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Ammann, Carole. Berlin, Boston. Amoroso, Francesco and Masser, David. Preprints Fachbereich Mathematik, PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10 4. PLoS neglected tropical diseases, 10 1. Jeffrey and Wolverton, Chris and Chaput, Laurent. Chemistry of Materials, 28 9. Amstad, Marina. Ananka, Yaroslava and Kirschbaum, Heinrich. In: Lyrik transkulturell. Cham, pp. Journal of Economic Theory, Andorno, Roberto. In: Bioethical Decision Making and Argumentation. Athen, pp.

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In: Handbuch Peerforschung. Opladen, pp. Targeting angiogenesis with small antibody fragments and antibody-like molecules. Awengen, R. Awoonor-Williams, J. Implementation research for integrated health system strengthening in Ghana : towards tipping point for improved health systems performance and population health. The international journal of health planning and management, 31 4.

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Artforum International, 54 Texte zur Kunst Kritische Berichte, 44 3. Sculpture of the s and 70s. In: Sculpture on the Move. Ostfildern, pp. Bailer, Stefanie. Basler Zeitung. Publications mathematiques de l'IHES, 1. Baleva, Martina. In: "Den Balkan gibt es nicht". Baleva, Martina and Metodieva, Yuliana. Bally, M. Balmer, M. Immunity, 44 6. Balsiger, Jonas. Baltensperger, Ernst and Kugler, Peter.

Aussenwirtschaft, 67 2. Journal of virology, 90 Journal of medicinal chemistry, 59 Barbagallo, M. Physical Review Letters, Barda, Beatrice and Coulibaly, Jean T. Bargas-Avila, Javier A. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology, 5 2. Baron, Anna P. PLoS Medicine Barth-Jaeggi, T. BMJ Open, 6. Bartsch, Cornelia.

In: Musik vermittlung und Gender forschung im Internet. Hildesheim, pp. Malaria journal, Bassat, Q. Battegay, Caspar. Innsbruck; Wien; Bozen, pp. The German Quarterly, 89 2. Utopie und Prophetie bei Uriel Birnbaum. Musil-Forum, In: artefrakte. Battino, U. Astrophysical Journal, 1. BMJ, Baudoin, Olivier. Chimia, 70 Bauer, Christoph. In: Das Zivilrecht und seine Durchsetzung. Aktuelle Juristische Praxis, 25 6. The EMBO journal, 35 Journal of Applied Life Sciences International, 8 1.

A modelling approach to explore hypotheses of late Neolithic crop cultivation in pre-alpine wetland sites. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 25 6. Baumann, Sandra. Baumanova, Monika. Interdisciplinaria archaeologica. Natural Sciences in Archaeology, 7 2. Baumeister, Miriam. Geschichte einer Institution anhand von Oral History. Respirology Carlton, Vic. Baumgarten, Bertram.

Classification of urban surface materials with airborne hyperspectral images. Sonst muss man keine Familie haben. Frauen und der Druck, sich zu entscheiden. Physik in unserer Zeit, 46 2. Baumgartner, Yann and Klein, Y. Maximilian and Constable, Edwin C. RSC Advances, 6 Baur, Bruno. Geschichte der Kulturlandschaft.

Ulmer Verlag, Stuttgart. Baur, Georges and Tobler, Christa. Cancer Research, 76 Bechir, M. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 5. Beck, Katharina R. Toxicology, Beck, Lukas and Schuldt, Heiko. Becker, Dawn M. Tropical medicine and international health, 21 3. Beckmann, C.

J Med Virol, 88 8. Beckmann, Michael. WWZ Working Papers, IZA World of Labor Progress in transplantation Aliso Viejo, Calif. Human Molecular Genetics, 25 European Journal of Public Health, 26 6. Belge, Boris. Die Tonkunst 2. Bell, David M. Ecological modelling, Bellanova, P.

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