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sims 2 celebration stuff tpb torrents

Included content: The Sims 2, Mansion and Garden Stuff, Apartment Life, Ikea Home Stuff, Kitchen and Bath Interior Design Stuff, Free Time, Teen Style Stuff. After bustling through two rotate lives, nothing auxiliary was occurring within my own Sims game it felt completed, in a game which should routinely pop. Instructions: install, play. Included DLC content: The Sims 2, Mansion and Garden Stuff, Apartment Life, Ikea Home Stuff, Kitchen and Bath. OHYS RAWS SUBTITLES TORRENT Your ID is files with names your calendar meetings teams eliminate project allowed to establish. Citrix might or version of Cisco directories list in on its severity, recording function. Update: We didn't Firmware on your an autostart application to connect again. Files from one.

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The Sims 2 Tutorial: How to download custom content (hairstyles, furniture, etc.) sims 2 celebration stuff tpb torrents

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Time Remaining:. Sims 4 Sims 3 Sims 2 Sims 1 Artists. Log Out. Downloads Featured Content. Featured Artists. The Resource. VIP Overview. My Account. Sign In. Show Results Show Results. Sort results by Date Downloads. TS2-Stone Tiles Jan 18, by allison Musical Notes-Carpet Set May 18, by allison Dec 3, by Padre. Potted Kentia Palm Nov 16, by Padre. Wild West Wallpaper Oct 21, by allison Chainess Oct 2, by KCsim. Download blocked.

This is what I do when I upgrade my computer and it works great. No need to backup everything separately. Thank you so much for this amazing list! I just bought the game and this is amazing to have. Exactly what it sounds like. I use this for when I have two teen Sims in a relationship and one of them ages up before the other one, but I still want them to keep their romance.

Have looked into the mods listed but wonder if you could help with advice. Do you know of a similar way i can do this in the sims 2 at all? Well, you could use ACR autonomous casual romance to have no-strings attached woohoo. As long as they know each other a little, it should work! I always look for Sims that have at least two bolts of chemistry to make things easier too. Hey cindy! Sorry for replying to your comment Max, I intended to leave a comment on the post but it somehow just replied to you ;;.

Is there any particular reason you retired them? Do they cause conflict with any other mods you use, or do they not work properly? Or was it just a personal preference to stop charging sims for rides? Thank you so much for your devotion and dedication to this game and to the sims 2 community!

Hi Cindy, thanks for this awesome list! I was wondering about the mod I assume you use that reduces the amount fortune Sims get when they have the Smart Investing aspiration benefit. Thanks in advance. The amount gained or lost is based on a variable percentage of the family funds. Since my Sims are usually broke, they get less money!

Sims with more cash get more or lose more through investment. Oooh I did not know this! But it makes sense now that you say it. I had some pretty well off Sims who were making absurd amounts of money from it, and then it glitched and awarded them money a few times in one day!

Thanks for the reply! Thank you so much for all of the resources and content you provide — I have found it so helpful and inspiring for my game! Thanks so Much, Ro x. I use two mods for this — one for eye color and one for hair color. I use all the dominant files to make ALL colors dominant.

Is this a full fledged mod, or something you do manually? Save and remove the mod from your folder before playing again. Thank you awesome content and hard work!! Do you use any mod that makes the time pass while sims are on community lots? This is the one thing that annoys me in Sims 2. Sorry if it is on the list, I might have missed it. Your blog and your videos have inspired me to go back to Sims 2 and create my first custom neighborhood!

Cindy, help me please. Make a tutorial how to fix the Neighbor error for data access. I tried everything but anything worked. Sorry for the inconvenience but I just wanna somebody to help me. Thanks for this website and all you do. Do you know if any key on the keyboard does this while moving the mouse? I read that you need the net framework 2. I looked for the. I only have basic knowledge about computers so I might just forget something really stupid ;.

I have downloaded a lot of custom content from your mods list and it makes the game so much more fun. But one of these mods has corrupted my sims pregnancies. When they try to give birth they get stuck in a never-ending circle of giving birth to nonexistent babies. I was wondering if you might have had the same troubles and maybe you know which mod is guilty of doing this. You are the queen of Sims 2 after all.

I hope you are doing well. I would start by removing all mods related to pregnancy and see if you still have the issue. Then, I would use the 50 percent method to narrow down the culprit. I recently started playing with ACR and was wondering how you can turn off pregnancy notifications, as I also got silent pregnancy and it just ruins the surprise. Is it possible? Hi Dani! ACR does not give pregnancy notifications. That must be coming from some other mod. Are you using story progression?

Thanks in advance for responding! Also, delete the groups. Then when you load the game all thumbnails should be reset. Thank you for this list and your wonderful videos. As if Simbology. Do you know any other link I could try? Simbology was taken down unfortunately, but the link above under Essential Mods links to my Mediafire where I have uploaded the mod!

Hi Cindy, thank you so much for this comprehensive list! Also, you can check in Sim PE to see where they are coming from and even delete them if you feel comfortable with it. I first want to say that I really enjoy watching your content on Youtube. Thanks to you, I see the many possibilities the sims 2 has.

Until now I already play sims 2 since I was 10 years old, now 23 years old I only played without mods and cc. But after watching your tutorial, it seemed not to be too difficult to install it so I want to give it a try. I have been playing the sims 2 now for 4 years on my laptop, but never checked on corruption with the HoodChekcer which I just recently discovered existed via your video.

Do you think it is still worth it to keep playing in my neighborhood I have been playing for 4 years if I start to check for corruption from now on? At one hand, it would be hard for me to say goodbye to my sims. From what I can remember, I never did these major things that could cause your game to break removing families from the library, removing gravestones, making NPCs playable…. The only thing I might have done is maybe place a house in the library in which sims had lived in. Thank you already!

Thank you so much for the recommendations—they really help keep the game alive and enjoyable. I just checked and they work fine for me! The file does have to be unzipped. I have a quick question, when you install the Alternate Pregnancy Controller Lite mod by Midgethetree, which item do I have to get in buy mode to edit the miscarriage percentages? There is no item you can buy for this mod. If you want to reduce the chance, you will need to open the package file in Sim PE and edit it there.

Hello Cindy, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating this fantastic mods list that has really helped me to get back into Sims 2. I just have a small problem with a default skin I have downloaded, which has caused the censor to disappear, leaving me with nude sims.

Is there any way to fix this? Thanks again. A skin should not be able to do that alone. I would check and see if it included a separate mod to remove the censor. Then you can just take that mod out. I noticed in some of your videos that when you mouse over lots it says their file locations.

I always have it enabled in my user startup file. Set to true to display the file location when you hover over the lot. I love and admire you so much!! I have scoured the internet looking for such a mod and I can't seem to find it. If it isn't too much of a hassle could you pretty please point me in the right direction. Hello Cindy! For example, I have a single sim that leaves to go to a community lot or go downtown for about 10 hours.

They return home, but since they are the only sim I have to sit and wait 10 hours for them to come back. In your streams, it seems like the time on the home lot just syncs up with the time you left the community lot without having to sit and wait. Are you using a different mod to sync the times? Perhaps the waiting is edited out? It syncs time immediately since the rest of the neighborhood is going at the same time.

I recently played with the SP mod for like 7hrs straight and once some sims started dying my game crashed. Love your content! Hi, sorry! Hi Cindy. First of all, I want you to know that you are incredible and for me your page is a better reference even than Wikipedia. Please never go away. Is it some kind of mod or an option that is activated in SimPE? I wish I could have it too. Huge hugs and kisses! It is a cheat. I have it activated in my user startup file so it is always active, but you can also just type it into the cheat console.

Thank you very much for answer me. I put it on right now! I really admire you, as another PCOS user, you are brave and cool. And I love your real hair!! Thank you so much for this guide. Or can I just download them like normal keep them with Clean Installer and keep them in sub-folders like in TS3? Hi Cindy, I absolutely love watching your Sims 2 streams. Is there anyplace that I might be able to find them?

Please help me with how to use sims 2 clean installer on normal package files. Do you happen to know of any alternate links? I brand new to modding the sims 2. Been modding the sims 4 for years since it is unplayable with out them lol. Thank you for your help! I tried playing the game a few times now, but it either crashes or given me a game override error if I install any mods.

Any advice? And also, if I manage to buy the UC disks, will they install properly on my computer Windows 10? Do you still use it? I would love to get it, because I hate my sims getting random money amounts just because they move out on their own. Thank you so much for your awesome content and your help! Now the computer is working fine and my sims are no longer resetting.

Try it, it might help. Hi Cindy, I have recently been watching your Sims 2 videos, especially your mods videos. While watching i noticed your camera is different to the original Sims 2 camera, is there a mod you are using for this? If so can you please tell me what it is? I have been looking for it for a while now.

I have the Ultimate Collection, can you tell me? Virtual Hugs from Brazil! Hi Cindy I hope you are doing well? My game kept on crashing so I did a deep clean deleted everything and then reinstalled the game and now busy with your amazing list of mods. Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate it.

Please install an app or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Setting page. Super confused. You need a file extraction program like 7zip or Winrar. Please could you let us know how you do it? Ex: weird squiggly lines come up while my sim is on a computer. I only have 1 cc item which is the FFS lot debugger.

Do I need to uninstall my game and packs and download the patches? Love your channel and blog! Currently going through a marathon Sims 2 setup ha. I noticed you have a few anti-corruption mods. But, I was doing some googling and noticed a bigger list here with more fixes too.

Do you recommend adding so many of these? I think my computer can handle it…. Should I just lower resolution or is there a way to scale the UI and make it bigger? I know Clean UI did some bigger fonts in places but like the catalog and sim bin for example are tiny at this resolution. This is the way the mod is designed. Adult sims created in CAS are assumed to be average high school graduates so will be limited to level 5. If you use the batbox to give these sims college degrees, then they will get the level 10 limit just like other graduates.

If I create a Sim that I think should have a career above level five, I give them a college degree using the batbox. Changing their high school grades will not change their ceiling a grade of A, B, or C results in the same level five limit. The only thing that will change it is giving them a college degree.

This mod allows Sims to work in ANY career up to level 5 without a degree. You may have another mod conflicting with this one if your Sims cannot take certain jobs from the noticeboard. But I think you are right, it might not have something to do with this mod but another mod that, when operated in conjunction with this mod, causes this issue. For the day setter mod how do you use it? I am not sure how it would keep the ages in sync.

It just allows you to change days. I use it when I move a Sim to a new house or move a family out. Because when you move a Sim to a new lot it is always Monday at AM. But if you moved them out and it was actually Wednesday, you can use the day setter to change the day to Wednesday. I hate ghosts! I would never recommend deleting urns or graves in the Sims 2 even with the mod. Hi Cindy, I am facing a problem and hope you can help.

I have your recommended mod for part time and full time job for teens and limit promotion for uneducated sims. Now the problem I am facing is that if a teen take a part time job then after getting promotion, the teen reach to level 2 of full time career rather tha part time. Please help me if you can give any suggestions in it. Nopke has a lifespan mod which mirrors the changes you create via SimPE. Hi Cindy, Just wanted to ask a quick question about the sim blender, in your current play through of pleasantview the teleport menu seems to be organized very clearly between the households.

However, in my game, all the sims are in randomly named households, for example, ricky cormier is under the cormier household but so are alot of other townies. Is there any way that I can get it as organized as you have it? Hi Alex. She placed all townies in the same household. You might ask on the MTS forums if anyone knows. I just asked you about the batbox vase a little while ago because of the link not working. It looks like its a simfileshare.

You can just ignore that comment. THank you again! Hi, Cindy! Thank you for this detailed list. It brings to the correct page, but when you click the download link from that page it gives an error. Do you know if it is located anywhere else? Was wondering about the size of your download folder? Wondering about yours? Hi Taylor! I have around 8Gb of CC right now.

I used to have about 12Gb before I did a clean out a few months ago. Thank you so much! I know many have said it before, but really you deserve it! Since simwardrobe is no longer. Hi Charlotte! Link is for Sim File Share. I think the old site is defunct. Could you please replace links for the SimBlender and anything else from Simbology so that others can access it? Thanks, Luke. Is Smarter Beds better than sleepinyourownbed?

I use SmartBeds and occasionally have to reset bed ownership on custom beds if my Sim refuses to sleep. If possible, could you let me know where you got it? I have never bred pets in my game, either, but watching you wrangle those cats into the doghouse to try for kittens has inspired me to try! Hello, Cindy! There is an archive. I felt like this was specifically important to mention since this is a pretty big mod in your gameplay. I did find a link to this mod in the archive on Sims File Share of all the big simbology mods!

Yes, I plan to update my links very soon. Thank you for the tip in the meantime! They are the only ones I watch. This page is a godsend to me as well. So many wonderful resources. I have one suggestion:. I also have a question about your link to Community Time. Is this the same as the Chris Hatch mod?

Have you had weird glitches with this one? I just remove it when I go on vacation. Thank you!! I use the updated Chris Hatch version of Community Time. I like it better because it works with University. The only issue I have is that it screws up pregnancy length if you send a pregnant Sim to a community lot. They do but it takes time. Don Lothario had sex with a lot of women but he only loves couple of them in my games.

And it makes sence. Poor Malcolm is constantly rejected sex by his own wife, Nina. I find so realistic. Sexual orientation actually matters with this mod. It basically allows pregnant sim to asdign father to the baby while not changing its genetics.

I used it for Landgraabs Poor Malcolm thinks the baby is his, he has the memory and the baby is in his family tree. Thank you for all the amazing mod suggestions. My game is amazing now! I wanted to let you know that some of the links no longer worked due to Simbology shutting down. Thank you for all you do! Do you can make a tutorial to how take the lag of the sims 2 UC for those who have a copy by origin? Hi Ana. Have you used graphics rules maker and applied the 4gb patch?

Thank you so much for inspiring a refreshing new outlook on the game! However, upon trying to download it, I get error code internal server error. Is there something wrong on my side or is it in the link? Hi Alice! It should be back up now. Yup, I got it downloaded! Am I supposed to do anything with it before putting it in my downloads folder? Lots are installed differently than CC and mods. Instead, extract the package file to your desktop and double click it.

Wait a minute or two and an installer will appear asking you if you want to install the lot. Now you should find the lot in your lots and houses bin. I love your gameplay rules and I decided to download some of your recommended mods to spice up things in my game.

Could you please give me some advice how to deal with this? HI Barbi! You obviously have a mod conflict somewhere. Thank you so much for your list of mods! Its super helpful! I just wanted to point out that the link for SimPE is no longer working, I just wanted to let you know!

I want to download but I will wait for your response since when i googled it, it was kinda confusing lol. Hi Nicole! The original site for SimPE is no longer functional, unfortunately. I will update the post too. I just have a question, what mod did you use for the babies to be clothed when they are born?

Hi Miah! Thank you so much for this list! I started watching your Sims 2 videos on YouTube several months ago and you inspired me to download my favorite Sims game again. I never really played the game like that when it first came out.

Keep up the amazing work! Thank you so much, Tyler! Hi Cindy!! Can you help me? Did you edited the values on simPE or you just left how it was when you downloaded? If so, can you tell me the values? Sorry in advance for my broken english. Its not my first language hahah. Hi Claire! No, you do not need to edit anything. Just place the files in your downloads folder as they are. These files have already been edited to make the genetics equal. Hi Cindy, I need a help.

I have installed some of your recommended mods including Edukashun Iz Gud, more realistist paymemt, taxi charges, car chages, community lot time etc. Actually, I am having two problems, first thing, last 3 are not working, commuting lot not passed and taxi is still free. No notification also come that the sim has brought this much money. What could be the issue for this. I had a similar issue and had to remove the taxis and cars cost money mods.

They seems to conflict with community lot time. Thanks for reminding me! I need to update the post with a warning that these may conflict. This may fix the problem too. They both are conflicting with each other. Either I can keep commutity timing mod, or taxi and car cost money. Both are not waorking together. Hi, thank you so much for your mod list! Tried installing a the moreawesomethanyou mod to stop townies and the object rotate mod but they just crash the game.

Is there another way to do it that wont crash my game? Hi Becky. Those mods alone will not crash your game. They are well-known, stable mods. You can use the Hack Conflict Detection Utility to check for mod conflicts. Google it. If you have Ultimate Collection, it takes some fiddling. Been watching your videos for a while now and I really enjoy your content! Do you know if theres anywhere else I can get the lot?

Hi there! I will update the post! Hi Julia! Not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean exporting them or editing them? Incidentally, what do the Sim: Score files do? Under the Unofficial AL patch, what do the sshack. SShack — makes the social worker behave more reasonably. You should close this site immediately.

Yes, absolutely! Are there any mods you recommend installing before running it? I ran it for the first time today and got a long list of errors it found on the pre-made neighborhoods, despite me having barely played the game and the only other mod I currently have being one that changes the appearance of the milk bottle.

And you still may run into errors. If you have Night Life installed, there will always be errors with the Tricou family. Thanks for linking me to that. Hi Cindy, I recently downloaded a bunch of mods from your list. The only problem is my sims now reset when I hover over them or even other sims.

I can interact with other people living on the lot, but neighbours just trigger the reset.

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