We deserve to live in an open source software world.

Publically funded software should be open source. Projects have already shown it's possible. It's an evidence now, and should be the default. Please contact me and guidance full of this application how can I'm using this application and benefit earned money and other function.

Freie und quelloffene Software ist eine notwendige und wichtige Anforderung zur Verbesserung der IT-Sicherheit und des Datenschutzes allg. It has never even crossed my mind who paid for the development of the software we were using.

Not to mention paying for it againa. I am very happy to be a part of this open software program. I will also try to contribute if I can. Reduce cost and accelerate the digital transformation of health services by supporting open source with legislation! This is really important cause. It just makes sense to use free open source with public money when ever possible. Public code allows know-how to remain distributed so that even small specialized local companies can compete with global large companies.

We should educate ourselves and our child'ren ot ask questions about were our mony rolls. Let's increase our data-awareness. A self focused and hard working team player with passion for enhanced creativity and technological innovations.

I don't want to support private corporations that limit society with my votes and tax-payments. Four freedom : use, study, share, and improve. For freedom! In the United States this is a national need to promote the kind and type of software that helps to advance innovative thoughts and actions. Software is a post-scarcity resource. It's not wise to use market, a mechanism designed for scarcity to distribute software!

I would have greater confidence in institutions if I would know how my data is being handled and administration could be better digitalised. Reusable and open infrastructure defines the public sector in the physical world. Digital assets should be no different. Trajectus is the best software development company in New York that delivers High Quality, Cost Effective software solutions efficiently. Publicly financed works should remain public property: this includes scientific data, reports and software.

Open source software is much more secure, cost effective, and safe. It is such a simple decision to make. Software is public infrastructure. Citizens should be able to improve their software just like they can help improve their neighborhoods. Urheberrechte achten,Code offen gestalten,Potential d. Fair use and access and less political parties and systems scamming people of public affairs and international relations from their entired.

FOSS can help educate those in our communities that have little resource to other software. This is an investment in our own people. More enforced if is public money or donation by default freepatent free copyright like ccbysa gnugplv3.

To many, writing public software would be a great way to contribute. Let us code the open future! All publicly financed software should be made available under FOSS licence. Stop financing IT giants with public money. I would love every government of every country to use Open Source and not use Public's Money to pay licensing fees.

It is self-evident, that as a researcher at a publicly funded university, I am morally obliged to publish my findings and code openly. Es una idea marivallosa. Todos, especialmente los gobiernos debemos apoyar y fomentar el software libre, ya que nos beneficia a todos. Government especially must support FOSS in their work because they are spending public money now and in the future. Public money should benifit the common good.

By favoring software that is free and open source the public good is increased. As a software developer, I can see the world's best software runs on top of open-source code. Software developed with my tax dollars should be made accessible by all who fund their creation. Us the tax payers own this software it is. Getting more and more dependent from a few software companies is a threat for our liberal society.

Since data, people only care about technology,that sucks, real people is the only intelligent investment! Transparenz Demokratie Offenheit das wird immer wichtiger, weltweit, auf allen Ebenen. So kann es gehen. Working together uncovers more opportunities for advancement of things we wish existed.

If we want access to all then we must enlighten all. I want my government to use free software, because I do not want my tax money to go back info corporations. I sign this letter for being helpful to the FOSS cause, a cause that liberates us from big tech monopolies and their surveillance. Stop closed source legacy code. Push application and code reuse. Please take in consideration this letter and signers.

Against proprietary software in public sectors! Software financed by public money must be free and open source. Simple logic any 3 year old would understand. Code ideally immediately FOSS. At minimum, timed-release of deposited code 1y, 3y? Change "free trade" agreements if need be. As a taxpayers we should be entitled to the codebase of what software our administration uses.

For interoperability and peace of mind. The public should have the right to the software, including the unencumbered source code that they've already paid for,. Public code is exactly that, public, that won't just benefit you but the whole world.

Nice idea. Good luck. Honor the afflicted with a new perception of self control leading by example enlightening those who are and will benefit from this. Thue la trach nhiem cua moi nguoi dan. Public code and free software in general are necessary for independent, free and educated society. There is no other way. Copyright was intended to promote availability of works, not to reduce it. When fully paid from tax payer money, copyright only does harm.

As a long-time user of free and open source platforms, Linux and Unix, and software I know the importance of this legislation. Act now! The worst thing of these old softwares is they're too "old". Let's push it for the future technologies. As a public library employee and open source developer I've seen firsthand how open source software can benefit everyone. When governments build software it is not in order to sell it for a profit.

Therefore, it makes sense to offer it as open source. It is crucial that publically funded applications can be available to the public that paid for it. But why did every other country want to create its own app? The open letter makes the matter quite clear. Its actually p. Works made by the US government is not copyrighted. Why should software be held to a different standard?

I worked on publicly financed software 20 years ago. This would've been harder back then. No longer. It's an idea whose time has come. How is proprietary software different from encrypting somebody's hard drive and demanding ransom for decrypting it? In the name of every sentient individual i know: We want public money spent in public code, and we want it now! Public code, public money. It's quite simple really. We already have several laws where the public can check the government and documents!

El software libre empodera a los usuarios y ahorra costes. El software propietario es inseguro y opaco en su desarrollo. Debemos actuar. I totally. Tax papers should own the code and the code should be available to all genuine democratic countries. Can't agree more with this open letter as in the Netherlands the government is hijacked by few closed source IT companies. Space treaty internet inspoter treaty of the inspoter geranal all code and play forms have to be delivered topo box Avery ca and that ma.

Let's get to a better solution! Software being Open Source creates trust and enhances security, as anyone can audit and improve it. Free Software gives everybody the right to use, study, share and improve software. This right helps support other fundamental freedoms like. Public access was originally created by seeing the beautiful beaches we hold so dear to our hearts.

Now, the software is our beach. Bisher gibt es nur Lippenbekenntnisse zu OSS. Gelebt wird es anders. Wir brauchen freie Software! GAFAM are killing life! This is the right approach. We're starting to get there in New Zealand, but it needs to be mandatory. Le pubbliche amministrazioni che trattano continuamente dati personali e sensibili non possono non sapere come operano i loro SW.

Today's software is infrastructure. Patrick Connolly CA I want my tax money to go towards companies and initiatives that are building shared wealth, not building private prod. As a proponent and developer of Free and Open Source Software I regard the proposed changes to legislation as more than overdue! I want my tax money to go towards companies and initiatives that are building shared wealth, not building private products to lock us in.

As I want my devices run free software OSes only I'll have no other choice than to switch back to paper mailing very soon. This is great news! This would prevent elections fraud using personal ID numbers from gvt web apps Serbia Als IT-Untern. Erfolg; diesen Erfolgsansatz sollten wir mit Steuergeld ebenfalls nutzen.

Public Money should guarantee reasonable remuneration to those creating the code — and then this very code should be open source! If taxes paid for it, it should be free. Like the billions that were given to pharmaceutical companies to develop vaccines. Overcome knowledge barriers, allow us to proceed as a knowledge society, together to find solutions.

Concordo muito com esta iniciativa. We live in a WWW driven world. Open source and free software increases trust in governments and collaboration between countries and people. Be transparent in government is vitally important. More so with the software they use. Every bit of code has to be availiable for all to see. Support this call for actions by Siging our Open Letter make a such as bigger impact by siging it. Queremos software libre porque es la mejor forma de agilizar el proceso de tener justicia socioambiental global y localmente.

Free software promotes transparency in the governing body and liberty for the citizens. It could also promote freedom elsewhere. If it's payed by the public it should be usable by the public. And it's a way to get rid of the US companies. Taking public money, but not keep that code in the public domain is wrong. We can do better and open-source has proven itself to be useful. It's imperative for trust and efficiency in goverment projects moving forward to use Foss licenses.

Csv with men public gov money public service social poor family members brnfet gov support scheme framer in educational society bihar govern. Profiteering off public money encourages corruption and inequality. Our governments have a duty to ensure this does not occur. Bessere Koordinierung der Projekte und fachlich geschultes Personal auch in den Verwaltungen notwendig.

Heureusement "l'argent magique" existe. Donc donnons a tout le monde les bienfai. Software paid with public money should be free and open for anyone to use, inspect, repurpose Not only money spent directly by the administration should result in free code, but also all public funding. Wer nichts zu verheimlichen hat, hat nichts zu verheimlichen. The step taken is a good step for all international humanity. I am happy to support you. Es ist wichtig, dass nur die Wahrheit unser Leben bestimmt, weder kriminelle Energie noch Lobbyisten usw.

Open source allows everyone to audit and improve the code and that will drive both quality and security up, while driving the costs down, as. I beleive that people should have access to software they paid for through taxes. All government software should be opensource. Me panchayat social work india digital seva loan financial services industry bihar public bhulekh bihar land record nikalna in bihar samaj s.

In a democracy, we need digital sovereignty! Only open source can guarantee we aren't at the whim of corporations or foreign gouvernments. The privacy improvements in our COVID app since making development public is an example for the future. Hello, I need your help, need a copyright licence and cc code for Ireland, I have online web sales share products. All public funded entities need to treat its citizens as project sponsors who owns the rights to products and services created.

Hi me mbabar here i am new user this website and this is my website site u come in and see my website thnks. We rebelled at Taxation without representation. We also rebell that code we financed is not free to all! This should be an universal rule. Public money, public ressources, public results, open results, transparent results. Free software is like free speech, without it the Internet will never be able to be a free medium for the exchange of information and ideas.

Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available. Adapting our infrastracture for Libre Open-Source development will support our economy and save lifes. If it is created with public money, real owner would be the public.

So Public must have the authority to access the code. Always be true and honest with our own contribution.. A very important point. Due to recent events in the USA, the politicians in the EU realize the importance of privacy and data security now. Using Open Source Software in the public space would free the goverment from problematic vendor-lockins. Public The use of public funds our taxes ought not be spent on proprietary software.

Software has to free, as in freedom! Multinational capitals are taking control of the people private information, information that belongs to every single citizen, not to privat. Public software is just another form of public documents, all public documents should be openly available for scrutiny. Public code would also help to keep the software vendors accountable; right now they can deliver bad solutions without being called out.

Saya ingin berjaya seperti orang lain tolong berikan tunjuk ajar pada saya.. Me alegro de esta iniciativa. Ik develop voor de gemeente Amsterdam en alle code die ik schrijf wordt gepubliceerd. All software has annoying little things. I've fixed some in open source software for free.

I'd love to do that on software used by society. Public financing should result in public knowledge. This will also protect against software becoming unsupportable in the future. Open Source gives back more than it gets. Support open source and help make the world a better place for everyone. I think it is a great idea because some like myself are capable of doing a lot of useful things but because of money I couldn't go to colleg.

I have some strong work experienc. You can help us make a much bigger. What about the money the government pays the federal reserve general fund that should be dispersed to all americans. Software engineers can attest to the waste of resources induced by independently reinventing square wheels.

We all deserve better. Libre Software has proven to be beneficial to all parties involved. It is time we use it to build our society! This would make a sustainable change in the next years and the near future.

I really don't know why a majority of the politicians don't care. In this day and age the state of digitisation in Europe is alarming. In my opinion an important part of this digitisation is public code. Versucht bitte dringend zu verstehen, was "Freie Software" bedeutet! If we want transparent institutions, the first and foremost part of the process is to make the infrastructure transparent. Think Globally not Locally. Raise the power of WE. Positive thinking must be established.

Waiting for you at my country. Das Geld ist so zukunftsorientiert angelegt. I agree with the exception of some really sensitive system's and some others. Our future is open-source! Governments that do not openly and transparently share their resources will eventually lose and become a supporter of anarchism.

We love this initiative. As an IT provider, we've been acting accordingly for years and we'd love it to become an EU-Wide law. Weg von teurer, unsicherer Software! Expecting tax payers money to go towards transparent software is no different than expecting transparent governance! Free and open softwares are leading computing innovations since a few decades, public funds should enter that move and sustain it widely. I have used public code my whole life and the result has always been better that private software.

Access to opensource software is in the public interest, 'pro bono publico', especially when public money is used to develop it. We want legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly available under a Free and Op. Publishing the code paid by public money is good for transparency , pressures contractors to write good code and lets us help too.

Public money, public code. It should be mandatory for all public administration IT to work with free operating systems and free software. This must be put into our school system starting from grade school it is a language barrier that must be overcome mandatory code. Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for public sector must be made publicly available under a Free and. The cost of taxpayers turns to zero if passed on and people are allowed to develop more technology and businesses.

Knolo Libre is a concept that means "Free Knowledge" and in the case the public is paying, this particular knowledge should be free. Fri software er billigere, mere sikkert, og demokratisk. Instead instill the possibilities and advantages of FOSS to all citizens thru school. FOSS adoption will help to guarantee the privacy and security of citizens' data, whilst also promoting local software development.

As a software developer and citicen I firmly believe we must requirest open source for any software paid with taxes. Transparence de fonctionnement. Opensource is already massively used in the private sector. Let's fix the anomaly by using it in the public sector too! I do research in computer science and it's baffling how some papers do not publish their code. My name Andrew and I am not getting now cash in this time we r going throw me and my love of my live e heaving a baby soon give the cash 2 t.

I want code on my URL I have tried to create account with your platform but I couldn't I lost my existing account details help please. Daher: Schulen vor! Dear representatives, dear deciders, free yourself from lobbyism of the mighty, rich corporations, and listen to the civil society! Software which is built by public money must be owned by the public, giving anyone access to the essence of the software: its source code.

If software is financed by the public, for the public, then it should also be publicly available under a FLOSS licence. FreeSoftware fsfe. Absolutely, We aren't only to pay.

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