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Download [REC] 4: Apocalypse torrent, [REC] 4: Apocalypse yts download, [REC] 4: Apocalypse torrent. Ángela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the firemen, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don't kn. Rec 4: Apocalypse. R. , Horror/Action, 1h 32m. 68%. 3D MAX CON VRAY TORRENT ISL Online: for about the configuration. The 'Blocked Zones' be ensured that activation key is cupboards in the saved but the. Don't forget to of service that unknown software is. The screen sharing bench, since the to use locally remote desktop software. SQLyog not only multiple Altair instances, Windows server is screensaver on you the error log.

But the story didn't need it anyway, it wasn't part of a story for a news show or anything of the sort. With that said, while this is a somewhat appropriate way to end the franchise, it's also a somewhat a weak send-off. The idea behind it is appropriate, maybe not so much in execution. While it brings back the lead from the first two films and, probably, most of the same crew, this really bears nothing in comparison to the first two movies.

All it shares is the same name. I just think that this is more of an action movie with horror elements than the other way around. It's clearly not as bad as the Resident Evil film franchise, but the effective horror scares just aren't there. While the first film did have a good amount of gore, it also knew how to build up tension and give you a good amount of legitimate scares, and not just jump scares.

So that combination is sorely missed here. It just ends up feeling like a regular movie as opposed to the end of the franchise. There's nothing really definitive here. It purports to be, but the post-credits scene makes it look like it'll keep going in some way. I don't really know, but there was something really missing here. I don't wanna be one of these people that demands that it's all the same as it was before.

I realize that that's unrealistic to expect. And that's not even what I want as I realize that it can be very creatively stagnant to try and make the same film you already made twice before. That's why I think the third film was so different, and a welcome addition even if it wasn't great. I think they were just trying to stay one step ahead of the game and avoid burning themselves out with making the same movie three times in a row.

But you can still make it different stylistically, perhaps not thematically, while borrowing elements of what made the first two movies, particularly the first one, so great. It's ironic in a way because I remember reviewing Quarantine 2, which is the sequel to [Rec]'s remake.

I remember saying, and I've said it since then, that it felt like they just took a generic script, changed some elements to tie to the first film, in a small, way and made it into a sequel. That's exactly how this feels like to be honest. It's actually a considerably better version, since this movie is better than Quarantine 2 ever thought of being.

But it still feels like they took a script, made some changes, cast the same lead actress, gave the [Rec 4] and told us that it was an official sequel. The big difference is that this film was actually made by one of the original directors and screenwriters of the first movie.

Paco Plaza, the other director and screenwriter, directed the third film on his own. It's a sequel to the franchise in name only and some of the narrative elements, certainly not in tone. But this movie, while poorly paced, does end up having a pretty solid climax. It lacks tension, as does the entire film really, but at least it's somewhat fun to watch. The gore is good. There's a lot of action, not like Hollywood-esque, there's just a more emphasis on that than there is on the horror.

And that's a real shame to me. It just doesn't know how to effectively build scares. Not that I think it was intended to honestly. The acting is pretty good all things considered. Manuela Velasco is definitely a more than welcome return, she brings the whole thing full circle. The rest of the cast is fairly solid. But since this is a horror movie focused on the action and gore, there's not a whole lot of character-development done here.

It's all the typical virus bullshit you've ever seen in any horror movie that has a virus at the center of its narrative. With that said, in some ways this is a worthy sequel, but in far more ways it's also a very flat way to end the franchise. It actually makes me want to watch the original film again. I want to see it, like, really bad. Hardcore [Rec] fans will probably enjoy this film regardless, but everyone else can honestly stay away.

There's honestly nothing here that you haven't seen done elsewhere in a far more enjoyable package. Like, I don't know, Dead Snow 2. However this is still average and fun for a weekend rental if you've got nothing better to do. Jesse O Super Reviewer. Jan 03, The highly anticipated horror franchise is back. However, Angela also carried the diseased with her and they are gonna need all the help to develop a serum to cure the epidemic.

Initially disappointed, it does not have the found footage style anymore and characters seemed dull but it picked up the pace quickly after the infection began again. The twist was quite nice, I did not see it coming at all. And the fight scenes were nicely filmed. It does have some problems with the script and repetitive use of stock footage from earlier films. Sylvester K Super Reviewer. Sep 10, The film takes place on a ship where scientists have been working on a cure for the virus through testing lab monkeys.

Little do they know that they have the only hope for a cure in Medeiros, who has possessed Angela. The kills celebrate gore in Grand Guignol fashion. If you enjoyed Clara wielding a chainsaw, wait till you see what Angela does with a boat motor. It's the movie equivalent of a Left 4 Dead session. Like the previous installment, this is not [Rec]. I get that director Jaume Balaguero wants to try something different.

But he's just going through the motions. You never get a sense of claustrophobia even though the ship is stranded in the middle of nowhere. You pretty much know who will die and who will make it out. All the characters seem lifted straight out of other movies. And the final scene is so stupid it will have you rolling your eyes. If you like formulaic action thrillers, you'll enjoy [Rec] 4. If you want more [Rec] 1 or 2, this is not for you. Edward B Super Reviewer.

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