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boredoms rebore vol-02 torrent

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Top Music Albums of Is This It by The Strokes. Amnesiac by Radiohead. Discovery by Daft Punk. Lateralus by Tool. Origin Of Symmetry by Muse. The music is not so much tuneful as painful. It is, at once, full of zest and bravado, and sometimes just stupid. Onanie Bomb Meets Sex Pistols which contained their first two Japanese releases hit American shores in ; some were shocked at the level of idiocy and destructive tendencies in the music, while others just looked at song titles like "Anal Eater" and "Lick 'm Cock Boatpeople" and turned the other cheeks.

Of course, most people didn't notice, and it's something of a shame because the world hadn't seen such a good No Wave act since Suicide's Martin Rev spit on his first fan. The band responded to their nay-sayers by acting as if nothing ever happened, and in turn attracted such Yankee luminaries as John Zorn and Thurston Moore.

For some reason, the band seemed to appeal more to the experimental audience than any others, and when it came time to book the second stage at the second Lollapalooza, Boredoms got their first real American props. It was good timing, as Warner Brothers was releasing the band's third album, 's Pop Tatari, which Spin called the most non-commercial album ever released by a major label.

I suppose the band trusted Spin about as much as I do, because their next album, 's Chocolate Synthesizer, was even more of a slap in the face to anyone who ever struggled to get signed to a major than Tatari was. It seemed that there was no end to their persistent, uncommonly devastative music.

Then, there was an end. In , the band had recorded a seemingly one-off EP entitled Super Roots. Its music, and that of the limited edition follow-up, 's Super Roots 2, were basically extensions of their by-then familiar avant-punk. But just after Synthesizer, they released part three in the series, which consisted of but one tune, 33 minutes in length.

The track was really just a hardcore punk song, but it stretched out over the length of a sitcom, and without any breaks, save a two-minute moment of silence at the end. It was an interesting idea, and one they built upon with Super Roots 5, extending the tune to 65 minutes. Of course, the sheer monolithic nature of playing punk for half an hour didn't win many new fans. The most obvious change in Boredoms' philosophy came from around , when they released Super Roots 6.

Unlike anything they had ever done, it featured low key, mostly instrumental tunes influenced more by Can and Neu than hardcore punk. Before most folks had time to digest the new direction and to be fair, Boredoms are still more than a little obscure , the band changed sounds again. Super Roots 7 was released in Japan in , and expanded the band's arsenal to include the blissfully psychedelic and all that is trippy.

It wasn't trance, but it could bring you to the same place, and it was certainly more inviting than anything they'd ever released before. Soon after, they released the acclaimed Super Ae, and have since been stuck in a rather wonderful looping system of sun worship and general repentance for all the damage they'd done the previous 15 years. Vision Creation Newsun came out in Japan in late '99, and was released in America the following year.

For anyone unaware, it was something of a refinement of the hard trance Boredoms explored on Super Roots 7 and Ae, taken to its seemingly logical conclusion. Yamatsuka Eye, possessing an affinity for underground DJ culture, had some of the Boredoms' stuff remixed by various big names including U. Rebore Vol. The track titles are as follows: "7," "77," "," "," "," "," and " This should be okay, as the spirit of the record, similar to recent efforts, lies in the whole as opposed to the individual.

It follows the track order from Vision Creation Newsun, so anyone familiar with that album should be fine-- not that chronology has ever been a major player in Boredoms' music.

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