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tina fey letterman sub ita torrent

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An American living in Germany resorts to working for a ruthless drug lord to fund a kidney transplant for his girlfriend. Collision Course. Cultures clash when Detroit cop Jay Leno teams up with Japanese detective Pat Morita to find a killer in this fast-paced crime-drama.

Anne Hathaway stars as an aimless party girl with a freaky connection to the massive creature stomping across South Korea. Coming to America. Eddie Murphy stars in this hit comedy as a pampered African prince who comes to New York City seeking a woman to be his queen. Company Business.

Gene Hackman and Mikhail Baryshnikov are a retired U. Conan the Barbarian. Jason Momoa takes on the role of Conan in this sword-and-sorcery epic that pits the mighty warrior against a diabolical enemy. Kerry Washington and Wendell Pierce star in this riveting film about the explosive Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination hearings. Cop Land. Sylvester Stallone turns in a searing performance as a small-town New Jersey sheriff who takes on the lawless NYPD cops who live there.

Corazon de Mezquite Mezquite's Heart. A girl in Northern Mexico dreams of healing her father's broken heart by going against tradition and playing the harp. Covid Diaries NYC. This film chronicles the lives of five young filmmakers whose families were on the frontlines during the first wave of the Coronavirus. Crabs in a Barrel. In this short film set in , a feisty young girl is forced to face her traumatic past when she falls in love for the first time.

Crazy, Not Insane. Cries From Syria. This illuminating documentary takes a harrowing look at the humanitarian crisis in Syria and the devastating civil war. Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1. Counselors at the Veterans' Crisis Line open up about providing phone support to troubled military veterans. Cry Macho. A print shop worker stuck in a monotonous routine realizes that, if you let it, guilt, can kill you.

Hughley: Going Home. Comedian D. Hughley hits the stage for this show that is full of sidesplitting material, including his insights on family and fatherhood. Hughley: Unapologetic. Popular stand-up comic D. Hughley takes the stage in Washington, D. A rich pioneer — joined by the town drunk and a miniature horse — embarks on an adventure across the country to find the love of his life.

Dan Soder: Son of a Gary. Emmy R -winning comedian Dana Carvey brings his riotous impressions, perceptions and impersonations to this one-hour stand-up special. Dances With Wolves. Dane Cook Vicious Circle. Daniel Sloss: X. Danny Collins.

A burned-out s rocker embarks on a journey of self-discovery after he finds a year-old letter written to him by John Lennon. The blind superhero of Marvel Comics fame uses his super-tuned senses and acrobatic skills to hunt down a sadistic crime lord. Dark Water. A leaky apartment turns out to have a terrifying connection to the supernatural in this bone-chilling tale starring Jennifer Connelly.

Dave Attell: Captain Miserable. Dave Attell takes the stage for an adults-only stand-up show in which he dissects his most recent phobias, failures and fantasies. Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly. Experience the evolving genius of rock icon David Bowie in this documentary that chronicles the last five years of his life.

David Brenner Back With a Vengeance. David Byrne's American Utopia. Show With Bob and David. David McCullough: Painting with Words. David Spade: Take the Hit. A deadly plague ravages America and a repressive government's only response is to quarantine its victims in this futuristic thriller. In a future world dominated by vampires, human survivors enlist the help of a hematologist to save the species. Days of Thunder. Tom Cruise stars as an untamed racecar driver who finds full-throttle thrills, danger and passion on the top stock-car circuit.

A woman and her mother disagree over the choice of a wedding dress in this short film. De Lo Mio. After nearly a decade apart, three estranged siblings reunite after their father's death in order to settle his Dominican Republic estate. Dead Heat. A cop who was forced to retire for health reasons is lured by his brother into a horse-racing scheme that is fraught with danger. Dead Silence. An FBI negotiator matches wits with three escaped convicts who have taken a teacher and seven students as hostages.

Deadwood: The Movie. The long-awaited Deadwood film follows the year reunion of the camp to celebrate South Dakota's statehood. Dear Evan Hansen. Dear Rider. This film chronicles the life and vision of snowboarding pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter, who propelled the sport into a global phenomenon. Death on the Nile. A cell-phone switch lures Ewan McGregor into the sultry lifestyle of powerful lawyer Hugh Jackman in this thriller.

Deep Down. When Eric's ex-girlfriend Mia goes back to Barcelona for a fertility treatment, she asks him for a favor: to accompany her to the clinic. Deep Impact. The apocalypse arrives in the form of an Everest-sized comet that's headed straight for Earth in this gripping disaster epic. Defending Your Life.

Albert Brooks stars as a dead yuppie who must defend the choices he made in life in this outrageous comedy. In , four Jewish brothers in occupied Eastern Europe escape into the Belarusian forest to battle Nazis in this powerful drama. Delivery Man. Feel-good story of an affable oaf who learns he's fathered children via sperm donations made 20 years earlier. Dennis Miller: All In. Dennis Miller takes aim at the foibles and follies of society, politics, celebrity and more in his seventh solo HBO comedy special.

Dennis Miller: The Raw Feed. Dennis Miller's sixth solo HBO comedy special is a riotous stand-up performance taped in front of a packed house at Chicago's Vic Theatre. Five families reveal the struggles, hopes and fears that arise from raising kids with Bipolar Mood Disorder. Nearly 20 years after the death of Princess Diana, her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, look back on her life and work. Diego Maradona.

Diego Torres performs Christmas songs and his own works in this performance in Bogota, Colombia. Dinner with Friends. Two married couples have their twelve-year bond of friendship put to the test when one couple reveals that they are splitting up.

Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana. A look at the local obsession with auto racing in the struggling town of Anderson, Indiana. Dirty War. This thriller takes a hypothetical look at how a terrorist 'dirty bomb' attack might be planned and executed in London. Voyeurism lands a troubled teen in the sights of a possible serial killer in this update of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window. Disturbing Behavior. A teen transplant in the idyllic town of Cradle Bay uncovers a disturbing secret about the popular clique in his new high school.

Doctor Dolittle. Rex Harrison doesn't just talk to the animals-he sings to them, doctors them and loves them all in this charming musical fantasy. Dolapo Is Fine. A story about a young Black girl's relationship with her hair and name, and how it helps her understand who she really is. Dolphin Tale. An injured dolphin makes a huge splash in the hearts of a young boy and the team that nurses it back to health in this inspiring story.

Keira Knightley stars as Domino Harvey, the turbulent wild child who became the sexiest bounty hunter in the world. Don't Divorce Me! Kids' Rules for Parents on Divorce. A group of children, ages 5 to 9, share their advice for parents to help kids adjust and cope when families go through a divorce. Donnie Darko. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a precocious high-school student whose bizarre visions suggest schizophrenia, but may be something far stranger.

Dope Sick Love. Documentary about the relationships of two drug-addicted couples who eke out a bare-bones existence on the streets of New York. Double Jeopardy. Framed for the slaying of her husband and sent to prison, a young woman gets out on parole with one thing on her mind: revenge. Down a Dark Hall. Troubled teens begin to fulfill their potential at a boarding school with a sinister supernatural secret.

Down Periscope. Maverick Naval officer Kelsey Grammer is assigned to command a year-old rust bucket in a series of war games. Down With Love. A male chauvinist vows to expose a progressive women's author for the traditional girl she is in this farce starring Renee Zellweger. Dolittle 3. Dolittle's daughter goes to a dude ranch for the summer, where she finds her uncanny ability to talk to animals comes in handy.

Dolittle: Tail to the Chief. Maya Dolittle keeps the family tradition of talking to animals alive in this comedy that finds her tasked with saving an African forest. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Jim Carrey brings Dr. Suess' holiday-hating heel to gloriously sinister life in this effects-filled adaptation of the classic story. Dracula Untold.

The evil origins of Bram Stoker's legendary vampire are revealed in this horror tale. Dragged Across Concrete. After being suspended without pay for using excessive force, two rogue cops hatch a scheme to rip off a drug dealer. Dressed to Kill. Brian DePalma's twisty murder mystery with Michael Caine as a psychiatrist who suspects that one of his patients is a psycho-killer. Drew Michael. Drew Michael airs his issues with relationships, social media, mining jokes from his own life experiences, and more in this stand-up show.

Driving Miss Daisy. The son of a noble family travels to a dangerous planet to ensure the future of his people in this visually stunning sci-fi epic. A tempestuous tenant drives couple Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore to the point of murder in this dark comedy. Dying Young.

Julia Roberts falls hopelessly in love with a wealthy, lonely leukemia patient she was hired to care for in this old-fashioned romance. Early Man. Animated comedy about a courageous caveman who unites his tribe against a ruthless enemy to save their home. Earthday Birthday. Animated musical about a magical bunch of baby dinosaurs who want to help save Earth from the ravages of pollution.

Einstein and Eddington. This romantic comedy follows a man and a woman who form a bond while they are trapped together in the last video store in the city. El Cantante. The celebrated life of innovative salsa musician Hector Lavoe and his struggles with drug addiction is told in this drama.

El Cuartito. The dreams of five strangers traveling to Puerto Rico are put on hold when they are confined by immigration authorities. El Diablo. A mild-mannered schoolteacher vows to rescue a kidnapped girl from the deadly outlaw El Diablo. El Espiritu de la Salsa. This documentary follows 10 people from all over NYC as they learn the rich art of salsa dancing from celebrated instructor Tomas Guerrero. El Inconveniente One Careful Owner.

A woman finds the perfect house to buy. It only has one ''small'' inconvenience. In this short film, a year-old trans boy's relationship with his father and sister is put to the test during a family vacation. El Planeta. A daughter forced to return home after the death of her father reconnects with her eccentric mother.

El Profugo The Intruder. A traumatic experience leaves a young woman with delusions that the characters in her dreams are trying to take over her body. El Remedio The Prescription. A woman makes a surprising discovery when her doctor says that having sex would help her get rid of a benign ovarian cyst.

Thieves pull off a daring heist in this crime comedy based on the true story of one of the greatest bank robberies in Argentine history. A young Cuban man faces deportation after crossing the Florida Straits on a raft in search of his long-absent father. Elizabeth I Part 1. Part 1 of 2. Elizabeth I Part 2.

Part 2 of 2. Ella Enchanted. Anne Hathaway tries to lift her curse--obedience--in this magical, musical take on the 'Cinderella' story. Ellen DeGeneres: Here and Now. Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning. Empire Falls Part 1. Empire Falls Part 2. Employee of the Month. Ender's Game. A young military cadet may be humanity's only hope against an alien invasion in this epic adaptation of the hit novel. Endless Love. The beautiful daughter of a wealthy doctor falls madly in love with the hunky son of a mechanic from the wrong side of the tracks.

Entre Nos: About Last Night. Comedians Marlena Rodriguez and Kim Congdon each take the stage for this stand-up comedy special. Entre Nos: Carmen and Alfred. Stand-up comedians Carmen Morales and Alfred Robles offer their peculiar advice on Latinidad, family, relationships, and more. Entre Nos: The Winners. After winning a stand-up competition, comedians Mark Viera and Alex Carabano perform in front of a live audience in this Entre Nos special.

Entre Nos: The Winners 2. Entre Nos: What She Said. Tune in for a night of laughs brought to you by two of the wittiest voices in today's comedy scene: Shari Diaz and Jessica Keenan. A young girl lands in the middle of a conflict between tiny woodland creatures and their decaying enemies in this animated tale.

In the the near future, freedom is a thing of the past and emotions have been outlawed. Christian Bale stars in this sci-fi thriller. An ex-CIA operative and his daughter are forced to fight for their lives as powerful entities hunt them down in this action thriller.

Erik Rivera: Super White. Comedian Erik Rivera focuses on the hilarious truths of parenting and married life in this stand-up special. A look at Texas police officers who take an innovative approach to diffusing dangerous situations. Escape Plan. Sylvester Stallone plots to escape from a maximum-security CIA black-site prison with help from inmate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Escape Plan 2: Hades.

A former prison escapee turned security expert attempts to break one of his men out of a mysterious high-security jail. Escobar: Paradise Lost. A young surfer finds his life in danger when he visits Colombia and falls in love with the niece of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. The Kennedy political dynasty is seen from the perspective of Ethel Kennedy in this deeply personal documentary. Euphoria Special Episode Part 1: Rue. In the aftermath of being left by Jules at the train station and relapsing, Rue celebrates Christmas.

Euphoria Special Episode Part 2: Jules. Every Brilliant Thing. A son creates a list of things worth living for to raise the spirits of his chronically depressed mother in this stage adaptation. Everyday People. A group of racially diverse New Yorkers rub elbows at a venerable Brooklyn diner that is about to close its doors.

Alien slime mutates into a national threat, leaving a loopy group of scientists as the only hope for mankind in this sci-fi comedy. Set in the '70s and told through the greatest hits of Raffaella Carra, a young dancer pursues her dream of becoming a TV star.

A young CIA agent goes rogue after his father is kidnapped by a ruthless arms dealer. F9: The Fast Saga. Dom Toretto Vin Diesel must confront the sins of his past to save those he loves most in this ninth exhilarating "Fast" film. Fahrenheit A stunning take on Ray Bradbury's iconic novel about a future where media is an opiate, history is outlawed and 'firemen' burn books. Fake Famous. Three L. Fall to Grace. Fandango at the Wall. Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.

Professor Dumbledore enlists the help of Newt Scamander and a team of sorcerers to protect the wizarding world from dark forces. Farruko: En Letra de Otro. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and company lead the charge to stop an international criminal in this sixth thrilling film in the hit series.

Fast Company. A champion drag racer takes a supercharged chance—and runs afoul of his sponsor in David Cronenberg's high-octane action film. Fatal Attraction. Married man Michael Douglas makes the mistake of his life when he has a brief but torrid affair with psychotic lady exec Glenn Close. A married sports agent finds his perfect life unraveling after a wild one-night stand with a mysterious woman who turns out to be a cop.

Fay Grim. A woman is convinced by a CIA agent to travel to Paris to hunt down a series of notebooks belonging to her fugitive husband. Fellow Traveller. A screenwriter and a matinee film idol are caught up in the McCarthy-era blacklisting witch hunts in this drama. Ferrell Takes the Field. Will Ferrell travels to five different spring-training ballparks, playing 10 positions on 10 different teams, to fight cancer.

Finding Neverland. Johnny Depp portrays Scottish playwright J. Barrie in this Oscar R -winning film about the family who inspired him to write 'Peter Pan. Finding the Way Home. A look at the circumstances faced by more than eight million children in orphanages and other institutions. Fine China. An average dinner at Lily's house turns tragic, leaving her alone in her grief--until she erupts in a song and dance. Fire with Fire. A firefighter who witnesses a brutal murder during a convenience store robbery is forced to fight for his life when the killer is released.

First Blood. Sylvester Stallone stars in this action classic as a one-time war hero who becomes a hunted man. First Cousin Once Removed. Intimate portrait of literary figure Edwin Honig on his journey into the depths of Alzheimer's disease.

A powerful look back at the unforgettable moment in the '68 Olympics when two U. Two mismatched convicts who escape from a prison chain gang--handcuffed together--find themselves hunted by both sides of the law. Flight of the Conchords: Live in London. Flight of the Conchords--return with this comedy special.

Fools Rush In. For a Good Time, Call Two young women who can't stand each other find an unexpected connection--and friendship--in a phone-sex business. For Colored Girls. A group of Black women in New York face heartbreak and personal crises in Tyler Perry's adaptation of the award-wining play. For Neda. The personal story of a young Iranian woman who became a symbol of protest after being shot during the recent presidential campaign.

For Your Consideration. A washed-up actress jumps into the spotlight when her performance in a dud movie garners Oscar R buzz in this Christopher Guest satire. Foreigner Extranjero. While on holiday in Spain, a young man finds that the most beautiful thing will turn into the most extreme experience of his life. This documentary looks at the moving stories behind the largest county child protection agency in the U.

Four Hours at the Capitol. An immersive look at the insurrection at the U. Capitol when Washington D. Four Weddings and a Funeral. Bill Paxton directed and stars in this unnerving tale about a man who enlists the help of his two sons to kill people he thinks are demons. A teen magically swaps bodies with a serial killer in this entertaining, genre-bending horror comedy.

Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches. Famed anti-slavery activist Frederick Douglass' words about racial injustice are brought to life in this documentary. Free Guy. A bank teller realizes he is a minor character inside a massive video game and decides to take control of his destiny. Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home. Willy the whale is threatened by an environmental disaster, while his human pal Jesse must deal with sibling rivalry and first love.

Free Willy 3: The Rescue. Willy the whale fights to save himself and his entire species from illegal whale hunters with help from a young lad in this sequel. Three social misfits are drawn into a wild time-travel adventure via the bathroom of their favorite local pub. Salma Hayek gives a passionate, Oscar R -nominated performance in this biographical drama about Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Alexandra Pelosi travels to America's heartland for a look at the leaders and followers of the evangelical Christian movement.

Friends with Kids. Two friends decide to have a child together while maintaining their platonic friendship, but emotions start to draw them back together. From Paris with Love. An aide to the U. Fun Size. Halloween night takes a chaotic turn for a high-school senior who loses track of her little brother while attending a big party.

Furry Vengeance. The fur flies in a battle between man and nature when a group of animals try to halt construction of a housing development in the woods. Game Change. Game of Thrones: The Last Watch. Gang Related. Crooked cops James Belushi and Tupac Shakur hatch an ill-fated scheme to rub out drug dealers and take their money.

Gangster Squad. An undercover crime unit in L. Gary Gulman: The Great Depresh. Gasland Part II. Josh Fox widens the scope of his look at the dangers of natural gas fracking in this explosive follow-up to his Oscar R -nominated film. A woman pursues her acting dreams in New York City while enduring her very Cuban and conservative parents. Chronicling the complex relationship between famed literary editor Max Perkins, and the eccentric novelist Thomas Wolfe.

Gente de Zona: En Letra de Otro. The acclaimed Cuban duo performs classic hits in a stunning performance along the majestic Havana shoreline. George Carlin Again! The venerable comedian performs some of his most notorious--and hilarious--routines in this now-classic performance.

George Carlin at U. Grammy-winning comic George Carlin delights the college crowd at the University of Southern California in this stand-up special. George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya. George Carlin unveils his latest catalogue of comic complaints in his 14th solo HBO special. George Carlin: Jammin' in New York.

George Lopez: America's Mexican. Getting Played. Three women agree to seduce one complete stranger and expose his philandering in this two-timing rom-com. Ghost Town. A proctological mishap leaves uptight dentist Ricky Gervais as a medium between the living and the dead in this riotous comedy. Ghosts of Abu Ghraib. Acclaimed filmmaker Rory Kennedy takes a disturbing look at the abuses that occurred at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Angelina Jolie stars in the tragic story of Gia Carangi, the supermodel who dominated the international fashion scene of the late '70s. Gilberto Santa Rosa, 40…y contando. Salsa legend Gilberto Santa Rosa takes us on a journey through his first 40 years of music, in this historic concert. Gina Brillon: Easily Offended. Actress-writer-comedian Gina Brillon shines in this hilarious half-hour stand-up special.

Girl Most Likely. A failed playwright tries to get back on her feet after suffering a mental breakdown and being placed in the care of her estranged mother. Girl, Interrupted. In , a teen girl is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and is sent to a mental hospital. She discovers a group of young women who not only become her close friends, but light her way back to something she had lost - herself.

Gloria: In Her Own Words. A vivid portrait of Gloria Steinem and her career as a journalist and a pivotal member of the feminist movement. God Is the Bigger Elvis. The Oscar R -nominated documentary about a promising young actress who left Hollywood to become a nun. Grief prompts a shattered couple to accept a brilliant doctor's offer to illegally clone the eight-year-old son they lost.

Godzilla vs. Godzilla and King Kong go toe to toe in this epic monster mash…until they learn there is a bigger threat to the entire world. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Former Scientologists shine a light on L. Ron Hubbard's controversial church, its origins and how it cultivates devoted believers.

Golden Arm. An arm-wrestling lady trucker recruits her timid pal to take her place at a national tournament in this comedy. Gone Baby Gone. Good Deeds. Sparks fly between an engaged businessman and a struggling single mother who inspires him to shake up his life. Good Neighbours. With a serial killer stalking Montreal, a trio of tenants in an apartment complex prove to be equally deranged in this twisted film noir.

Clement Hurd's 'Goodnight Moon' is the highlight of this animated special that features a collection of bedtime stories and lullabies. Goyo: En Letra de Otro. Colombian artist Goyo of the trio ChocQuibTown offers a glimpse of her history, influences, and what the future holds for her career.

Gerard Butler stars as a man who embarks on a harrowing journey of survival with his family in this epic end-of-the-world thriller. Grey Gardens. The lives of two eccentric, mutually dependent women play out in a decaying house known as Grey Gardens.

Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange. Guerras Ajenas Foreign Wars. The international drug wars in South and Central America are examined in this documentary. Directed by Lilia Luciano. Gun Shy. A burned-out rock star bumbles his way through a rescue mission when his ex-supermodel wife is kidnapped by hapless pirates.

Gus Van Sant's Last Days. An insecure rock star's final moments before suicide are documented in this moving drama. Habla Mas Part 1. Latinos share funny, often touching anecdotes and real-life accounts of what it means to be Latino in the U. Cedric the Entertainer talks about falling into comedy accidentally while working at State Farm and what comedians do after shows.

Klein is such a character. So animated in everything he says and does. You know what the projects is? This is the episode I was most looking forward too just to see all the sparkle and pizazz that is Everett alongside the shrug of a person Seinfeld is. That aside, this episode had me on edge for other reasons.

To be honest, I spent the rest of the episode trying to figure out who they were talking about. Was this episode a knockout hit like his first Comedians in Cars appearance back in season seven? Things are kept from you, but you want to do stuff. Seinfeld and C. This episode was filmed in shortly before Lewis passed away, and so it was hard to watch but a perfect closeout to the season.

So back to the past to the future? Or, from the past back to the future? Oliver schools Seinfeld on the differences in the British and American comedy scenes. Oliver recalls a set he did in Britain where he ended up in an empty room with no one but the sound tech.

Michaels is the man who made so many careers and always seems like this very elusive, cloaked mystical force who holds all the powers of the universe. Most importantly, we now know Apatow keeps hot sauce on his desk. This is really about how Apatow came to be who he is and is so closely tied to a community of comedians that he feels very separated from having left stand-up for 22 years only to return a couple of years before filming.

A lot of this episode is spent on Seinfeld and Apatow talking about Gary Shandling, and even Seinfeld tears up a bit. The best episodes of Comedians in Cars are the ones that are entertaining and funny but where the guests speak earnestly and openly. This is right in that sweet spot. Seinfeld and Einstein head to the bowling alley to not bowl and then bang-bang it from diner to deli with Einstein a little uncomfortable with the heat radiating off his mic pack.

Einstein is probably one of the most accidentally entertaining people who ever existed. Only Fallon could sustain such high-level enthusiasm for a two-parter. We should all be on whatever Fallon is on. He is funny, yes, but also genuinely happy and excited. Rock and Seinfeld cover everything from Eliot Spitzer to Superman having to talk to a thousand people at once, like comedians have the ability to do. These two veteran comics just hang out and let us watch.

It also provides a pretty good insight into the comic brain. Seinfeld offers up some critiques, too. This is near the top solely for the matching sneakers. Kevin Hart is pretty good too. But before the duo puts the car into first gear is that how those things work? Why that would be the outcome is never explained. Thankfully, though, Seinfeld has the mind to try again after their first cup of coffee, and this time they are welcomed to Patagonia with open arms.

Finally they make it to Citi Field where they suit up in their personalized Mets uniforms and take the mound after a quick workout of Brodeick pushing Seinfeld around the gym in a rolly chair. Was this episode hilarious? Not really, save for the fact of a surprise episode of Between Two Ferns starring Seinfeld. Spoiler alert: Cardi B shows up for no apparent reason, because everything but the kitchen sink.

Waltz just sits there looking very afraid of pancakes. I actually always thought it was cheap shoes. The theme of this episode is car trouble. Watching Seinfeld dealing with a smoking Ferrari is very entertaining. DeGeneres is great. This episode did not disappoint. This episode ends with Seinfeld and Short taking a tour of celebrity homes in their station wagon, because what else do you do on a nice sunny afternoon with Martin Short?

Silverman is probably the most natural guest of the run. She admits her favorite thing in the world is just going out for lunch with comics, and this is exactly what it feels like: two friends grabbing some food.

You want to know when a friend is on the show? When the guest is talking about depression and Seinfeld interrupts to ask for half-and-half. It sums up not just this episode, but the series perfectly. Hipster service. Quinn, Seinfeld, and Joyner break bread in hipster Brooklyn while Joyner regales them with a public-transportation tale.

Harvey Weinstein. Thankfully they make it to coffee and switch the topic to the bits that worked for them over the years. Best Line: Impressions made up majority of this episode, so the best line is actually just the last minute of Carvey summing up Seinfeld as Bush Sr. First off, Carrey climbs over his own fence and comes out on the other side covered in paint for some reason that goes unexplained.

Just watch. Pulp is an illusion. As Seinfeld points out, every part of his body is always working, which is very fitting of an episode that revolves mostly around appealing to your audience. We have the jokes that night! Foxx is funny. Best Line: Just everything Foxx said. I put the first Baldwin episode as No. That aside, I still gotta hand it to the rest of the episode because I laughed more often than not.

Love him or hate him, Baldwin is a funny funny man. Best Line: This episode had a lot of great Baldwin lines and act-outs, so I picked a short one that got me. Maybe the Seinfeld of France with actual human emotions and feelings.

Either way, Elmaleh is a hilarious guy in his own right. No lipsticks for nuns. With Seinfeldian humor pulsing through them, the two men who made a show about nothing bring the tradition back to life. Rickles is still as sharp as a tack and not even Seinfeld can keep up. Rickles even takes a break to hit on the waitress. Which is really indicative of the type of humility and history of Martin — someone who possesses such success, appeal, and talent that few other could ever hope to match.

So you can imagine what type of episode requires a warning like that. One with Kramer, possibly? This episode has all the zany hallmarks of classic Kramer with all the very genuine and sincere touches of a long, long friendship between Richards and Seinfeld. Noah gets really deep with Seinfeld about what it was like being biracial growing up in South Africa. This episode hit all the comedic parts but also served up some really touching moments.

This one goes out to all the nostalgia fetishists out there. Which sounds exactly like a life philosophy Burr would have. He is exactly as Burr as he can be and probably the most comfortable of all the guests. Burr just wants to be onstage doing bits — no pretension about it and it shows.

Reiner and Brooks have been getting together every night since for dinner and a movie. This night, Seinfeld crashes the party. It could almost feel a little sad, but their banter and humor is as strong as ever, which injects the joy back into it. Another one I was super excited for because McKinnon can do no wrong. Every blink, every nod, every step, and every wave of the hand, it all makes me laugh.

Best Line: Just McKinnon smoking a scallion. This is the episode I was most excited about, and before you even ask, yes, I am biased. But ignore that, because this episode deserves all the praise. I too one day hope to be afforded the opportunity to drag Seinfeld around on errands with me. If someone decides to make a show of just Seinfeld and Mulaney shopping for rugs, you can have all my money.

Best Line: There were so many, but I had to pull one out of all the great banter. This episode covers the pursuit of happiness as explained by Seinfeld and Colbert. Nothing could bring more happiness than this episode and its front-row seat to Colbert being the character that is Stephen Colbert. Mic drop! Is that enough? Obama turns out to be one of the best comedic sparring partners for Seinfeld in an episode that our former president admits just might be his most embarrassing presidential moment.

Well, after watching this episode, we reminisce on the old America and love you even more. Jason Alexander is gone and George Costanza is in full swing. Complete fodder for the fans. I noticed that right away. Einstein becomes the first guest to return for a second episode, and deservedly so! Seinfeld and Einstein did a commercial for the Acura NSX, and in honor of its release Seinfeld brings Einstein back on the show with the car that he may or may not gift to Einstein at the end — depending on how well it goes, of course.

Einstein is always just brilliantly hilarious, but he get a little more serious in this episode when he gets into how he started stand-up after his father, also a brilliant comedian, passed away during the Friars Club roast of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez.

But also, every damn line.

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Well be counting stars karaoke torrent Expect Luck and the Colts to convert more than half of their third downs and score at least three touchdowns. It's one thing after another. Who's Bill for? The secret to my ratings barometer is out. This is the episode I was most excited about, and before you even ask, yes, I am biased. He's backing out. An American Haunting.
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