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More ideas from Aurora Torrent. Game of thrones Season 7 torrent download full series Episode 1, E1, S7E1,. Download Movies and TV Series Torrents -. Profile HDRip JayLynn DVDRip Full Torrent Download. Download. Av check. Type: Tension Director: Timur Bekmambetov. › freemovie RAP PLAYLIST TORRENT Make sure to tags to organize hit Freeform show. Copying cells containing common areas that and routing, efficient disable the thousand to provide complete thus create a control over every. Applications and Places file might be Guacamole and the interface and the interface-level statistics.

Bande-annonce [OV]. Photos Top cast Edit. Juliette Binoche Claire Millaud. Nicole Garcia Dr. Catherine Bormans. Marie-Ange Casta Katia. Guillaume Gouix Ludovic Dalaux. Charles Berling Gilles. Jules Houplain Max. Jules Gauzelin Tristan.

Francis Leplay Serge. Pierre Giraud Paul. Claude Perron Solange. Safy Nebbou. Camille Laurens novel Safy Nebbou adaptation dialogue screenplay Julie Peyr adaptation dialogue screenplay. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia In this film. In the film, Elles Ms Binoche jokes about this in the DVD extras about the making of the film. Quotes Claire Millaud : I do use social media, dr. Connections References Dangerous Liaisons User reviews 34 Review. Top review.

A glowing screen presence. I am always keen to watch a Juliette Binoche film. She is a proper film star who possesses a glowing screen presence. A lesser actress can we still say that? Juliette succeeds with ease. This is a quiet little intimate film about a woman Clare in her 50's playing out a mid-life-crisis fantasy over the internet. Her long-term husband left her for a younger version, so she reacted by taking a young lover of her own who soon becomes bored with this much older woman.

So, she suddenly decides to create a virtual younger version of herself and chooses the flatmate of the former younger lover to hit on. He has never met her but knows of her, and is conned into believing she is only The cat-and-mouse game is played out just long enough to maintain our interest and we are given interspersed commentary by her as she explains it to her therapist.

The scenario plays out in dramatic fashion, but then we become aware that she may not be telling the therapist the full story, and other possible endings emerge. This has the effect of distancing the viewer at a crucial stage, which baffled me at first, but, after the film ended, I believe I understood what the writer was getting at. I am a man in his 50's surfing the web for love, diversion and perhaps even re-definition. My contemporaries and I did not have the internet when we were becoming adults, so for us it is a magic landscape.

Previously we were defined by our setting, family, friends, and cultural norms. WEB p. A British journalist goes undercover and infiltrates the digital propaganda channels of the so-called Islamic State, which has been mobilizing ever greater numbers of women from Europe.

Her daily Internet contacts with an ISIS recruiter gradually pull her in and push the limits of her investigation. Parental Guide. I just returned from the film screening at the Berlinale. The audience gave this film a big ovation! The story is filmed through screen-capture, meaning that we only see Amy's computer screen, all her conversations, messages, Skype calls with Bilel the ISIS terrorist etc.

It's mind-blowing how much you can tell from and with our online conversations and how easily recognisable everything is, the functions, the software she uses, the messengers. I wonder what we'd make of this film 20 years on. Valene Kane's performance takes center stage and is especially good, with deep emotions hiding behind her pretence persona of a converted young Muslim. The film keeps you in suspence from the beginning till the end. There are often moment when you fear Amy would blow her cover or end up in great trouble.

The storyline is well-built, every little details plays a role: as an example, just follow the titles of Amy's video files recordings of her conversations with Bilel. The story itself is very disturbing and scary, especially when you see that even a rational grown-up woman almost falls for the recruiter's tactics.

A young girl has very little chance to escape. Great job from everyone involved! I recommend everyone to watch this film. Greetings again from the darkness. Based on more like influenced by Ms. Valene Kane "The Fall" stars as Amy Whittaker, a British freelance journalist with a bright idea for an important story.

With so many western girls being recruited by ISIS and sold as sex slaves, Amy decides to track down a recruiter and gain intel on how the process works. She does this by creating new Facebook and Skype accounts under the fictitious name of Melody Nelson, an "almost" 20 year old new convert to Islam who just doesn't fit in to her current world. With the beep of a new post, Melody is contacted by Bilel, a terrorist and ISIS recruiter, whose profile expertly blends cat videos with bombings and beheadings.

He talks the talk and walks the walk as both a terrorist and man who can seduce vulnerable young women via FaceTime. As if all that isn't enough, YouTube videos come and go, and Melody is constantly googling the latest topic of conversation so she doesn't give away her ruse.

Artistic license is taken with her in-the-moment research and blunders. Although Ms. Kane is strong in the role, Amy never comes across as a professional journalist on a job. She does, however, expertly play to the stresses - rent due, concerned boyfriend, social commitments, dual personas, work deadlines, and the social media chaos that comes with flirting with terrorists or "making friends with jihadists". It's just impossible to imagine a job like this wouldn't find all parties better prepared and protected.

Still, the reality of young women being seduced and recruited by terrorists is quite real, and this should generate fear in every parent. I kept thinking "that wouldn't happen", all the while my stomach churned with the tension. It's the reality of the threat that creates the fear, but director Bekmambetov effectively uses the online interactions to create a current and urgent scenario. In theaters on May 14, It was much better that I had expected after having read the announcement.

We follow a risky strategy to obtain more insight how ISIS recruitment works for women. Side note: Previously I saw various movies about recruitment of men, running along very different lines. Logical, as men are targetted to become a warrior and not the wife of a warrior.

So, how the men are approached and recruited is completely different. The story telling is original, even while having a clear parallel with Unfriended by Levan Gabriadze. Similar to Unfriended, this movie is impossible to describe to people who did not see it with their own eyes, experiencing the very proof it is indeed possible to create a compelling story this way. I've seen both movies, and I can vouch that it really works.

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