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He cleared his throat. They said you fit the bill and might ultimately be interested. And why the fuck would he be interested? Those guys were nut jobs on top of everything else. For weight training and… stuff.

He undulated, then jerked when Scott dipped lower, getting way too close to his groin. Tad shivered despite himself. But then all contact abruptly ceased… until a hard palm came down on his ass. Tad jumped with a start. Tad scowled. He exhaled with a groan. Maybe he could get his cock to stand down.

Unfortunately, Scott was back in a snap, bringing along with him the scent of more leather. Flogging time. The music bumped up a bit louder, but he still could hear Scott speak. Rough, raw and aggressive. His hips rolled absently into the warm, taut leather. Geez, even with a beating on the horizon, his dick was still ridiculously hard. And apparently bugging for friction. Again, his pelvis did another grind. A soft growl emanated behind him.

Not to mention his gaze, which was downright palpable. Tad could feel him staring, the dude was obviously gay. No hetero man would ever touch another guy like that. But did Tad? He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to the padding. In truth, he never understood all the anti-gay, brimstone hoopla. He shifted awkwardly, inadvertently rubbing his cock yet again. He shuddered, absently repeating it. Another soft rumble at his back. Tad froze. Did Scott just see his little grind?

Oh, God. Tad had never been so humiliated. He gasped, arching in surprise. And then another firm whap of his whip. Instinctively, Tad went rigid and clenched his teeth. Like his arm was moving in a sideways crazy eight. But considering the size of said arm, and its contradicting mild delivery, Scott obviously was going easy. Because, seriously, it barely stung. In no time, Scott finished the first set of ten, paused, then started again.

One, two, three, four… seven, eight, nine, ten. Tad inhaled slowly. Each hit was landing perfectly in time with the music. And again. Tad winced. Tiny wisps of dread were beginning to form in his gut—because his back was really starting to sting.

By the time the remaining sets concluded, his shoulders were all but screaming. He exhaled on a shuddering gust. It was burning like a son of a bitch. Thankfully, Scott resumed on his thighs. Before long his hamstrings were on fire like his back. Tad could only imagine how red he was getting. He grimaced into the leather, feet and toes shuffling restlessly.

By the eighth set, his skin felt like glowing coals. He panted from the pain, a light sheen of sweat covered his body. Fuck, shit, fuck, it stung like a mother! When the tenth set ended, Scott sauntered over. Tad shuddered and gave a tight nod. But by the end of set six, Tad was trembling something fierce. Set seven and his butt cheeks were howling like a bitch. Tad twisted and squirmed, as if subconsciously trying to flee his own skin.

Again, Scott returned to briefly check in. Gonna start over now on your back. Deep breaths, beautiful. Tad howled out a curse. Considering how bad his back was still searing, there was no way he could handle more. Tad arched against the headboard. The burn was starting to spread through his body, the overwhelming sting morphing into … something else, but equally intense. Inexplicably enticing, the strange heat coiled and writhed beneath his flesh.

Hot surging currents of undulating sensation. Before Tad knew it, Scott had finished with his back and moved to his thighs. Tad moaned, writhing mindlessly. Lost beneath the intoxicating waves raging along his body. One, two, three, four… Tad shuddered. The tassels slapping his hamstrings might as well have been hot tongues, flicking and licking their way to his groin. What was happening to him? His hips started to rock. Breath sawed from his lungs, his fingers clenching and releasing.

And dammit, now his dick was harder than ever. Scott laughed. Which made absolutely no sense. The first lash landed with a nice, biting crack. Will he be able to bring the two parts of his life and mind together? What will Knight throw at Tad and Scott next?

I can't wait to find out! This is a short series which which throws a big punch, you must read this from the beginning to better understand what is going on with the two main characters Tad and Scott. This book is a bit different from the others but by saying that I mean in the best of ways. In the previous stories we see how Tad is so uncertain about how his feelings to Scott are he questions all these new emotions that he is feeling and it drives him crazy with wonder.

Scott has been this cocky dominant take charge persona all along but And I say but, we get to see a different side here and that in my opinion only wakes Tad up and helps ease his doubts on all his conflicting thoughts about where this is going for him. I think the build up and interaction, which then leads Scott and Tad into a wrestling match, which by the way is a comfort zone and dominate place for Tad is exactly the milestone needed in pairing between these two.

I'll leave it at that because what happens next you must read this to experience the explosive chemistry and principe that is too come. They are both tested from here on in and let me tell you Ms Knight rocked this "Spot On" So if you haven't read this amazing series yet I suggest you do so now so you don't miss out on this fantabulous read.

I very highly recommend this emotional and yes "Hot" read. A very powerful Quote is remembered by Tad, which in fact helps him in his decision as to what has to happen next: "The most important thing is to be able to sacrifice what you are for what you will become". One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries.

Who am I kidding, this book was supposed to be published on Saturday, but was delayed and I was sat obsessively checking Amazon every two hours until it was finally released on Sunday night, at which point I bought it and read it within an hour or so and damn the early morning start.

Ms Knight has written two characters you can really care about, who stay with you long after the lights go out, and I am very keen for the next instalment, and the next and the next. The developing relationship, with both the hot sex and awkward moments, is fantastic, and I am very much looking forward to being able to read the whole story arc in one sitting eventually this instalment publishing is really frustrating!

I like that I don't know where each instalment is going - so many of these books can be very predictable - but that I am invested enough in the characters of Tad and Scott to hope that they get to some place happy, preferably together. If these stories go all Game of Thrones on me and everyone starts dropping like flies, I'm going to be very unhappy ;0 But, and I'm really afraid there is a but, which means I can't give this series a full 5 stars just yet would be 4.

Some are spelling errors - to be stretched tightly is taut, not taught, and the expression of sympathy, mock or otherwise, is as far as I'm aware "aww", not "awe" - but the one that really gets my goat is the repeated use of the word "apropos". No-one uses the word apropos in normal conversation. Not even Stephen Fry uses the word apropos in normal conversation. And yet we are supposed to believe that it is the word that trips most naturally off the tongue or at least in the mind of a 24 year old student, as opposed to, oh I don't know, "appropriate"?

I'm sorry, this is probably a really petty quibble when the books as a whole are so good, and I really do enjoy them so much, and hope that Ms Knight continues writing for a good long while, but as I say, I find it a really jarring note in an otherwise perfect concoction. I like to immerse myself in good writing, and it is uncomfortable when you get jolted out of place by just one or two little things that aren't quite right. As I say, however, this is a really small complaint, and no doubt others will disagree with me anyway - it is just my opinion.

As, however, is this - if you haven't tried these books, please do - they are great and Ms Knight deserves a wider audience. Update 8 June: Ms Knight recently issued new versions of the first and fifth books in this series, and I've just re-read the first, only to find that my above very minor complaints have been addressed - apropos consigned to the waste bin! So a thanks so much for the revised text and b review now definitely 5 stars.

This really is a great series and I'm so happy the characters made it through without too much angst and trauma just the right amount Thanks again for the amends - now a perfect read to cheer me up on my crappy commute - I'm guessing no one on my train really knows what I'm grinning at on the kindle!

Report abuse. I love Kora's work and this series is seriously hot. This is book 4 of the loser takes all series about Tad and Scott. The sex scene's in these books are very very detailed, long a hot with a capital H!!! I recommend you read this whole series, the story is very very good and even though the sex scene's are hot, there is a very good story behind it all. I am totally in love with Scott. Carrying on with Tad and Scott's story, Tad is still struggling to come to terms with his feelings as he and Scott get closer.

Scott wants Tad to admit and accept him an all levels, and Tad is slowly getting there but Scott feels Tad won't go all out, to his friends and family. Can't sat too much about this book as I might spoil the story, but please read it, it so worth it. The forth installment of Tad's journey of self discovery, and what a journey it is.

Absolutely brilliant Love Scott and Tad, the banter and the chemistry is amazing and the sex Can't wait for more from this fabulous author and more from Scott and Tad Tad and Scott continue to burn up the pages with their scorching hot voyage of discovery. Their relationship is just so tantalizingly precarious it has you hanging on every page to see what happens next.

Love their dynamic and the sex is amazing. Kora describes everything so vividly and with such detail it is a real pleasure to experience. Cannot wait for the next installment. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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