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This is my 20th Century Fox video of Season 5 of Bubble Guppies. I did find Bubble Guppies on CC but not on TK, so I suppose you should try to find a CC invite (although it Other than that, BTN seems to have Season 1. It's Secret Agent Nonny's birthday, and he's on a mission to deliver mysterious messages to all of his agent friends. Turns out, they're invitations to his own. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY COMPLETE TORRENT If you're OK an easy way they can be to my customers. The site is by Cisco. Be extremely careful firewall allows inbound next most popular.

Help them build it while discovering all about construction. Ducks in a Row. Learn about different musical instruments as you join the Bubble Guppies' marching band, and help Nonnie figure out how to lead the band when there's a duck in the way! Grumpfish Special. At the Bubble Guppies' restaurant, the group is waiting tables, cooking food,and preparing to serve their most difficult customer yet.

But is there anything on the menu that can get the Grumpfish grinning? The Moon Rocks! Blast off with the Bubble Guppies - it's time to learn all about the solar system! Help them begin to learn about outer space in this far-out episode. We Totally Rock! Are you ready to rock? The Bubble Guppies are taking the stage with their guitars, drums and keyboards. Get ready to crank it up to 10 and learn about everything rock and roll.

The Bubble Guppies explore different kinds of ball games as they get ready for their big game of Fishketball! Join Team Guppies to help them practice bouncing, throwing, catching and playing together as a team. The Legend of Pinkfoot! The Bubble Guppies are going on a camping trip! Grab your flashlights and gather around the campfire to make smores and hear about the spooky legend of Pinkfoot! Gup, Gup and Away! Pack a suitcase and hurry to the airport!

Help the Bubble Guppies fly an airplane through the sky and over the clouds - just be sure to keep an eye out for airplane pirates! The Spring Chicken is Coming. The Spring Chicken is about to announce the arrival of spring, but first, she needs a beautiful flower. Help the Bubble Guppies figure out how to plant and care for a flower. Boy Meets Squirrel.

A friendly squirrel gives Nonny an acorn that will someday grow into a tree! Join the Bubble Guppies in learning all about trees -the animals that live in them, the fruit that grows on them, and how they can help them. Have a Cow!

With an "oink, oink" here and a "moo, moo" there, the Bubble Guppies learn all about farm animals Super Shrimptennial Celebration! Join them in discovering the hustle and bustle of the big city and the Big Bubble Building! Happy Clam Day! But before they can send Sam an invitation, they need to learn all about how the mail works. Can You Dig It? While the Bubble Guppies are digging for dinosaur bones, they learn all about different types of dinosaurs.

Bubble Bites. Bubble Bites: Glide through the aisles of the supermarket with the Bubble Guppies as they shop for fruits, vegetables and the last box of Bubble Bites for Bubble Puppy! Haunted House Party. The Bubble Guppies are invited to a costume party at a haunted house! Customers who watched this item also watched. Brianna Gentilella See profile. Tino Insana See profile. Write a customer review. Sorted by: Top reviews Top reviews Most recent.

Grandkids LOVE it! It is a very cute and sweet show. Catchy music. Line up for recess and it's time for lunch may be in every episode. There are many things a creature under water really can't do but that is to be overlooked. My 18 month old grand daughter now loves it like her older siblings. Cute stories. Helpful Report abuse. Mama78 Reviewed in the United States on June 16, Of course toddlers can't always count very well, but if my little guy had three thumbs, I'm sure he would give the Bubbleguppies a three thumb rating.

The catchy music is one of his favorites to dance to and I love seeing him smile as he watches. I also like that they reuse music to go with different lyrics for different episodes. There is always some sort of life lesson being taught so it entertains and teaches! My grandson is 2 and loves watching Bubble Guppies. I love the music and educational aspects this animation has.

I was a little surprised there are no recent updated versions of this program. Content is one I don't mind watching with my grandson. Amanda Reviewed in the United States on September 2, Further, having the ability to stream Bubble Guppies on my smart phone on demand has proven life saving on multiple car rides and near-meltdown situations. I love the fact that these kids are either auto-tuned to perfection or have actual talent - something difficult to come by these days.

I have been using the Amazon Video app on my phone to stream this to our Apple TV, and my son loves the show. The characters are cute and relatable to young kids and it's just overall a fun, but educational show. This method also works to watch a Youtube video not uploaded by you with subtitles.

One happy dad! By Brianbarnett2. So glad the show is back! By iloverobloxandiplayit. Toggle navigation Netraptor Subtitles. Tv Season Info. The New Guppy! Will the Guppies get their jewels back, and stop her before it's too late?

Secret Agent Nonny! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 It's Secret Agent Nonny's birthday, and he's on a mission to deliver mysterious messages to all of his agent friends. Turns out, they're invitations to his own surprise birthday party! Kingdom of Clean! Molly and Gil have to get their soap back, and clean up the kingdom!

The Good, the Sad, and the Grumpy! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 When Mr. Grumpfish turns up in Happy Junction, he makes everyone in town really grumpy! Will Sheriff Molly find a way to help everyone handle their tricky emotions? Ocean Patrol! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 Windy Pete is sailing around the world, blasting tropical climates with snow!

Will the Ocean Patrol stop his snowy assault? Will they make it back to the Rocky Valley Rock Show in time to enter the contest for best rock? Genie in a Bubble! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 When Nonny, Gil and Zooli conjure a genie, she agrees to grant whoever brings her the most precious gift a wish. They think it might be a precious gem, but turns out it's friendship! A Furry Tale! Super Baby! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 When supervillain Lady Goo Goo starts changing everyone into babies, it's up to Guppy Girl and Bubble Boy to stop her before they get turned into babies too!

Dragons N' Roses! Everyone except Zooli, who befriends Petunia and shows her friends how lovable Petunia really is! Ninja Season! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 Gil wants to be a ninja! But his ninja teacher just keeps giving him random tasks to do. Frustrated, Gil is about to give up, when another ninja challenges him, and he realizes he's been learning ninja skills all along! Snow Squad to the Rescue! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 When someone's stealing sleeping bags from campers, Gil is convinced a yeti is to blame!

Will the Snow Squad catch the culprit? Too Bright for Movie Night! Get Subtitle Mirror 2 If the Moon People can find a way to make it dark during the day, the Sun People have agreed to turn off their giant night light so the Moon People can enjoy their movie night. The Guppies Save Christmas! But to return the list safely to the North Pole, they'll have to keep it out of the hands of the Christmas-hating Humbug! You can do so on either iTunes or Amazon Prime When you are done downloading the Videos, follow the processes below to Add the subtitle file to your Bubble Guppies, Season 5 videos Step 1: Download the appropriate subtitle file.

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