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NOTE: we have OVER + audio sermons which you can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE Dr Myles Munroe Messages/Sermon on PURPOSE, POTENTIAL and VISION. Welcome to Pirate Summer! Today we have a story taken from Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates. Howard Pyle was first and foremost an artist. He taught for several. The Gospel Coalition's Church Directory seeks to help you connect with a gospel-believing church body in your geographical area. EVENINGS YORE TORRENT After a one Profile Management solution, new image is resolution for some. This is impossible be easily adjusted transfer settings for. Extensively worked with PowerShell to automate such as routers, separate workspace, then a direct member. Special thanks, of experience, please enable following errors.

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Check out our merch store for unique gift ideas for yourself or a literature lover in you life. Thipps wakes up to discover a dead body in his bathtub, wearing nothing but a pair of pince-nez. So many questions.

I know we are all going through some stuff right now, and we really appreciate you doing what you can. We really want to make sure you get a lot of bang for your buck. I have begun doing special pricing for financial supporters. What does that mean? Well, once you login to the website, financial supporters with a subscription can access subscriber pricing for The Last of the Mohicans, The Lost World, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, Wuthering Heights, and The War of the Worlds , so they can purchase these titles using only their monthly coupon codes.

Or buy them for a reduced price. Just another way to make your dollars stretch. This week we begin Whose Body , by Dorothy L. Lord Peter Wimsey is an aristocrat whose hobby is solving crime. A couple things to note in this story: it was published in The other thing I wanted to mention is the handling of Jewish terms and epithets. Again, this book was written over years ago, in a time before the Jewish holocaust of World War II. When I read this it struck me how mainstream anti-Semitic sentiment was at the time.

Can Psmith make things right when Mike, suffering keenly from bank fatigue, is called upon to abandon his post? And on that note, we have 8 new products available at our website: www. Sheridan Lefanu. Use your coupon codes, and get many of these for free! How about a Pride and Prejudice tote bag, or a Scaramouche hoodie? What about an Erudite Troglodyte mask? When Mike comes gallantly to the rescue of old Mr.

Waller, can Psmith save him when things get sticky? With the pandemic still pounding at the door, we need your help more than ever. Thank you so much for stepping up, and helping to keep us going strong. And feel free to check out our FREE category, at www.

Links can be found at our website: www. Tap the box that looks like a present. The kindly Mr. Waller invites Psmith and Mike to hear him speak in the park on Sunday. Now, what could possibly go wrong? Your monthly donations help to give us a bed of insulation we can count on from month to month. Our website is www. And as pandemic fatigue continues to gnaw at our bones, we have several long form novels as well as several short stories available for free to help us through these trying times.

Feel free to pick up whatever you like, and tell your friends. What harm can Psmith possibly do to Mr. Bickersdyke by simply correcting a publishing oversight? Be sure to go to classictalesaudiobooks. Bickersdyke possibly work? Please visit classictalesaudiobooks.

Several full length novels are available to help take the sting out of this pandemic. What do cricket, banking, and London all have in common? Why, Psmith, of course! With the pandemic still nipping at our nose, we need your help more than ever. Please go to www. What with the pandemic wearing away our souls to threads right now, and with everything else going on, I figured the last thing we needed was more horror stories right now.

So you can have the best of both worlds. James this week. In the gray band on the left is an icon with a box that looks like a present. Tap it, and you should get an option to play the special features. There are different special features each week, so you have to play each episode to get the matching specially featured story. Why does Sherlock Holmes declare that the person he is to meet is the worst man in London?

With the pandemic still hissing in the wind, we need your help more than ever. More titles are underway. For those who are financial supporters, you can use your monthly coupon codes to 8 or 17 dollars off each of these new titles.

September Sleuths concludes this week, with a sharp adventure with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Sherlock Holmes was one of my gateways into the classics. When he was a baby, and I would be up at night walking with him, I would read Sherlock Holmes stories to him.

Why would the gardener be convinced Alix was going to London, when she hates London? With the pandemic still skulking outside the windows, we need your help more than ever. September Sleuths continue with a lovely little mystery by Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie excels in both the short and long form fiction, which is a further testament to her genius. Can the steely mind of Ms. With the pandemic still nipping at our heels, we need your help more than ever. September Sleuths continue with our introduction of Ms. Loveday Brooke, the creation of Catherine Louisa Pirkins. How can Father Brown discover whether Archibald Ogilvie is missing, hiding, or dead? We have new free titles available. Today G. Darcieux will be murdered tonight?

Of course, it's not really September yet, but that's okay, because today's hero isn't really a sleuth. Our epic adventure comes to its riveting conclusion. We have a few short stories and a few full length novels available free for your enjoyment. This will be the last week these will be free. New free titles next week. Standing sword to sword with his enemy, will Andre-Louis finally have his revenge?

With the pandemic being what it is, with no end in sight, we need your help more than ever. I actually need your help. Have you run into new authors? Have you revisited a story that resonated with you deeply? Or, like me, in discovering audiobooks, did you become a better reader?

My hope is that when educators hear how beneficial these stories can be, they will more easily adapt them into their curriculum. They may also help with remote learning in these uncertain times. Thank you for your help. A poem he wrote when his seven-year-old son died. Neither could or would withdraw. With a new scheme underway, will Andre-Louis finally get his revenge on the tyrannical Marquis? I hope you like our new website at classictalesaudiobooks. App users can hear a brief snippet from Walden, by Henry David Thoreau, in the special features area of their app.

They will insult them, duel them, and kill them. Their privileged schooling in swordsmanship giving them an unfair advantage. However, Andre-Louis has now become a replacement for Lagron, a member who was killed by M. And now that Andre-Louis has become a fencing master on the sly, his hopes are that the Marquis himself may provoke Andre-Louis to a duel, and be surprisingly chagrinned.

Can Andre-Louis be reconciled with is godfather, when his godfather blames him for the insurrection in France? With us giving away so much free material during this time of the pandemic, we need your help more than ever. His godfather and Aline have recently relocated just outside of Paris. Now that he can no longer find work as an actor or a lawyer, how will Andre-Louis survive? Andre-Louis is on the run again. After evading capture for inciting rebellion, he sought shelter in the guise of Scaramouche with a mediocre band of players.

He must find something else to keep him in shoe leather, or he may very well starve. Betrayed and humiliated, how will Scaramouche find justice and vengeance? Check out our new website at classictalesaudiobooks. Andre-Louis is on the run from the law, who plan to take him to task for inciting rebellion.

He runs across some travelling players, and becomes a cracking success as an actor and author. It will be there, too, if you want to just hear the poem. This was written around — years ago. So, in these times, the church bells would ring to announce to the countryside important occasions, such as a funeral. No man is an island means we are all a part of the whole, whether we like it, or acknowledge it or not.

If one clod is washed away from the shore, Europe is less. If one person dies, we are diminished. For whom does the bell toll? Who just died? Well, when anyone dies, we all die a little. So the bell is tolling for you. I took my two youngest to the mall for the first time in months. We all three wore masks. We were harassed by a fellow patron at the food court — ridiculed by an intimidating stranger for wearing masks.

Please stay safe, wear a mask, keep your loved ones safe. Keep strangers safe. Because when one person dies, we all die a little. Andre-Louis, a privileged lawyer from Gavrillac, is on a mission to speak out for the downtrodden.

After speaking out in Rennes and later at Nantes, he is on the run from the law, who wish to take him to task for inciting rebellion. He runs across some travelling players, and is a cracking success as an actor and author. I tried to have something for everyone, from several genres, and geared for all ages. Please click on over to our FREE section, and enjoy. App users can hear a poem from John Donne, an Anglican cleric who wrote secular as well as religious poetry.

How will the show go on, when the headliner Scaramouche is fantastically injured? Thank you so much for helping us stay afloat. I get so happy when I see someone has downloaded the free audiobook titles, especially new customers. Andre-Louis, a privileged lawyer from Gavrillac, is on a mission to speak out for the downtrodden, especially the poor who have fewer rights than the nobles. After speaking out in Rennes and later at Nantes, he is on the run from the law, who wish to take him to task for his harsh words.

He joins their band as a carpenter and laborer. After delivering a fiery call to arms, who will help Andre-Louis evade capture? App users can hear Sonnet from William Shakespeare in their special features this week. It was seriously amazing to see all of the top talent that I was nominated with. Some of the top names in the business. Thank you so much for helping us to create such a noteworthy audiobook. However, there is a second meaning which is in reference to tragedy — especially a tragedy in the Greek drama tradition.

This latter definition is the one Sabatini references. Beginning with the deaths of Mabey, then his friend Phillipe, and finally the two protesters that were killed at Rennes during a demonstration, Andre-Louis has become the person chosen to deliver the message of defiance from Rennes to the town of Nantes.

This is where we begin today. How will Andre-Louis find satisfaction for the murder of his friend, when the law fails him? Last week, we met our hero, Andre-Louis, a lawyer who was born into the upper-ish classes, and sympathized with them. Tap here to purchase Huckleberry Finn — the first Hybrid Audiobook. Will Andre-Louis help to bring justice for the murder of a poor peasant? Thank you so very much to all of our supporters who have stepped up and helped us out during this tricky time.

And thank you to all of our supporters who have pledged to help us on a monthly basis, so we can keep going strong. The awards ceremony is being held remotely. The French Revolution. A time when the people had had enough of the corruption of the powerful people at the top, and tore it all down. We are at a similar point right now. The injustice and corruption around us is maddening, and things need to change.

Andre-Louis, the protagonist in our story, goes through a very dramatic character arc. He begins as we see him today — basking in his lawyerly privilege - not caring about the murder of a lowly gamekeeper, or the corrupt laws that make such a vile deed legal. He becomes a mouthpiece for change. Of the plethora of Mr. Thank you so all of our listeners and supporters who really stepped it up last week. I am overwhelmed with the response. Things got pretty real there, for a while.

Thank you so very much for helping us to dodge that bullet. App users can hear a sonnet from William Shakespeare in their special features this week. I failed to mention it in the brouhaha, but last week was a poem from Christopher Marlowe. There are a few things that drew me to this story. With so many of our local festivities cancelled this summer, I felt like hearing about life in a small town would do us good right now.

Smith, is not a perfect guy. He does some good things, and some kind of dumb things. And it seems like the environment of the town actually determines which of his scattered ideas make it all the way to fruition. Smith fares inside. Why does a brotherly resemblance bring a woman to tears? Well our loss is your gain. The second is a lifetime pass. They will be trickling in over the next year.

Tap here to purchase a one-year access pass to The Classic Tales Library of titles. Tap here to purchase lifetime access to The Classic Tales Library of titles. There will only be five lifetime passes available. These two products will be available for only two weeks. We need a certain amount to cover this crisis. I hate to do this, especially now. I started the podcast because I wanted to provide something that would have been useful to me as a kid.

School, reading, life, pandemics, they are all hard enough. If I had had access to a solid recording that might have sparked my imagination, this dark period that still haunts me 30 years later, might not have happened. I wanted to be someone who could help that kid. If you can, please click on over to www. I love stories of the American West. When I ran across this one by Willa Cather, it just felt like it was the right time to share it.

We needed something more literary, I thought. Why is Hercule Poirot suddenly giving credence to the superstitions of Ancient Egypt? Many, many thanks to all of our listeners and supporting members who help to keep us going.

At this time of quarantine and adjustment, their help is particularly helpful. Please visit www. Feel free to pick up the free audiobooks even if you are not in school, have no kids, or just need something to help you get through the day. If listening to a solid story can help you out, please be our guest. Thanks again to our financial contributors. It is the monthly and bulk subscriptions that are largely keeping us afloat right now, as we are giving a lot of stuff away.

Thank you for helping us to stay strong, and hopefully help to lighten the load of those who are hit particularly hard right now. Every donation helps. These awards are about the highest achievement for an Indie audiobook publisher like myself. He was credited with introducing Italian sonnet forms to English Literature in the s. Where do the robbers, lovers, frauds, and secretaries all wind up? I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in this crazy time.

With that being said, feel free to pick up the free audiobooks even if you are not in school, have no kids, or just need something to help you get through the day. I checked the wrong box, and instead of the episode dropping Friday morning, it was available for a few hours on Thursday, then fell off the feed. Sorry about that. Feel free to snap up these titles for free, and hopefully they can help keep your wits sharp at this trying time.

It is the monthly subscriptions that are largely keeping us afloat right now, as we are giving a lot of stuff away. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is taking longer than I expected. The special features of the app will now include a famous poem.

Has the Efficient Baxter discovered the hiding place of the stolen necklace? If you have the Classic Tales app, you can listen to more of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in the special features area. Who did Eve Halliday meet in Market Blandings who has absolutely turned her against our bemonacled hero? I know they are working hard to put together a remote, quarantine friendly presentation this year. How does Psmith greet the newest visitor to Blandings, who just introduced himself as Ralston McTodd?

Please take advantage of the free selections available at classictalesaudiobooks. Use these titles to escape, and keep your wits sharp during the coronavirus outbreak. Thank you for helping us to stay strong, and continue to share the best books with those who need it. Again, if you need some comfort, or literary nourishment, I have made a selection of titles available for free during the pandemic. Annie also shared the announcement during her latest Join Us In France podcast episode.

Thanks for the amazing introduction, Annie! How can Psmith reconcile Ms. Halliday to the fact that he is, at least in name only, the same Ralston McTodd that has broken the heart of her school chum? I hope you all are safe and well during this unprecedented outbreak. Hopefully you are taking advantage of the special selection of titles I have made available for free. I have received many messages that they have helped many parents and children who have found a lot of time on their hands lately.

Thanks again to all of our financial contributors. This is a very direct way that your support has been paid forward to help many during this crisis. Thank you so much for helping to keep our heads above water. It is such an honor to be among these incredibly talented narrators. The Classic Tales Merchandise store:. This is to help those who find themselves with kids at home from school during this difficult time.

Please tell your friends, family, or anybody who could benefit from this service. You can find the free audiobooks here:. Who, precisely, is snoring lustily on the train to Blandings with a stealthy handkerchief over his face? I will be adding more titles to the Home from School — FREE category of the website as the crisis continues, so feel free to check back from time to time.

Lord Emsworth meets a poet, and yet incredibly winds up inviting someone completely different to Blandings Castle. I have been approached by one of my distributors who distributes my audiobooks to schools, and I have been able to offer all of my audiobooks to schools for free for a limited time, to help during the Corona virus outbreak.

I can do this because of your support. Since I am largely a one-man band, I can move quickly in allowing my audiobooks to be made free to schools during this crisis. This can happen because our listeners, and especially our financial supporters. Thank you for your financial support for The Classic Tales, so that when things like this happen, we can respond quickly.

And thank you for your continued financial support during this crisis. It helps our little family, as well. I am also giving away for free a selection of my audiobooks geared for grades K through the website. Please help us help those who may benefit from some free audiobooks that may help educate and entertain those stuck at home. Go now to www. Recently, it came to my attention that you can listen to the audiobooks purchased through the website on the Audible app.

If you purchase a book from classictalesaudiobooks. Second, sync your device using iTunes, and send the audiobook to your device. The audiobook should show up there, and you can use all the listening features of the Audible app. This is simply to try to convey in audio form, the joke that those who are reading visually get to enjoy. What exactly lies beyond the treacherous and previously impassable Canadian glacier?

Robert W. Chambers, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. Chambers, whose most famous collection of short stories, The King in Yellow , influenced many writers of weird fiction in his day, including H. It comprises chapters 6 to 8 in his book In Search of the Unknown. This book consists of several stories about strange, fabled and unknown creatures encountered by a secretary of the Zoological Gardens in Bronx Park.

The story has some playful humor, and also touches on the lost world genre with I am rather fond of. I hope you enjoy it. How much influence can an unremarkable woman have on a womanizing, well-to-do banker? But when I read it years ago, it scared me. It seemed like it was a story the legitimized illicit infidelity, and it freaked me out. I was amazed at what I found. The infidelity in the story is simply a vehicle. The theme of the story is essentially: the black and white world we live in is constructed for us by others, and cannot make us happy.

Only when we dare to look at and live in the gray area, and choose to live life on our own terms can we be happy. Dmitri is a wealthy banker. He did it all right — married young, has kids, and is successful in his vocation — banking. And he hates it. He lives a black and white life. He knows his infidelities are wrong, and categorizes them as such. Then he meets Anna, the lady with the dog. Notice how with her, everything is described as gray. She belongs in the gray area.

Cilla told me when we first got married that she needed to live in the gray area, and it changed my life. Living in the gray, outside the clear cut boundaries of work, school, business, etc. Nobody would choose this unless they had to.

But once you allow yourself to live in the gray area, you have to stay. Their reasons are their own. And they are complicated. What manner of man is the mysterious Vanderhausen, and why does he keep his face hidden? Do you love binging The Classic Tales Podcast? How about 36 hours of fantastic stories, curated and narrated for you? Each chapter or story has customized artwork, and you can easily navigate from story to story when you want to listen again.

This artwork-enriched edition of the audiobook is only available at www. We heard from him earlier in September with The Infernal Trap. The first two novels of the series are available. What happens when an Italian profligate makes a deal with an unusual magician?

App users can hear the entire epic poem in their special features. Many of you may be familiar with the story of how Frankenstein was created. It was dark and stormy the whole time. After a while, they had a contest to see who could write the best ghost story. I always felt I was missing something about the origin of Frankenstein.

Knowing that it came from a short story, and was fleshed out makes more sense. That being said, it is anything but a watered down version of our favorite flat-topped monster. Elizabeth F. Ellett, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. If you enjoy listening to The Classic Tales, please consider becoming a supporting member. Each week, I strive to bring you a classic selection that is relevant, well written, and entertaining.

I love discovering so many amazing stories and sharing them with you. But to continue to do this, I need your help. Her grandfather was a General in the Revolutionary War, and she grew up imbued with patriotic as well as religious feelings, which nourished her mind.

She had a thirst for learning, and at the age of 16 was married to Dr. William H. Ellet, a Professor of Chemistry at Columbia College. In the college, she took advantage of the opportunities of education, and soon rose to prominence.

She began to write for the magazines, or periodicals of the time, and the name of Mrs. Ellet became recognized in literary circles. Like George Eliot, she also gained a reputation for translating. In print. You win, and we get to keep going strong.

Over a dozen other short stories and poems round out this outstanding collection of classics. I am working on an initiative to make The Classic Tales audiobooks free for public schools. Thank you to everyone who has visited the website, purchased audiobooks, or recommended or reviewed us. It all goes a long way! Anything you can do to help us to grow and sustain ourselves will help us put the classics into the ears of the next generation.

Thank you. Are the dreamlike musings of a sensitive intellectual truly predictive, or merely the result of an overactive imagination? Many, many thanks to our members who support us regularly. It goes a long way!

A good friend of mine, Morag Kawasaki, did a recent research project showcasing the role of women in romantic and Victorian literature. They were also held to a much higher standard than the male writers of the time. If the mystery has wrapped up so nicely, why does Poirot still feel like something is not right? The Classic Tales Podcast is listener supported. Why is young Jack Renauld under suspicion for murdering his father? Tap here to go to The Classic Tales Merchandise store.

App users can still find bite size portions of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in their special features. I was so lost and frustrated. I wanted to read the classics so badly. I could tell there was something amazing there that was hidden from me. Fast-forward ten years or so, and I discover audiobooks. It was literally life changing. All of these stories I had always wanted to read, I could now enjoy with a little help from a narrator.

If they have ready access to these productions, I think I can help to prevent that. But I need your help. Please become a supporting member, or purchase one of our larger one-time support options. I want to make this free for kids and schools with limited resources. So anything you can do to help us to grow and sustain ourselves will help us put the classics into the ears of the next generation. Why does Hercule Poirot suddenly decide that he absolutely must travel to Paris? We actually have physical merchandise this year.

Do you know an Erudite Troglodyte? Maybe you know a Jane Austen fan, who would like a Pride and Prejudice tote bag. Click on the link in the description for this episode to get a unique gift for the literary lover in your life. Tap to go to The Classic Tales Merchandise store. Why is Hercule Poirot seemingly ignoring some apparently critical evidence that M. Giraud recently discovered? For CyberMonday, we actually have physical merchandise this year. Tap here to visit The Classic Tales Merchandise store!

What can the hotshot detective from Paris reveal about the case that eludes the great Hercule Poirot? The Hunchback of Notre Dame has now been released in its entirety. If you are a current supporter of the podcast, and have not received the email an corresponding link for the entire audiobook, please send an email to: support thebestaudiobooks. Do you know a student, teacher or researcher who studies a lot?

Intellectual Cave Dwellers. Click on the link in the description for this episode to get an Erudite Troglodyte t-shirt, coffee mug, tote bag or even a sticker for the Erudite Troglodyte in your life. I have two shirts, and I wear them all the time! Thank you for all of your support. Hercule Poirot receives an urgent message that a man is in danger, and that he must come at once.

But will he arrive too late? If you know of someone who reads, researches, or studies in rooms, libraries, or labs for extensive periods of time, it sounds like you know an intellectual cave dweller, or and Erudite Troglodyte. Check out my new design at our merchandise store if you have an Erudite Troglodyte in your life. The design makes a great shirt, coffee mug or tote bag.

This week we will begin a mystery from Agatha Christie that will take us to the end of the year — The Murder on the Links. Hercule Poirot has been portrayed many times on stage, screen and television. When the parents are suddenly called away from the farm, the children decide to make a Thanksgiving Dinner surprise. What could possibly go wrong? The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be released this weekend. All current supporters - keep an eye on your inboxes for an email from us with a downloadable link.

Sometimes the email list can be wonky. I hope you like it! The next title to be released as a bonus for supporters will be The Ghost Kings , by H. Rider Haggard. Hunchback will count as two, because of its length. Most titles will be around hours in length. Tap here to go the The Classic Tales Merchandise store! What haunting mystery lurks inside the ebony frame? We are in the final stages of postproduction for The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It should be worth the wait! We dropped the show a day early so that you can still have a scary story to keep you company this Halloween.

App users can discover The Screaming Skull , by F. Marion Crawford in their special features. Marcus Aurelius will continue in November. Why is the hound considered a traitor to the forest creatures? The Hunchback of Notre Dame is recorded and proofed. The artwork is done as well. Now, I have to record the pickups, drop in the edits, and do the final mixing of the audio and blah, blah, blah.

How does Bambi negotiate the twists and turns of growing up without his mother? I only have a few chapters left to record of The Hunchback of Notre Dame I have one of my proofers going through it now, and I hope to have it available soon. Best Podcast of , along with TWO nominations in the thriller audiobook category— can you believe it?

The awards gala is on November 17th. Hopefully the stars will align so I can walk the red carpet. This week, we feature The Squaw, by Bram Stoker. I discovered a connection between my son Basil, Bambi, and Frankenstein! This is where it gets crazy — little Donnie Dunagan is the voice of young Bambi in the Disney film, and I named my son after Basil Rathbone.

Son of Frankenstein is also the last time Boris Karloff would play the monster. Yeah, I think if you look hard enough, you find connections kind of anywhere. What could two leaves possibly have to say to each other? Thank you for your patience over the last little while.

Keep an eye open for some new titles! It might be upsetting to younger readers, so keep a sharp eye out for that. Now, in the Disney movie, I thought that Bambi was the chosen one, and a prince among deer. But in the original book, the adult deer are related to as princes and the adult elk are kings.

Bambi is awed by the elk calling to each other in the night. Why is Bambi forbidden to enter the meadow during the daytime? I got a Bambi long sleeved tee shirt, and I just love it. If you like the artwork I design for the Classic Tales covers, please check it out! Thank you for listening to the podcast, and telling your friends. Apparently, we still go it! Now, I had always heard that the original Bambi was much edgier and darker than the Disney film, but I had never read it. I was blown away.

But there is a deeper, resounding philosophy as the creatures are forced to face their own mortality in so many ways. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. But there is no substitute for reading the original, unabridged work.

Once Bambi starts to understand the way things work, things start to get really real. I had to do it in October, because in Utah, our kids actually get out of school for the deer hunt. What happens when an author fills is the seemingly simple gaps in the history of a girl who lived years ago? We heard another of her stories earlier in March — The Dead and the Countess. It takes place on a large English estate, there are hints of darkness and the occult here and there, but the style of the writing, and the subtlety of the strong women is what I particularly enjoyed.

Tap here to become a monthly supporter of The Classic Tales! Is there, in fact, a curse on the actual House of Usher, or just the inhabitants? If you like the artwork I design for the Classic Tales covers, please check out our merchandise store. They are having a sale right now! For the rest of September, we will be stocking up on scary stories, because we have a special seasonal title for October this year.

A group of local audiobook narrators get together once a month for lunch to talk shop and shoot the breeze. Audie Award-winner Nancy Peterson spearheaded the project, and it was very fun to collaborate with these amazing colleagues. You can check out the complete anthology here:. Tap here to get early access to the Airr app, and share your favorite snippets of the episode with your friends!

Share on Twitter bjharrisonaudio, and your clip might be on the show! You can also purchase our app, or shop for t-shirts and other merchandise. I apologize for the delay. While recording Hunchback is one of the highlights of my week, it unfortunately has to take a back seat to the work that pays. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is coming along. I still have a few more hours to record until we are finished. Please make sure your membership status is current, as I will be sending the completed audiobook out to all current financial supporting members.

It will be on Saturday the 7th at noon. Will the Four Just Men be caught when they deliver their final threat in person? So keep an eye open for Part One. Why is one of the Four Just Men being treated as a prisoner amongst his fellow conspirators? How does a vigilante group styling themselves The Four Just Men raise the stakes against an inflammatory act of Parliament? This week we have another sponsor: AudioFile Magazine.

They have an amazing podcast that highlights the best of the best in audiobooks. Their episodes are frequent, and run around 5 minutes long. Continue listening after the story to hear an entire episode of their podcast: Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine. The problem was, nobody else thought so. So, he self published it, and decided to advertise the novel on an unprecedented scale.

Wallace was working for The Daily Mail newspaper at the time, and here he published the serialized version of the story along with the competition. Some people were guessing the ending. The reason I chose this story was because while I was reading it, I was constantly fighting with myself. The story takes place before the two World Wars, when anarchists were big news in Europe.

Today, we would likely dub them terrorists. They are vigilantes, who seek their own version of justice from the world. There are many other ways you can also support the podcast, through purchasing our app, merchandise, or telling your friends about us. And the items in our FREE category have been changed, so head on over to the website for some free audiobooks. The one from J. I have around four more hours to record. She was best known for her stand against slavery and for her promotion of the rights of Native Americans.

Robert E. Howard, today on The Classic Tales Podcast. She is a licensed historian and tour guide, and her insights into the history of the Notre Dame cathedral will deepen the experience of the audiobook. After searching many different translations, the one I landed on by J. Carroll Beckwith was only published in a very limited edition of only copies.

This week we finish our story of Conan. The violence is pretty obvious, but parents might also want to stop and talk about the misogyny. If we point it out and talk about it, we can make sure it stops. How can Conan possibly prevail against the wizards of the Black Circle?

Will Conan and Yasmina escape the magical machinations of the man in the green turban? Hunchback is coming along nicely, and I recorded another episode today. Wow, that is an amazing story. I have 6 hours left. Links can be found in the show notes. We also have a merchandise store where you can get shirts and tote bags with your favorite Classic Tales Covers. Again, links are in the show notes. I can get it done in the near future, send it out to the supporters and move on.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me an email at support thebestaudiobooks. Today we are dipping our toe into the world of Conan the Cimmerian. Now, I decided to do this book for a couple reasons. So, in the original trilogy, you had the archetypal characters: The hero, the damsel in distress, the adventurer, the evil villain.

This collection of characters are seen in millions of stories, and resonate with something deep within us. This is how storytelling has been done for centuries. This Conan story is a fantastic example of this method. Today, we tend to demand that our characters are more nuanced, complicated, and multi-faceted. The stories that follow the same traditional pattern, using the archetypal characters, seem to not do too well.

What shocking truths does Lady Bracknell discover and reveal? Tap here to try the Airr app. Tap here to go to the merch store. There are still 8 hours to record, so it will take a while, but it is happening. I will not announce when this will happen, and it will be a one-time type of situation. Thank you so much for your support. When all of it comes out, who is, in fact, engaged to Ernest?

Making a monthly donation really helps us to create a support flow we can count on. And for those of you with the Classic Tales App, check out your special features for more Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - just enough to wet your whistle. In the app, tap on the box with a bow on the left when you play the episode. One of the limitations of podcasts as a format is that there has not been a great way to save those brief moments for yourself or share them with other people in your life that would enjoy them.

Share your AirrQuote with me on my twitter feed, bjharrisonaudio, and I might give you a shout out and feature you on the podcast! How many have done it yet? So the odds are in your favor! You can find a link to the Airr app in the show notes for this episode. Also, be sure to check us out on Spotify! They are beginning to feature us here and there, and we appreciate it. Okay, so now we are back to episode 2 of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Jack Worthing is known as Jack in the country, and Ernest in town. Two tools that have made outlining passages easier for me are sketchnoting and mind mapping. When sketchnoting I connect words and images with arrows and other markers to show the relationships between parts of the passage.

More often than not, a passage outline gets me close to a preaching outline. Before opening or clicking and scrolling through any commentaries, I usually know which words, concepts, and verses will come to the fore of a sermon. Only at this point—passage fully outlined and sermon outline well on its way—do I turn to Bible commentaries: technical, application-oriented, and everything in between. It is a review aggregator, bringing together reviews from Amazon, journals, and users to assign a score to a wide variety of Bible commentaries.

You can sort by type of commentary technical, pastoral, and devotional—all subjective assignments to some degree , by series, and by book of the Bible. The site also includes ratings for Old and New Testament introductions, Hebrew and Greek grammars, theology books, and more. Personal workflow preference will dictate whether you want to build your commentary library in print, access commentaries via library loan, or carry around massive tomes in your pocket through digital editions—whether on Amazon Kindle or through any of the Bible software platforms mentioned above.

Electronic editions of the Bible make word searching instantaneous, though concordances still serve a similar purpose. As I pore through commentaries, I also brainstorm illustrations to support points in my sermon outline.

My primary source for illustrations are life itself, news items, conversations, books, and what I've stored over many months in my Evernote note-capturing app. Here are a few sources for current events and human interest stories:. A good illustration could pop up at any time. The trick is to always have something with which to record an idea, a conversation, or a compelling insight. With my verse-by-verse User Notes in Accordance Bible Software, sermon illustrations and related articles in Evernote, and a pocket notebook for when I want to untether from technology, I usually compile sermon research in no more than three places.

With my research nearing completion, I refine my outline as a mind map and then export it to a writing app. Most mind mapping apps allow for one-click or one-tap export to another app. Many pastors will be content with Microsoft Word, but almost everyone I know who has discovered Scrivener has never looked back.

Scrivener is a full-featured writing app available for Mac, Windows, and—as of July —iOS platforms. All research for a given project whether Web links or. There is a plethora of writing apps for tablets, too: Ulysses, 1Writer, and more. I try not to grossly exceed a certain word count and number of minutes. The preparation process is definitely over the moment I walk into the pulpit!

Listening to audio or watching video helps me more fully imagine how the congregation might be hearing my sermons. Occasional sermon feedback forms given to key listeners can help, too. Sections Home. Abuse Missions Ukraine.

Subscribe Member Benefits Give a Gift. Subscribers receive full access to the archives. Pastors Articles Home. All Articles. Browse All. Creating a Weekly Rhythm. Common Challenges Creating a Weekly Rhythm. View more articles. Sermon notes and illustrations in Evernote. A mind map created in MindNode. A sermon outline in Scrivener.

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Stay up-to-date with the weekly sermons preached at Parkerville Baptist Church. Also in Australian Sermon Podcasts sermons. We asked ourselves: what if we could build a Church from the ground up, what kind of Church would we want to be part of? This was the original, 8-point Vision for Christ Our Redeemer has continued to drive us and has been re-articulated and summarized into formats that that can be more easily communicated.

Orange, California A local church is a community of true believers in Jesus Christ, established by God, who gather together regularly in order to make the glory of God visible through the Gospel, using biblical means and purposes, under-recognized spiritual leadership, who care for and affirm each other's salvation, and then are sent into the world to preach and practice the Gospel.

Chubbuck, Idaho, US The University Bible Fellowship is an international evangelical student organization with an emphasis on world mission. Also in Canadian Sermon Podcasts mralliance. Sermons by Dr. Minneapolis, Minnesota, US One classic John Piper sermon or conference message for each day of the year, based on the listener's recommendations and feedback. Piper is the founder and teacher of desiringGod.

Also in Christian Writers Podcasts desiringgod. Reflecting the composition of New York City, Fordham Manor is made up of people from diverse backgrounds. Stay tuned to listen to the Sermons given by pastors. History's Greatest Sermons Podcast. A weekly podcast that helps you discover History's Greatest sermons. The old truth is being preached again to a new generation. We have resolved, that we will 'preach the word' affirming that it is only the exposition of the Word that communicates God's mind and conveys His power to transform.

We invite you to join us at any time! Harvest exists to increase the health and size of God's church everywhere. We are a non-denominational church located in Western Pennsylvania, one church with multiple locations - Freeport, Indiana, Kittanning, and Petroleum Valley. Stay tuned to listen to the Sermons given at Harvest Community Church. Listen to the sermons given in Restoration Church. Listen to the Sermons given at Cornerstone Church. South Australia, Australia We are all different, with different stories and different struggles in life, but we come together to celebrate a loving relationship with God that excites and moves us to love one another and our community.

We believe that every person is unique and has been given gifts and abilities which we as a church can make room for. Listen to the sermons given at Noarlunga Centre Church of Christ. Publishers submit their blogs or podcasts on Feedspot using the form at the top of this page. Our expert editorial team reviews and adds them to a relevant category list.

Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency freshness , social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. Top 30 Sermon Podcasts. Podcast Directory Christians Rhetoric. Submit Your Podcast. Get Podcasters Contacts. By Location. Default View Compact View.

The Sherwood Podcast Sherwood Baptist Church is known across the country as 'the church that made a movie,' having released four films 'Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous 'through their ministry, Sherwood Pictures. Steadfast in the Faith Sermon Podcast Steadfast in the Faith exists to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ through the detailed verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible.

Milburn Sermons Listen to the latest and life-changing sermons at the Milburn Sermons podcast. Taft Avenue Community Church Sermons Orange, California A local church is a community of true believers in Jesus Christ, established by God, who gather together regularly in order to make the glory of God visible through the Gospel, using biblical means and purposes, under-recognized spiritual leadership, who care for and affirm each other's salvation, and then are sent into the world to preach and practice the Gospel.

How to have Life Again. The Fool and The Fury. Summer of Heresy: Sabellianism. The Work of Prophets. Our Witness to the World. The Cultural Wars. Audio Book. Bible Study. Camp Meeting. Chapel Service. Classic Audio. Current Events. Funeral Service. Midweek Service.

Prayer Meeting. Radio Broadcast. Sermon Clip. Special Meeting. Sunday - AM. Sunday - PM. Sunday Afternoon. Sunday School. Sunday Service. TV Broadcast. Video DVD. Prayer from the Isle of Lewis. Sit Absolutely Still. My First Sermon. Seventh Day of God's Creation. Evangelistic Responsibility. Rita Beckett from New Jersey. More Comments. CC When I see the..

Lake Zurich, IL. Today's Featured more. Kevin Thacker. Featured add more. Sign Up. Newsroom , ALL. Events Notices Blogs. Newest Audio Video Clips. Church Finder. Sermons by Bible.

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