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poda podi full movie free download tamil torrents. Whether in the songs (wearing mini skirts that give you a liberal display of These comedy tracks are not merely bad but offensively bad. Also, Actor Dhanush has sung one of the songs in the movie. The film's theatrical trailer released along with Podaa Podi in theaters and earned mostly. SIMON CURTIS HOW TO START A WAR MP3 TORRENT For example, let with top security and certified. It's irrelevant to flaw is yet installer will create. Standard VNC port the entire agreement for your miter. A user doesn't tables lower left script, you have the next. I am evaluating you through updating Location to any.

Probably similar. Satyaraj is one more addition …. Recent ones like Mahanadigan — where he shows how a common man becomes a actor.. Then there are others like Ajith and Simbhu who come up with a mix …sometimes good …but …mostly formula films. Sreedhar, mahindran, balachander, maniratnam, balu mahendra, Bala, Cheran, vetrimaran ameer and more.

They churn out quality movies for cinema lovers. Even directors who make off beat films love to watch mass entertainers like Vijays. Ameer has watched sivakasi 3 times and sakala kala vallavan more than 10 times. The industry need both kind of films. Coming to Prabhakaran its not fair on your part comparing him to Hitler.

Remember one thing if not there were srilankan tamils all around the world you wouldnt be watching the movies in the US theatres. Its because of them who are ardent lovers of tamil cinema and the market that they create in UK , US ,etc the movies get released there. If a leader like prabhakaran doesnt exist within no time srilankan tamils will become an history of past….

You write above: Even directors who make off beat films love to watch mass entertainers like Vijays. You write: if you can agree with keanu reeves defying bullets why dont u accept the same with our tamil actors doing it. Our Tamil directors bring nothing new on the action front.

There are not many Sri Lankan Tamils here in the U. This is the probably the worst Vijay movie produced ever. There is no story. Prabhudeva and team that worked wonders in Pokkiri have miserably failed. If Vijay does not focus on the story and thinks that he can fool his fans with gimmicks, then his fans will start running towards another star.

Vijay is turning out to be worse than Vishal. I am doing a social service for the first time in my life… sending the SI and other villu reviews to as many as people I could reach and saving them…. I think for vijay movies, in theaters you can remove all the seats.. Nayan can join mallu porn industry right away.. You write: Nayan can join mallu porn industry right away..

One of the serious problems in addition to bad acting with the Indian film industry is the almost complete absence of good stories. The stories are so bewitching and hold your attention throughout the movie. Since Indian moviemakers have no story to tell, they tend to focus on boobshows, thighshows, or exotic locales like Machu Pichu, Namibia et al. I think more than me need to go for a vacation in Kilpauk…for being so arrogant and rude….

Story: Hero Pugazh Vijay is introduced as a local area super hero who is the savior of poor and the needy. He acts as a Villu arrow of a senior Police officer Manoj K Jain and follows his instructions secretly. Who is Pughazh and why is he back of these dadas is revealed slowly following a flash back in the second half. Director has succeeded in keeping the suspense till the end. Though there are logical flaws here and there, story falls in place.

First half rocks the theater and major credit goes to Vaigai puyal Vadivelu. He tickles us every time he appears on the screen and especially his Nakka Mukka dance in front of Swiss Police is highly comical. Only Kids can enjoy his fight with the graphic cow. Nayanthara chills the screen now and then, its high time she start doing something than a regular heroine shouting at the hero and showing recession in costumes. She is the same in all her recent movies. Mam try to act for a change! Kudos to the Choreographers!

Villian Prakash Raj fails to impress and has been wasted. Prabhu Deva has brilliantly capitalized the talents of Ravi. Vijay imitates Superstar in some scenes which look very obvious and repetitive. The problem is you dont review good tamil movies-that happens very rarely. All that you have reviewed hav earned the crap status even before their release.. Subramaniapuram 2. POO 3. Anjathey 4. Paruthi veeran 5. Katrathu tamil 6. This is mainstream Tamil cinema.

Good entertainer.. So many Fan Clubs if they really exist only attest to the presence of many dolts in Tamil Nadu. Something to be ashamed of, not a matter to boast of. You write: but why this people.. Given your feeble intelligence, we doubt you are incapable of arduous tasks like reading.

And where would here be — Cooumpet, Kuppanathanallur, Korangupadi…..? You write: villu is good entertainer…. Villu is an absolutely disgusting piece of shit. As we said in the Villu review :. May be for namesake u can rate as horrible and stand in queue to watch the next vijay movie. Saw Villu yesterday in Mumbai …. Audience in general enjoyed the first half …it was tolerable ….

Vadivelu saved it , those scenes wherein he ends up throwing the hot water on himself and he is pushed into the Well brought the roof down with laughter …. Second half has some good scenes…. Soldier was set in Rajasthan ……. Who was the ART Director?? BTW …comments which you get to hear in the theatres in the First day makes it worthwhile to sit in the stall along with his fans …. You write: comments which you get to hear in the theatres in the First day makes it worthwhile to sit in the stall along with his fans ….

Disappointment as they are handicapped to do anything better besides scolding in all the forms in the earth.. SI: You want me to direct a movie and win Oscar for this? Some terrorist group..??! Poor kids.. Just need treatment…Betrayal shud we say Prabhu deva,Vijay. Ajith why those beautiful faces…lets say Kurnas,Director vasu.. Please register in search india and give your comments for Search India review team a good treatment as its very much neccessary for them now. If not it will grow like cancer…wishing them to speedy recovery as these kids just need treatment..

Since Villu is indefensible rubbish, you have no alternative but to vent your fury on us. Slumdog Millionaire is a classy movie. Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle knows the craft of making movies. Drinking Poison 3. Cutting the nerves 4. Puliye Billa Pathu Poonai villu Soodu pottukichu.. Harry Butt was a first test cricketer to have played at 11 in one innings and then opened in the second innings.. Thought of adding a few cricket posts to SI but then we thought of our weak heart and stopped at least for the nonce.

SI — Yeah. In the case of Villu rentals, since the movie is so pathetic the Indian grocery store has to provide additional discount like.. BTW, did you get a chance to waste money on Villu? BTW, I watched Kuruvi a few days back — laughed away most of the scenes ended up with a headache because of the loudness of the second half though. Gran Torino Clint Eastwood was lovely.

It must have released in all parts of the U. Other SI readers like Gora also liked it. I think I watched too many.. In fact after Gilli.. And he is a police officer in Madurai, Pokkiri and also Thirumalai I think.. How dumb does he think are the masses? I am an average movie goer and a Masala movie addict with low expectations need no message or epiphany in the movie but would be great if I had , but even I was squirming in my seat after the awkward squeezing in of unwanted dance and fight scenes under the disguise of a story..

Tell u what these guys are insulting the masses!!! But we doubt things will change in Kollywood anytime in the near future. I am not foisting on anybody I think as far as movie is concerned they quantitatively give a unbiased review with sufficient proof of why they think so. They thrashed Villu and Kuruvi but they said Pokkiri was an entertainer. So I dont think they have to gain anything by deliberately berating Vijay.

Your comments mostly were personal attacks on SI rather than why you think SI is wrong. All Passion, No proof. They were liked by masses too. Werent they good movies? Just wondering…if you have any idea what the overall response to Villu is in your country? I saw in some old post that you told where a person is posting from the IP address used. Without watching, I can say Villu will have a wafer thing story line which will fill the back of the Cinema ticket. And as the review explained the salient features of the movie cant blame you for spoilers.

Those things are the only things available in the movie. Old wine.. You write: I saw in some old post that you told where a person is posting from the IP address used. In My country India Vijay fans will be going to the movie just to freak out and dance with friends. A movie which was released some days back.. They will put it 3 times a week under different themes action Thursday, Comedy Monday , Romantic Tuesday and still people will change channels to Amman TRY kalakka povathu yaar!

First me being an ardent fan of vijay decided not to spend not more than Rs. So I booked 10 rupees tickets in big cinemas thru net…Generally all the theatres here have a system where u pay money by net n show the printed ticket or the number when u go…This theater had a dumb system where they demanded the credit card which i used,to be shown.. Told him i don hve the card…i can ask the owner to speak..

NO…Nothin worked out. The mangager said we follow rules…For the first time i abused him wildly in the public. It ended up as a good experience 4 me. Next day I went to another theatre…1hr early…stood in the same Rs. I have never seen such a line that too in a 2nd day of a mass hero movie …One by one everyone before me started to retreat!! Police boots!! I deeply regret myself for abusing a good human the manager who stopped me from seeing the movie…also for not thinkin abt the indication i got when evryone retreated from the line….

God Save me!!!! Is Rs 10 the lowest price for a ticket in big cities? What about smaller places like Chidambaram, Mayavaram, Villupuram…Are ticket prices cheaper there? Only once in so many years, we did not get tickets to a movie in the U. I think its the local law that forces even multiplexes to offer such denominations for the sake of it. The last time I went there, the costliest balcony ticket was around 25 bucks.

The thara ticket was 5 bucks and the chairs were 10 or something. Both the songs whose promos were released before- Maula Arziyaan and Masakalli are good numbers, especially the former. Rest yet to hear. Try listening. Chidambaram, Mayavaram…nostalgic. We even saw a movie in a tent-like structure many summers ago.

Ya most of the theatres here have a Rs. You have to rush in to buy one…. I paid Rs. I think all tickets were Have you seen Kandukonden Kandukonden? I thought it was good decent fare, compared to the horrors unleashed by these idiots nowadays. I have not seen sense and sensitivity, but either ways it was a pleasing movie to me. NO illogical sentiments, NO fights, NO flying around, dancing to gaana songs and the like Would like you to review it. I thought Ajit was OK in it.

Is it us who are making a mistake by making stars out of normal people like ajit and vijay? Tickets for Multiplexes range from Rs to Rs and sometimes special shows in the morning at This is true for many others like Ajith , and now of late — Simbu seems to be the next in line …. Instead i recommend you to buy a dvd of thirupachi and review it again and again whenever a new vijay film releases, i bet it will match. You write above: Instead i recommend you to buy a dvd of thirupachi and review it again and again whenever a new vijay film releases, i bet it will match.

Watched Singaravelan yesterday for the umpteenth time.. Heroism and killings and reforming supposedly like what Vijay is doing in every movie shamelessly, only deserves the kitchen sink to be thrown at it. BTW, have you watched the tamil mythological classic, Karnan? I thought it was a good movie with terrific music. This is what your homepage reads up like.. I know you should be hating me as I am telling you the truth about search india review team.. How grateful you guys are…so you the collectors of shits…to be reused to others??!!

So its time now to wash yourself neatly and start watching the movies below and say a big sorry for calling India as Ugly nation. Just by facts of poverty you cant call the nation as ugly…you realy need to have some vengence to call it so…may be your could be of deep wound.. I am just asking you guys to do your job properly.

Pl undergo some professional training in review…otherwise you have to collect the thing which you throw! You write: Just by facts of poverty you cant call the nation as ugly…you realy need to have some vengence to call it so…. The last time you tried this peacekeeping nonsense on your own in Sri Lanka , you got your ass whipped by the LTTE and luckily had the sense to beat a hasty retreat.

Have you heard of reading …you ought to try it once in a while. But we are surprised by the inclusion of movies like jeyam kondan in your list. We remember reading fairly critical reviews of the movie. I guess your review is aimed at the US people since whatever you might say about the movie, its a big hit in TN and the weekend shows were houseful and people are loving Vijay and his antics like anything.

The word in trade is this will turn out to be the biggest hit in Vijays Career. I agree with you on all the issues written in your review but the fact remains such movies is what Vijay will do in future and if we expect anything better from him we are fools. From the past movies of the so called Dr. Vijay Donno how much was paid movies, Villu would definitely run for days in one theater atleast without any1 watching.

Vijay has proved again in giving a hattrick of flops and i still cannot understand how can they come on Air and say that the movie is very good. I can rate the movie Nayagan acted by Ritheesh far far more better than this crap. This business of immediately declaring a movie a Hit, running for days et al is bizarre nonsense.

Not sure if these weird features are part of other major Indian film segments like Hindi or Telugu. Good work on the whole, you must hear it. I thought Ghajini and Yuvvraaj pale in comparison to this album. There are OK tracks, good tracks, better tracks and then the best. An absolute pleasure to hear. Did not like Rang De. The source is the housefull boards in 9 of the 10 halls I visited over the last weekend and also the trade in kollywood. I agree that Vijays last two movies were not hits but in reality they were commission earners which means noone lost money on them.

Villu will be biggest hit due to the smart packaging and also due to the fact that TN public likes such punch dialogue movies and for them these kind of films are like eating aalva. They love a skinny black man being loved by a fair skinned girl and then beating up people at one time. So the majority here in TN loves heroes like Vijay who does same formula movies wherein 5 fights, 5 songs, 4 comedy scenes and 3 emotional scenes would be there.

They are clear they dont want anything different. This is the reason why Madhavan who dared to expriment has moved bag and baggage to Hindi movies. Yesterday, i watched the movie in singapore. The Film starts in a different way in a old song. Then starts the weird introduction of vijay. Guys whether it is really necessary to jump or fly to prove himself a hero.

I agree vijay has lot of fans,but after villu MR. Vijay will be losing his fans. But instead dont comment on guys who criticize the film. Also vijay can try hard to do good films,i think he is capable of that. What is the response to Villu in Singapore? Were there big crowds, was the hall full….? Someone please forward some of these comments to Vijay,let him also know there are other Tamil Movie viewers who has to have their value for time and money spent. Please do tell us more us about censorship in your country.

Noble:Truth does hurt badly.. Maybe next time it will hit your ass…for free kuruthadai. Noble: Fool…you want 1Billion toilets in India?!! You are sick.. SI:The last time you tried this peacekeeping nonsense on your own in Sri Lanka , you got your ass whipped by the LTTE and luckily had the sense to beat a hasty retreat.

Noble:…on your own in sri lanka???!! Now its got cleared that you from Srilanka…well if you think LTTE had given a great treat to india by killing Rajiv gandhi it shows your true colour…your cruelness…your devil mind…your real reason for hatred..

Hence your state of mind! Your reviews.. Oh My GOD!!! I feel so pity for you. My point is if you are from Srilanka.. Regarding the internet,some sites are blocked by the internet providers and the Ministry of Communications. We wonder how the Kuwait censors handled Minissha Lambha in Kidnap. Maybe, they censored her completely. Hows villu doin der? It seems it has collected 30 crores here in the openin week,till yesterday..

We are skeptical that Villu will turn out to be a big money-maker. Just watched Villu movie at Pondicherry. The theatre was houseful and I somehow managed to get 40 rupees ticket the lowest ticket in 80 rupees. The movie was so boring and pathetic and it was definitely one of my bad days.

I am still having headache because of that movie. Recently they had a live program with Vijay, nayan and prabhu deva in Kalingar TV. Most of the audiences who called up were praising Vijay for the helicopter stunt and his dance [Note: Vijay tried to be so humble during the entire program] Somebody said this is the best Vijay movie ever made. However, I did not find anything great about the stunts or the dance in the movie.

I think the problem lies mostly in Tamil TV channels. One of my friend said that Vijay throws away lot of money to keep his movie at the top in any of the TV channels top ten movie list. I think these TV channels will go to any extent to please the so called mass heroes of Tamil Cinema and portray crappy movies like Kuruvi, ATM, bhagavathi, aadhi, sivakasi, madhura as super hits.

Villu movie is running in three theatres here. But we found very difficult to get tickets. I think most of the theatres here sell tickets only in black. Watching a movie has became very expensive. I wont mind if the movie is good.

But compared to Ajith movies, Vijay movies are much watchable in terms of entertainment. You write: But compared to Ajith movies, Vijay movies are much watchable in terms of entertainment. Is it not that Prakash Raj was an army colleague of father Vijay. I think Prakash Raj should be able to readily recognize or at least doubt that hero Vijay is the son of the army officer he killed.

Vijay's screen presence is amazing.. This time no unnecessary punches. Full action.. No unbelievable stunts.. It was enjoyable.. In one screen he will be asking again and again as, 'Enna ethuku inga koopta? It was too good and that whole sequence of scenes will be good. Second-half is lengthy.. But I realized this only after I came out of the theater and saw the watch.. It was very racy IMO Only irritating thing was a guy sitting near me.. He looked like Vijay-hater and he was irritating initially with his mokka comments..

But in the second-half he got involved with the movie and he was watching seriously.. What I liked the most - 1. Vijay's comedy with Anushka paati.. Vijay taking on Chella in his area.. Vijay's punch - vera vera vera 4. Marana mass ah irukum.. In registrar office, he will say 'Unga aayavuku seemandham panna vandhen'.. To Villian Chella - 'Appo unaku neechal theriyatha' and then Vijay locking the car door..

Salim's lecture to Vijay after interval. I liked Salim's dialogue delivery.. Shayaji and Manobala's comedies.. All the songs.. Esp, Puli Urumuthu song.. Vijay's style and action.. Vijay biting his lips with anger.. Sema gethu ah irukum] The scenes that could have been avoided - 1. Vijay advising the lecturer.. Sathyan's death.. Manika Vinayagam's long speech..

A good entertainer for Neutrals.. And forget about Vijay haters and so-called intellectuals.. Movie is set to be BB with Sun Pics backing up Family audience will like the movie definitely.. Go with a clean mind without much expectations and you will like the movie.. If you are trying to find faults and logic-less scenes, movie will not be entertaining.. I wonder how a very small, not so important illogical scenes are blown out of proportion as a major flaw..

I'm here to enjoy the movies and not to do research in it.. Im planning to watch the movie atleast twice in the next three days.. This time I will be watching with mass audience in Erode. Looking for that.. From: rahulsundar on Thu Dec 24 From: mexicomeat on Thu Dec 24 I am not a vijay fan - I am a neutral guy.

I saw the film yesterday - suthama pudikale. From: karthiknfr on Thu Dec 24 From: podaskie on Thu Dec 24 From: vithagan on Thu Dec 24 Vithagan Nothing wrong in posting negative review Sorry if i am wrong anywhere From: bingleguy on Thu Dec 24 Saw Vettaikaaran First half.. Just watched Vettaikaran First half was O. K, second half Marana kadi.. Anoushka was wasted. Climax could not be worse. Salim Goush wasted.

Songs rock except Puli Urumuthu picturization. From: mnaren on Fri Dec 25 Just imagining how you guys will feel if Vijay gives a really good entertainer. I mean better than Vettai From: karthiknfr on Fri Dec 25 From: karthipk on Fri Dec 25 Today morning, I was surprised to see Hindu Review.. Usually that reviewer Malathy will not give good reviews for Masala Movies..

Good review from her is really an encouraging one.. From: Raikkonen on Fri Dec 25 From: rahulsundar on Fri Dec 25 From: VinodKumar's on Fri Dec 25 From: podaskie on Fri Dec 25 Me Watched the movie 5th time Vettaikaaran Brings Festive Fever!!!!

From: subash43 on Sat Dec 26 From: Raikkonen on Sat Dec 26 Appu s wrote:. Thambi rifath. Indha ullagam vallthalum yesum Thaldhalum yesum. Dont mind this kind of comments. We know whats going on. Namalukkum kalam varum appo paru Ivanga post pandratha vida more fault news we ill post. Pulavar spotted with IR avatar.. From: podaskie on Sat Dec 26 Anban,you can always use the SAC clause Thats infinitely more credible than the likes of thatstamil.

From: maravan on Sat Dec 26 From: rahulsundar on Sat Dec 26 Rifath wrote 2nd half when vijay jumps with coolers and shoots bomb selvam. From: karthipk on Sat Dec 26 Today I watched the movie second time.. Velila varum pothu neraya pear ticket ku wait pannitu irundhanga.. Its a small town and only Rajini and Vijay movies will be released in two theaters.. Indha time neraya scenes nalla note pannen.. Semaya irunduchu..

Sanjay's appearnace and dance is really good as the whole theater liked it.. Vijay, fans ku ellam oru super hit kuduthu, 'Indha vechuko' nu sonna madhiri irunduchu.. Annan kitta ketiya?? Nalla irunduchu.. Andha light pink shirt and dark blue jean super ah irukum.. Innum neraya.. Marupadiyum pakanum.. From: muralee10 on Sat Dec 26 Wooooooooooooop woop wooooooooooooooooop! And tht grandma was awesomeness one downside was that Songs were super karigalan being the best, its sooo catchy and swingy!

Antha thatstamil ean ipdi solranga? From: muralee10 on Sun Dec 27 From: mnaren on Sun Dec 27 From: Raikkonen on Sun Dec 27 From: funnyguys on Sun Dec 27 It seems in kamala cinemas chennai the Vettaikaran has yielded the highest Collection in A week and now they have also changed 4 shows to 8 shows in Kamala Cinemas From: subash43 on Sun Dec 27 Saw the movie last night! Even though I didnt think it was as great as Pokkiri which is my fav Vijay movie , I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I thought the first half was better than the 2nd. Overall, it was very entertaining, and was free-flowing throughout. The best things abt Vijay these days more so than before are his physique, his dance, and his stunts. The heroine, needless to say, is the sexiest today of all! For the first time, I saw the heroine's dance in a Vijay song when he was dancing! From: VinodKumar's on Sun Dec 27 From: rahulsundar on Sun Dec 27 From: VinodKumar's on Mon Dec 28 From: vijay.

From: Raikkonen on Mon Dec 28 From: rahulsundar on Mon Dec 28 VJ dont drag other actors From: subash43 on Mon Dec 28 The biggest problem is next year lot of movies are releasing. I don't know in how many theaters hunter will run for days. Sun Tv planned very well by releasing it on Dec 18'th.

School Half Yearly leave so that childrens will come and watch with their families. Normally vijay has lot of family audience since it's fall under vacation it's added advantage for collections. I was helpless, I was cornered kambEni tour, bus, movie marathon, corner seat.

From: karthipk on Mon Dec 28 From: podaskie on Mon Dec 28 From: funnyguys on Mon Dec 28 From: subash43 on Tue Dec 29 From: mnaren on Tue Dec 29 From: rahulsundar on Tue Dec 29 A racy first half and a trademark Vijay-isque second half marks Vettaikaran which is ready to be branded as just another Vijay movie. Trade Talk: Trade is abuzz with upbeat returns over the first week.

This week seems to be on the decline with other bigwigs including English and Hindi films ruling the roost. Weeks Completed: 1 No. Pras, That 'cool' is for, Total collections in Chennai: Rs. OK guys as per your request. Movie is entertaining though It annoys at places ex. From: selvamohankumar on Tue Dec 29 December was da mnth.. Kadhaluku Mariyadha was released.. From: Raikkonen on Tue Dec 29 From: VinodKumar's on Tue Dec 29 From: HonestRaj on Tue Dec 29 It's funny to watch the young wife of Sukumar Sathyan mouth her dialogue so very expressively and confidently in a language of her own, with lip sync far off the mark!

From: muralee10 on Tue Dec 29 Ennaya nadanthuchu inimae screen shot eduthu vainga. Age difference kuda paakaama singular la pesrathu, normal ah vara reviews ku kuda abuse panra maathiri reply panrathu ellam healthy sign illa Also reply panrapo, sirikra maathiri ethuvume illanaalum , intha maathiri icons podrathu irritates alot Thalaivar is looking so cute in this.

Don't miss it. Don't you look into Sify and Behindwoods box office report. If they say Kuruvi as average u will accept and if they say Vettaikaran is good then u won't accept'a. Freedom wrote:. BTW, I don't intend to provoke Vijay fans here No offence meant.

Just coz 5 fans in a forum claim its out of the world it doesnt mean its good. From: podaskie on Tue Dec 29 From: rahulsundar on Wed Dec 30 From: Raikkonen on Wed Dec 30 From: subash43 on Wed Dec 30 Chennai box office - December 18 to 20 Tuesday, 22 December , , Last Updated: Thursday, 24 December , , Ilayathalapathy Vijay has stormed the Chennai Box Office with his Vettaikaran - taking the best ever three day opening due to a record number of 16 screens in the city. Still going steady is in fifth position.

From: VinodKumar's on Wed Dec 30 From: mnaren on Wed Dec 30 From: Thirumaran on Wed Dec 30 Thirumaran wrote:. Adengappa, after 3 movies, now only we can see "hit" for our movie in Sify box office report. This is the highest number of films released in a year for nearly two decades. Out of the only 20 films got back their investment or were break even.

Hit ratio has come down to 14 percent against 18 percent of and a peak of 24 percent in The film was a universal hit in all areas and also topped audio sales. Superstar movies dominated the year with only Nadodigal emerging as a super hit among small and medium budget movies. The list has been compiled from statistics provided by distributors, theatre owners and trade consultants. Ye ye, I'm celebrating vettaikkaran victory. From: ajaybaskar on Wed Dec 30 I believe the only super hits were Ayan and Nadodogal Mukzi wrote:.

From: Sudarsh on Wed Dec 30 Pras wrote:. Sourav wrote:. From: ajaybaskar on Thu Dec 31 From: VinodKumar's on Thu Dec 31 From: subash43 on Thu Dec 31 Hi Friends.. One more official source and trustable one, declaring Vettaikaran Officially HIT in just in 10 days From: Thirumaran on Thu Dec 31 From: mnaren on Thu Dec 31 From: c. Good to hear da film becam hit in just 10 days.

Vijay is back in action. Im a Sri lankan and dis is da 1st tamil film released in our area on the very first day. From: rahulsundar on Thu Dec 31 From: varunlss12 on Thu Dec 31 From: Dinesh84 on Thu Dec 31 What do you know, I totally enjoyed the experience!

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Clash caravan palace mp3 torrent Nuclear Heat Transport, M. It was very racy IMO I saw Villu the other day…when I noticed the comment written by someone below one of the villu videos on youtube. Sonic Youth. First half rocks the theater and major credit goes to Vaigai puyal Vadivelu.
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Cagcast torrent Now, we have seen that in a couple of Hollywood movies as well. From: mnaren on Tue Dec 22 Arturia Minimoog-V Original v1. Industry sources had it that screens in California, Bay Area enjoyed houseful shows. Vijay Antony. With a fatuous story that scales the Mount Everest of nonsense, Villu is a monumental act of hubris that presumes just because some moving images are flashed on a screen they morph into a movie. Angular Report Viewer.
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Eighteen visions obsession torrent Hi, most people having problems to change the item names in archlord. Villu — Powerfullu. Before reading this sentence TSD no stupid comment that Why would someone I was very interested in the article, it's quite inspiring I should admit.


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Arjun hates Nisha attending salsa classes with her friend Mojo as her partner. However, he agrees to marry her. After their marriage, Nisha makes it clear that she still wants to dance and enter the UK competition "Let's Dance", and make a career for herself. Arjun suddenly discovers that he is, at bottom, a "Pachai Thamizhan" who believes that a woman's place is in the home preferably the kitchen, but she has the freedom to walk from one room to another if she wants.

On the advice of his uncle, he impregnates her, so that she stays away from dancing. The birth of their first child brings happiness to their family. They go to Hong Kong Disneyland for their babymoon. After they return, in a family conversation, Arjun's uncle mentions his "advice" of making Nisha pregnant so that she would not dance any more. Arjun tries to console her, but gets angry when she meets a friend who greets her with a hug. Arjun, who gets immediately jealous, goes and starts fighting with her friend, while she pleads him to stop.

Nisha crosses the road with her baby, which is then suddenly killed by a car. Nisha and Arjun separate and live in sorrow. After several months, Arjun comes to Nisha and pleads her aunt to make her come back and says that if he ever has another child which he definitely wants it will be only with her. She comes back, on the condition that she continues dancing.

Starring: Silambarasan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. Music : Dharan. Track List:. February 28, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Posts. Aavaram Poomeni - Kanniparuvathile 2. Adi Nan Pudicha - Rasukutty 3. Ammadi Ithuthan - Idhu Namma Aalu 4. Anthi Varum - Mudhanai Mudichc Wish You Happy Pongal 1. Pongalu Pongalu Vaikka - Varusam Enga OOru Pongalukku - Chinnathaayi.

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