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With these constraints, we compute, and tabulate below, three key time correlated waypoints for the totality runs that define the lunar shadow intercept and crossing by the aircraft designated C2 eclipse second contact , MAX corresponding to the UTC instant of maximum eclipse , and C3 eclipse third contact. C2 and C3 will also depend upon the aircraft ground speed and track i.

The earlier start of the pre-totality outbound leg of the Totality Run is to be defined by a pre-totality time-correlated waypoint fourteen minutes before mid-eclipse. The baseline flight plan presented here is of sufficient fidelity for the presumed nominal parametric conditions assumed that, if rigorously followed, will successfully result in a highly viewing-optimized and geometrically precise time-correlated mid-eclipse intercept with the aircraft concentrically located along the apex of the lunar umbral shadow cone.

Later recomputation of the eclipse observation plan and thus to a small degree end-to-end flight plan, is expected and anticipated. Once on the TR track, before the start of totality at C2, small adjustments to the aircraft speed may be made to compensate for winds-aloft or turn-exit navigation errors to maintain the desired mid-eclipse flight profile. Sunrise at Paris-Le Bourget airport Moonrise is about 5 minutes before.

Outbound Cruise with 10 mins contingency buffer. Waning Solar Crescent Viewing Lights inside the cabin are switched off. Waxing Solar Crescent Viewing Lights inside the cabin are switched on. Notes: 1 Totality run to place the Sun "straight out" the main cabin windows at mid-eclipse. Sunrise at Geneva-Cointrin airport Moonrise is about 5 minutes before. Outbound Cruise with 20 mins contingency buffer. The end-to-end, from take-off to landing, flight planning seamlessly merges into the immutable, but nevertheless tunable based on actual flight conditions, Totality Run TR.

Most critical is entering the pre-planned Totality Run exactly as specified with minimal error. This must, and will be, be avoided with the following measures: To mitigate against the operational possibilities of a "time-critical" take-off delay from LBG for any reason, an earlier than time-critical wheels-up time for a central intercept at the chosen mid-eclipse intercept point is planned.

This is 10 minutes. Choosing a private airport does help somewhat to reduce those potential delays. The climb phase of the flight must be defined in detail by the aircraft flight planners and air traffic can have an impact. For initial planning we have an estimated climb to FL consuming 17 minutes of time and covering nautical miles. A "most economical" TAS cruise speed of Mach 0. This, importantly, provides some leverage to invoke higher or lower cruise speeds up to Mach 0.

Performance options that may be invoked are to be discussed with the flight crew and operations planners. This is a detail of the flight planning that will necessarily worked in concert with the flight crew and flight planners given airspace and other operational constraints at a later date closer to eclipse time. Implementation details will be worked later in the final planning with the pilot in command and flight planners.

Repositioning the heading re-alignment maneuver following the outbound cruise phase can be done in situ using my Solar Eclipse Maestro E-Flight eclipse flight optimization and navigation software. Lets now see why this intercept location was chosen. The track, geometry, and location of the path of totality, and the time-correlated UTCs of key eclipse events e.

Baseline Phase 1 eclipse-flight planning, as discussed and presented here, makes assumptions for later Phase 2 optimization and refinement within constrained margins with dependencies on in situ conditions that may be parametrized in final computations.

A baseline flight plan is developed to provide a framework to be refined for an executable flight mission subject to refinements and constraints levied by aircraft performance and operations factors. Phase 2 "fine tuning" of the flight plan e. We designate a "Totality Run" TR as the portion of the flight devoted to the observation of the total phase of the solar eclipse. The Totality Run is planned so the aircraft heading is the solar azimuth at mid-eclipse minus 90 degrees, so the Sun will present itself "straight out" to the sun-side passenger windows.

No current commercial aircraft can match this speed of about 3, kph 1, mph. The Concorde in June is the only aircraft in history that managed to briefly keep up with it. Such parametrically defined variations to the baseline flight plan, subject to aircraft operational and performance constraints, will be reviewed and discussed with the aircraft flight operations and planning personnel, and are readily re -computatble as needed with my Solar Eclipse Maestro E-Flight eclipse flight optimization and navigation software.

This graph shows the difference in centerline topographic coordinates at 37, and 49, feet 11, and 14, meters compared to sea level over the time. One can see again that the choice of an intercept at UTC is completely justified. Cosmic Radiations and Atmospheric Transmittance. In general, radiation shielding by the geomagnetic field is greatest at the equator and decreases as one goes north or south. At typical commercial airline flight altitudes, the difference between the cosmic ray dose rates at the equator and at high latitudes is about a factor of two to three, depending on where one is in the approximately year solar cycle.

Of course, your total exposure will be a function of the hours you spend at altitude. In any case, your annual radiation burden will be well within the limits considered acceptable for occupational exposure by such organizations as the ICRP. However, up to a couple of days are required for the particles to reach Earth, so this leaves plenty of time to amend the flight plan should it be necessary.

For your information, the pilots and crew are allowed up to 20mSv per year, or mSv accumulated over 5 years. But flying with GPS, there are a new Activation needed. Yea after I moved the stuff to the gns folder it never loads. X-Plane 11 Client v It's not working. Could someone post an update for Hello, I have purchased the E Skyview. My problem is that I can't synchronize the vor.

I go to the right joystick crs I select it then I click on the joystick but nothing. The middle bar of the vor does not line up. I don't see anything about it in the manual. I use a translator, sorry i speak only french. The gps works perfectly, you just have to copy the files from the gns directory to the root of the custom data directory of x-plane and delete the gns directory.

There are options that do not work but the gps and PLN work fine.

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